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 Vita Mix Blender


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Vita-Mix Super 5200


4 Unique Processes

Juice Whole Foods in 60 seconds!

The Benefits of Vita-Mix Whole Food Juice

Vitamix 4500Vita-Mix Whole Food Juice includes both the juice and the fiber from fresh fruits and vegetables. Simply toss whole fresh foods into the Vita-Mix container. Then set the dial and flip the switch. You'll enjoy fresh, vitamin-rich juice -- full of fiber and important phytochemicals -- in just a minute.

Vita-Mix Whole Food Juice is smooth and delicious to drink because the Vita-Mix Super 5200 breaks the fruit or vegetable fiber down to tiny microscopic particles and releases more juice than a Juice Extractor. The secret is the high-speed 2 peak horsepower motor and the customized hammermill and cutting blades. Whole foods are literally pulverized down to the cellular level, so all the valuable vitamins and enzymes are readily available for digestion -- with full flavor.

The Difference between the Vita-Mix and a Juice Extractor.

The Vita-Mix uses the whole fruit or vegetable to make juice, so you get a more nutritious juice using less produce, with less waste and in less time than when using a juice extractor. Research has shown that the pulp a juice extractor discards is more nutritious than the juice itself. Vita-Mix Whole Food Juice keeps all the pulverized fiber in the juice -- and it's not only drinkable, it's delicious. The health benefits are the big bonus for you!

Cook Soup in 4 Minutes!

Cook Soup

Prefer a chunky soup?  The choice is yours. Just take a few strips of cooked chicken or a small baked potato and, while the soup is still steaming, use variable speed setting #1 to chop and mix the additional ingredients. It takes just a few seconds -- and it's a great way to use last night's leftovers!

Delicious Hot Soup in 4 minutes!The rotating hammermill and cutting blades of the Vita-Mix Super 5200 travel at 283 mph and generate enough friction heat to cook a half-gallon of soup to steaming hot in a matter of minutes!  Cut cooking time in half when you start with boiling water.  Either way, all-day cooking is a thing of the past!

Soup starts with nutritious fresh whole vegetables that cook up without peeling or seeding -- with results that even the most accomplished chef would applaud.


Frozen Treats in 30 seconds

Frozen ice cream and sorbet!

Desserts & snacks are fast, easy and guilt-free in the Vita-Mix Super 5200!

The same high-speed blade action that cooks soup enables the Vita-Mix Super 5200 to make delicious low-fat frozen treats. Starting with the frozen fruit of your choice, the high-performance hammermill and cutting blades crush and cut up frozen ingredients. This action, in turn, expands the total surface area of the frozen ingredients. As the Vita-Mix continues processing at high speed, the mixture refreezes itself and you get a light and luscious frozen treat in seconds!

Make commercial-quality frozen drinks at home in your Vita-Mix!
Because they are so fast and reliable, you will find Vita-Mix machines in many fine and well-known restaurants and coffeehouses. You won't believe how easy it is to make consistently smooth frozen cappuccinos, margaritas and more -- right in your own home kitchen -- with the Vita-Mix Super 5200.


Grind grain and knead dough!

Grind whole grain into flour!

Treat yourself to fresh, homemade bread everyday -- it's amazingly quick and easy to do with the Vita-Mix. The special dry blade container that comes with the Vita-Mix Super 5200 is specially designed to push food up and away, making it a better choice for dry grinding or kneading sticky dough.

The Vita-Mix Super 5200 dry container grinds wheat berries, rice or any other whole grains into ultra-fine flour in just 60 seconds. Flour ground in the Vita-Mix Super 5200 is consistently finer than the store-bought variety and helps you make a fresh, more nutritious loaf of bread in your bread machine. Or, if you prefer to bake your bread in the oven, add oil, yeast and other ingredients -- and the Vita-Mix Super 5200 mixes and kneads then into dough -- right in the same container! Your hands stay clean and dry -- and the dough is ready to rise in 5 minutes!

A note about the Dry Blade Container . . .

When you order the Vita-Mix Super 5200, a dry-blade or "grain" container" is included in addition to the wet blade container that is designed for processing "wet" foods like juices, soups, and frozen treats. The Vita-Mix 5200 comes with the wet blade container only.


A few more details....

A Truly Amazing Blender

grnbullet.gif (831 bytes)Crushes a half-gallon of ice in just 3 seconds!
grnbullet.gif (831 bytes)Up to 283 mile per hour!
grnbullet.gif (831 bytes)No chunks, no separation, just fabulously smooth!


vitamix4500a.jpg (5238 bytes)Heavy Duty 2+ Peak HP Motor

grnbullet.gif (831 bytes)Easily blends hard ice
grnbullet.gif (831 bytes)Engineered for everyday use ... year after year
grnbullet.gif (831 bytes)Variable speeds ensure perfect consistency


vitamix4500a.jpg (5238 bytes)All Stainless Steel Enclosed Blade Assembly

grnbullet.gif (831 bytes)Features sealed ball bearings
grnbullet.gif (831 bytes)Superior engineering strengthens each part

Patented Design Pulls Ingredients Into Blades

grnbullet.gif (831 bytes)Maximum blending efficiency
grnbullet.gif (831 bytes)Fruit & vegetables blend instantly


Full 7 Year Warranty for home use

grnbullet.gif (831 bytes)The strongest warranty in the industry!
grnbullet.gif (831 bytes)Ordinary blenders offer only a 2 year warranty

vitamix4500a.jpg (5238 bytes)Clear Polycarbonate Container

grnbullet.gif (831 bytes)Virtually unbreakable & engineered to last
grnbullet.gif (831 bytes)Lets you see inside


vitamix4500a.jpg (5238 bytes)Metal To Metal Driver Contact

grnbullet.gif (831 bytes)For maximum durability
grnbullet.gif (831 bytes)Rugged construction

vitamix4500a.jpg (5238 bytes)Thermally Protected Motor

grnbullet.gif (831 bytes)Prevents motor burnout
grnbullet.gif (831 bytes)Durable components ensure reliable performance


vitamix4500a.jpg (5238 bytes)Same Consistency And Quality ... Regardless Of Size

grnbullet.gif (831 bytes)Blends as little as 4 oz.
grnbullet.gif (831 bytes)Blends up to 64 oz.
grnbullet.gif (831 bytes)Uniform blending large or small batches


vitamix4500a.jpg (5238 bytes)Flexible 2 Piece Thermoplastic Lid

grnbullet.gif (831 bytes)Removable plug
grnbullet.gif (831 bytes)Lets you add ingredients while blending


Try Vita-Mix In Your Home Risk Free For 30 Days!

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