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About Us - Brief Background

We are small husband-wife run business, with occasional outside help.  After successfully dealing with several chronic health conditions of our own 23 years ago, we decided take things a bit further and put this site out there for those, like us, are searching for answers.  

After years of personal study and a full year of study from a respected alternative medicine institution, one thing became clear to us..we have the power to heal ourselves from nearly any ailment. The ugly part is that this information is usually not made available by our western "medicine" establishment, because the special interests (we call Big Pharma) do not want you to have this knowledge. Doctors are not taught many fields of study, and are usually limited by their Merck Manual (drugs) and Physician's Desk Reference.  Drugs, drugs, drugs is almost all they are allowed to discuss these days.  No cause and effect. Just mask symptoms with drugs.  

This became an emotional issue for us.  Everyone starts their journey somewhere.  If you are new to homeopathic medicine, hopefully this site will save you some time, and give you some ideas where to get started. We've gathered some of the highest quality holistic products from many of the industry's most recognized and respected manufacturers. Of course there are MANY fantastic and wonderful products out there not included here.  The products we feature are ones that we've personally used with great results and are highest quality.

What is a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner?

A Holistic Health Practitioner must complete a rigorous course load of varying types of "alternative healing" methods from an accredited institution. We chose the Global Institute for Alternative Medicine in Santa Cruz, CA. Their curriculum includes emphasis on:

    Dietary Guidelines
    Orthomolecular Nutrition
    Toxicity and Detoxification
    Weight Loss
    Alternative Diagnostic Methods

    Alternative Healing Methods

    Therapeutic Herbalism
    Environmental Medicine
    Energy Healing
    Body-Mind Medicine
    Common Ailments: Prevent & Treat
    History of Herbal Medicine
    Eastern Medicine
    Western Herbal Medicine
    Making Herbal Remedies


Although a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP), this does not mean that we (this site) prescribe, or provide medical services or advice in any way.  We are prohibited by law from doing so, or even implying anything of the sort.  We simply share public information with you, and make many products available.  What you do with that information is up to you.  We all still have the right to maintain our own health in any way we choose. (for now at least)


Our story.  After graduating from the University in Cincinnati in 1992, we moved to southern California. At the time, Nina suffered from chronic asthma (with severe life threatening attacks), endometriosis, ovarian cysts, chronic ear infections, and re-occurring yeast infection. The abdominal pain and asthma attacks were becoming overwhelming. 

After seeing almost ten different doctors looking for relief, it was always the same thing... misdiagnosis and then prescriptions for more antibiotics and/or steroids.  These drugs did nothing to improve the condition, and usually even made them worse.  At this point we did not realize how terribly damaging continued use of antibiotics and steroids can be.  (And that antibiotics do NOTHING for candida/yeast - so why were they being prescribed?!!)

After several years of this ineffective and expensive approach with the prescribed medicines, I finally made a trip to an acupuncture doctor, and finally got a new opinion... in less than 5 minutes!   I did NOT have a simple yeast infection causing all the discomfort... I had Endometriosis and also ovarian cysts!  This disease, and the WRONG medicine given to me because of continual misdiagnosis, was making me sicker! 

After 6 acupuncture sessions, a tweak to the diet, and a little herbal supplementation, the pain, bloating, and yeast infection was gone!  The journey to learn as much as we could had begun. (Not long after, we discovered the "Rife machine" and Dr. Clark's parasite cleansing.  Within months, the ovarian cysts were gone and the constant asthma attacks ended. 

In 2003, a very close family member was diagnosed with terminal colon cancer at the age of only 34 (spread to the liver, lymph, lungs) and was given just a few months to live.  This was after much of his colon was removed.  At the time, the prognosis was certain death.  He proceeded with chemo and radiation, and eventually experimental drug therapy.   He was having no luck and was sent home.  Finally, with "nothing to lose", he invited us to come and try see if we could help.

Using many of the Dr. Hulda Clark protocols discussed in the site, along with the Rife generator, he was released from medical treatment by his doctors and went back to work cancer and tumor free... all within 100 days.  His scans showed remarkably little internal scaring and "better than perfect" blood analysis. Not one of his oncologists who was monitoring him could explain why, or what had happened to the tumors and cancer. Very few of the other patients in their clinical study merely survived, let alone went back to work.

Unfortunately, his cancer returned 2 years later. Again, he attempted chemo and radiation.  Again, no success. (surprise)  This time we took him to seek Dr. Hulda Clark in Tijuana, Mexico to see if we could convince him to follow the protocols on his own.  She tested him and told us his thymus and thyroid glands were completely destroyed and ineffectual from the chemo/radiation, therefore he basically had no immune system in tact.  He also was riddled with radon poisoning which she felt was contributing to his condition.  He also had parasites in his liver. (all cancer victims do)  After a week in the clinic, testing and teaching him and outlining a detailed protocol for him, he decided against it.  He passed not long after.

Our experience at Dr. Clark's clinic was indescribable.  Many people were literally carried in on their death beds, only to walk out 3-4 weeks later looking healthy and vibrant.  Truly amazing.  Again, our belief in the power of self healing was affirmed.  It was after this we decided to share this information with others through this site.  We hope you find something of value here. 

By the way, the body cleansing products, zapper, and ozonator we sell here are the very same used at  Dr. Clark's clinic.


  Nina seen here with Dr. Hulda Clark at her clinic (New Century Nutrition) in Mexico. 2004


A personal comment about Dr. Clark:   She had a PhD in cellular physiology and had a Masters in electrical engineering... she was not an MD.  Her information threatens the very existence of Big Pharma's biggest money maker, cancer.  And many other diseases. She was a very large and easy target for the establishment's watch dogs, who brought lawsuit after lawsuit against her... without victory.   Nonetheless the constant attack to her credibility has overshadowed the true genius of her work. The constant threat of time consuming and expensive lawsuits is why she was eventually forced to move her "clinic" over the border into Tijuana, Mexico.  Thousands of people from all over the globe came to this clinic, including us.  The things we saw were astounding.  We knew her and will miss her. 

Dr.  Hulda Regehr Clark:  18 October 1928 3 September 2009

(And NO, she did NOT die of cancer, as many of the establishment's propagandists would like you to believe.)




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