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Essiac Tea

the "cancer tea"

Essiac (ess-ee-ack):

Essiac became popular in the world "alternative medicine" for cancer.  Essiac has been used for over 75 years (that we know of) to remedy the side effects of cancer and some even to aid in the remedy cancer itself.    (and other conditions)

History of Essiac and Rene Caisse... Canada's Cancer Nurse.

Rene Caisse spent her whole adult life treating cancer patients along with her life long friend, Mary McPherson, with this herb tea in her own clinic, until she died in 1978 at the age of 91. Many of the people she treated for cancer reported they were miraculously cured by taking it, while others claimed the tea relieved the pain and agony of cancer and made their lives living
with cancer much more bearable.

When Rene presented her Essiac and its effectiveness to the medical society, some doctors were so impressed by the results that they petitioned the Canadian Government in 1938 to pass a Bill to "authorize Rene Caisse to practice medicine in the Province of Ontario in the treatment of Cancer and conditions resulting there from".

The Bill failed to pass by only 3 votes. Soon after, a Legislative Assembly passed "An Act For The Investigation Of Remedies For Cancer", by which Rene would have to reveal her formula. Rather than do this, Rene closed her clinic, later opening it again at the behest of the Minister of Health. Thereafter, she was allowed to treat patients certified as terminal by their physicians.

Rene Caisse kept the formula a secret all those years, fearing it would be exploited. Finally, 14 months before she died, she signed the properties (formula, trademark name Essiac®, notes, etc.) over to a Canadian company named Resperin, with hopes that it would clinically validated (which Resperin failed to do) and made available to all people.

Resperin failed miserably with the manufacturing of their "ORIGINAL RECIPE" Essiac. The ESSIAC manufactured by RESPERIN was of such poor quality that users felt that RESPERIN where not using the correct formula. To date, RESPERIN no longer is the manufacturer of ESSIAC.

More about the History of Essiac

Essiac Information:

Essiac has become a generic name for a herbal tea that is today's most popular alternative remedy for cancer. Essiac was originally a herbal tea attributed to Canadian nurse Rene Caisse (reen-case) of Bracebridge Ontario, Canada, who claimed that the formula came from a Native Ojibwa medicine man. She named it after the backward spelling of her own last name, Caisse.

Many users of essiac believe that essiac can and does improve the bodies ability to fight cancer and that essiac is effective at reducing the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Users have reported that with the reduction in chemotherapy / radiation side effects, they are much better able to handle the full course of their treatments without interruption and delays in treatment.

Fresh is always best.

The herbs in essiac are safe to use and are in some instances used individually as culinary herbs in food preparation and as additions to garden salads. Burdock root, an important ingredient in essiac was actually used as a prepared candy by the Ojibwa Natives of North America. Boiled in maple syrup, burdock root was eaten through the winter as a nutritious snack and candy.



For the original ESSIAC, see the link below.  We do not stock this yet.