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Do you believe that eating whole foods could help save your life?
Some of our customers do!

Many of them have written to us and shared the amazing ways that preparing meals in their Vita-Mix has helped them on their journey toward health and healing.  By eating fruits, vegetables and grains prepared in the Vita-Mix Super 5000, these customers were able to get nutritional benefits from food that are simply not available in processed and prepared foods.

Here's how: The Vita-Mix ruptures food cells down to a microscopic level, making more of the health-giving nutrients locked inside readily available for digestion. Without breaking down the food cells with your Vita-Mix, more of the nutrients will pass through your body without providing you with any nourishment.  Eating the USDA-recommended nine servings of fruits and vegetables a day can be time-consuming and more than a little bit boring. The good news is that Vita-Mix recipes start with healthy whole foods and make meals that are delicious as well as nutritious in just minutes. Whole foods prepared in the Vita-Mix deliver nourishment and natural flavor in abundance, so you’re eating healthy and actually enjoying it!

Here are a few heart-warming stories from our Vita-Mix owners that describe the health benefits they enjoyed by using their Vita-Mix.


"I have had my Vita-Mix
for over 6 years and there
is no comparison."

Wilton B., Dallas, TX
  "Using the Vita-Mix (to prepare whole foods)
has helped his overall health
improve dramatically."

Sharon L, Round Rock T

"Dear Vita-Mix,
I had arthritis so bad I could hardly walk. Then I started making whole food juice in the Vita-Mix. I juice oranges, apples, bananas and pineapples every day. I juice vegetables too. Now I do not take any medications, laxatives, or anything and I have no problems walking. I have had my Vita-Mix for over 6 years and there is no comparison. I can’t put a price on what the Vita-Mix has done for my health."

  "Dear Vita-Mix,
In January 1996, at age 53, my husband Gary had a heart transplant. Because of his heart transplant he has to take very strong drugs that can destroy the liver. Using the Vita-Mix (to prepare whole foods) has helped his overall health improve dramatically. One of the biggest problems with heart transplant patients is that they gain incredible amounts of weight because of the steroids. Gary uses the Vita-Mix everyday and he has only gained 5 pounds in the six years since his transplant. I used to use “run of the mill” mixers and wear them out and replace them. The quality of the Vita-Mix is awesome! It cuts up, grinds and mixes beyond my husband’s expectations. He uses it 365 days a year. We’ve had our Vita-Mix for over 10 years!”
"The Vita-Mix saved me time — I work many hours and being able
to literally throw the food in the machine and flip a switch was great!"

Michelle & Greg M., Chicago, IL


Michelle: "Dear Vita-Mix,
My husband had throat cancer and needed pureed foods and had a feeding tube for 4 months. The Vita-Mix, I believe, was a life saver! A friend had bought it for us. My husband, Greg, could get good organic food in him to do all the repair work his body needed in an easy way. Now, he is clean, healthy and continues to make power drinks every day! My husband continues to amaze the doctors of his speedy recovery. Greg’s body has been built back up in such a strong way that he’s healthier than he was before he got sick. I like being able to use the whole foods in its raw state, thereby getting all the fiber, nutrients and enzymes to improve and enhance our health. The Vita-Mix saved me time—I work many hours and being able to literally throw the food in the machine and flip a switch was great! I’m a real advocate of your machine and we’ve sold many people on the machine. I’ve given many recipes out to people that own it and have given mini classes on it."
  Greg: "Dear Vita-Mix,
One day during my chemo treatments, my doctor leaned over and smirked at me saying, “I don’t know what you’re doing, keep doing it!” I attribute my incredibly fast recovery and good health, to my wife Michelle research on nutrition and the Vita-Mix’s capability to process the foods for us. When I began my Chemo treatments all I could ingest was Ensure, because until we got the Vita-Mix my feeding tube kept getting clogged. The Vita-Mix allowed me to begin eating whole foods again. The Vita-Mix also helped me while I relearned how to swallow."

"It would not have happened if not for this wonderful machine that made it so very easy and fast to prepare."

Nancy H, MI
"I believe it has
been a major part of
a near-miraculous recovery from concurrent bouts
with advanced cancer
and heart disease."

Tom S
, IL November 2002
  “Dear Vita-Mix,
We are both suffering from high cholesterol, my own has been 257. After purchasing our Vita-Mix machine I read through the booklets that came with it to see what foods would be beneficial in lowering my cholesterol level. I have used a combination of 1 cup soy milk blended with ¾ cup oats, honey to taste, and strawberries or raspberries (1/2 c). In three weeks of consuming this at breakfast, my cholesterol has come down 32 points to 224!!! It would not have happened if not for this wonderful machine that made it so very easy and fast to prepare.”



"Dear Vita-Mix,
Vita-Mix receives many compliments from satisfied users, but I wonder how many can say that whole foods prepared in their Vita-Mix actually helped save their life? I’m writing to tell you how strongly I believe it has been a major part of a near miraculous recovery from concurrent bouts with advanced cancer and heart disease.

In November 2000 I was simultaneously diagnosed with malignant melanoma and heart disease. The cancer was already at stage IV in the lymph system. The heart diagnosis showed 100% blockage in two arteries and 70% blockage in the other two. Six bypasses and three cancer surgeries followed in the next 32 days. The cancer and heart physicians wanted to put me on chemotherapy –interferon– a draconian treatment with minimal success rates.

I believed that God would heal the cancer and chose natural treatments instead of chemo or radiation. At first I tried chewing my way through the health maze, but it takes a special person who can sit long enough to eat more than 1 raw carrot. So I transitioned to juicing, but each morning took a half hour of rinsing, cutting, pushing, pulping, scraping and washing up just to get a small glass of juice. Plus, I was throwing out the most beneficial part, the fiber.

Then I heard about Vita-Mix, first, on the internet then at the home show. Your representative and the demonstrations were terrific and I practically ran home that night to start using my new Vitamix. For a week I experimented with heart & cancer formulas until I came up with the recipe that I now use each day. It includes healthy fruits, vegetables and supplements, tastes delicious, and actually fills me up so that I can skip an entire meal.

The results have been nothing short of miraculous. Through exercise, nutritional foods prepared in the Vita-Mix, and God’s healing grace, I’ve fully recovered from both maladies.

Now my day includes one to two Vita-Mix meals. Breakfast is a juice & veggie drink: 2 medium carrots, an apple, a wedge of cantaloupe, and maybe a banana or strawberry. Then a half tub of yogurt is spooned in, followed by a scoop or two of protein supplement. To help the mix, I usually pour in a cup of orange or pineapple juice, and always follow with ice cubes. Lastly, I toss in my “medications”, an aspirin and a fish oil capsule. After two minutes of mixing, I enjoy a delicious drink that feels so healthy I can picture it nourishing my body as it goes down.

It only takes 5 minutes to prepare, including the famous Vita-Mix quick rinse clean up And if time is short, I pour it in a go-cup and drink breakfast in the car on the way to work. A Vita-Mix breakfast is thick enough to feel satisfied until lunch, which was never the case with juicing. In the time it took to labor through chewing one carrot, I can drink an entire medley of fruits and veggies. An additional benefit is that the drink makes nearly a half gallon, which leaves some to store in the refrigerator for later in the day. (My doctor insists that each day a fresh drink is made from “living” vegetables and no leftovers.) Vita-Mix meals are so inexpensive that our grocery bills have actually gone down and my family shops the outside aisles now instead of the prepared food sections.

The results? Heart wise, I’m back working, running, and playing tournament tennis. My weight returned to normal and blood pressure and cholesterol readings are near perfect. And the melanoma? Regular CT scans and MRIs came up with almost flawless images. Less than eight months after surgeries, I played a two day tennis tournament (at 104 degrees!) and last winter I won the racquetball league championship at our local YMCA. What a great 55th birthday present! Life and Health!

From the beginning I believed that God could -- and would -- take care of me. It was accomplished through His miraculous healing, exercise, and nutritional eating with my Vita-Mix. So if someone ask me, “Can whole foods preparation in the Vita-Mix help a person recover from cancer and heart disease?”, I can wholeheartedly endorse it as a major part of my recovery."

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Any statements about the Vita-Mix juicer and others topics are for information only, and not medical advice. The Vita-Mix juicer rocks!