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Zapper Frequently Asked Questions



What is a zapper?

A "zapper" is defined by Dr. Hulda Clark as a battery operated DC pulse (direct current) generator with an output amplitude of 5 to 10 volts (open circuit) and a frequency between 10Hz - 500,000Hz (10 to 500,000 pulses per second), with a current limited output, and a 0.25 volt constant positive offset.

What does a zapper do? How does it work?

Dr. Clark has been kind enough to share her research and findings regarding the function of zappers with us. Contrary to popular belief, the zapper's primary mode of operation is not to electrocute parasites (as hypothesized in Dr. Clark's earliest publications) but rather, the zapper appears to stimulate the body's own natural defenses.  Initially, it was believed that parasites and other pathogens were affected directly by the zapper's current.  More recently she modified this position. It is now believed that this is a secondary affect that is created by the zapper's signal. 

According to Dr. Clark's research, the tiny zapper current subtly energizes the bloodstream. This aggressively activates all types of white blood cells, enabling the body to "take out the trash," including parasites large and small, bacteria and most viruses. It happens quickly, in about an hour. The white blood cells digest the dead invaders and they are flushed out via the kidneys. In Dr. Clark's most recent edition of "The Cure for HIV and AIDS," she notes that the zapper gets white blood cells active despite the presence of toxins that usually put them to sleep.

The internet is full of confusing information based entirely upon Dr. Clark's 1993 publication of "The Cure for All Cancers," however, in recent years Dr. Clark has revised her position on key elements of the method by which the zapper operates. Zapping parasites does not directly affect the parasites themselves; instead, it acts positively upon the immune system, which then kills and eliminates the parasites.  An important point is that the method of action may be different from Dr. Clark's original ideas, but the end result is the same.

In other words, Dr. Clark has discovered that the zapper hyper-activates your own immune system which can then take out the trash. Although the zapper can be seen to electrocute and disrupt the functioning of some parasitic organisms in a petri dish, different principles apply when the same zapper current is applied to a person.


Do I need to select a particular frequency for a particular problem that I wish to address in my body?"

NO.  Dr. Clark's answer to that is simple: the zapper wakes up your own white blood cells, and they are well able to identify and destroy parasites, bacteria, viruses and fungi of all kinds using their inborn wisdom. No tuning is needed.

Any DC pulse generator needs an output frequency, or else it becomes a simple DC power source, like a battery.  Many people get the idea of tuning zapper frequencies for particular parasites from the tables of frequencies in the back of her book, The Cure for All Diseases. This table of frequencies was developed before she had discovered the zapper, and was required for destroying parasites and pathogens using tuned frequencies with an AC signal, NOT the DC pulses of a zapper. As she points out on pages 13 and 14 of The Cure for All Diseases, using these frequencies required two stages. First, the pathogen had to be identified by Syncrometer testing, and second, it had to be destroyed by applying the selected frequency for three minutes using an AC generator. This procedure could take many hours, and the results were often temporary and frustrating. The zapper is a much simpler, better way. I have asked Dr. Clark personally about the "zappers" which use frequency keys or tuning devices, and she told me that she does not use or recommend them.


Is the current that goes back and forth between the electrodes or hand cylinders (via the person holding the zapper) usually AC or DC?

 A Dr. Clark zapper must have only positive DC pulses between its output leads. She writes that even a tiny negative pulse can help sustain the life of a parasite. This consideration excludes all Bob Beck "blood purification" type devices, and many Rife devices as well.


How can the zapper electrocute parasites and yet leave the human body unharmed?

Zapping Isn't "Electrocution"  The short answer: when a parasite is inside the human body it is often shielded against electrocution. For example, the power required to kill embedded intestinal parasites through electrocution is greater than the power required to kill the host (in this case, the human body) and that is why we don't try to electrocute parasites when using the zapper.

Dr. Clark's research and thousands of testimonials have shown that the zapper effectively kills parasites. Clearly the zapper is a powerful tool, but it does not work as Dr. Hulda Clark initially hypothesized in 1995. It does not electrocute parasites at all.  In fact, the zapper works by a different mechanism entirely.  See above.

Does the Auto-Zap5 have negative pulses coming out?

No, none whatsoever. It fully meets Dr. Clark's specification for a "positively offset" DC signal. Every single Auto-Zap5 is tested on a digital oscilloscope to ensure correct output, with only positive pulses. I have tested two zappers from good manufacturers that had both positive and negative pulses. Dr. Clark says: "The maker must assure you that [the zapper] has been checked on an oscilloscope and not even 1% negative voltage found." This is important because "if the varying voltage becomes NEGATIVE, even momentarily, it supports and maintains [the parasites'] lives." (The Cure for HIV and AIDS, page 71)

As the designer, manufacturer and a professional engineer, I certify that there is never a negative voltage output from any Auto-Zap zapper, and that we verify this on a digital oscilloscope for every zapper we sell. Here is a typical Auto-Zap zapper output displayed on an oscilloscope. Note that the black "square wave" line never goes below the zero volt line (blue arrow): (from" Arthur Doerksen)

Proper zapper output demonstrated - Professional Auto-Zap


Is it safe?

Yes! Zappers have been used by hundreds of thousands of people of all ages for more than 20 years, with no harm reported. You may feel worse at the start as the parasites die off, but this is usually gone within ten days. Dr. Clark recommends against using the zapper during pregnancy, or if you have a pacemaker. To zap safely during pregnancy, use the "Leg Zapping" method described below. You may find that the benefits of zapper use make it a good choice in helping you and baby stay healthy. See the special "Leg Zapping" notes below for safely zapping with "smart pacemakers" and ICD's.


Are there specific frequencies that a typical zapper outputs?

From page 15 of The Cure for All Diseases, Dr. Clark specifies a frequency range of 10 Hz to 500,000 Hz for a zapper. The example circuit she gives operates at 30,000 Hz. Because of a physical phenomenon called the skin effect, I chose to give our Auto-Zap professional zapper an operating frequency of 2500 Hz. This lower frequency current will penetrate considerably deeper in the body, better energizing the blood flow in the deep large arteries and veins. It also works very well for powering zappicators, which are simple magnetic antennas which allow zapping substances like foods, which do not have an immune system.


How many volts and amps does a typical zapper output?

On page 15 of her book, The Cure for All Diseases, Dr. Clark summarizes the specifications for a zapper. She says it must have a DC output of 5 to 10 V. We can now calculate the maximum current output from the output resistance of the generating circuit. She uses a 1000 ohm resistor to limit the output current to safe and effective levels. With a maximum output of 5 to 10 V, this resistance gives us a maximum possible output current of 5 to 10 milliamps. In practice, the actual DC current delivered to the body is considerably lower than this, because of the extra resistance at the surface of the skin and in the body itself.

Is it safe to zap if I have a pacemaker?

Standard pacemakers are fine with the zapper. But modified "Leg Zapping" contact arrangements are needed for two new devices: Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators (ICD's) and "smart pacemakers." These devices "listen" to the electrical signals put out by the heart muscles. When it detects a high-frequency signal above the normal "heart signal" range of 10-100 Hz, the ICD is set to interpret it as fibrillation, and to correct it by a massive jolt of electricity to restart and synchronize the fibrillating tissue. If an AC current of 1000 microamps or more (and even as low as 200 microamps in some cases) is applied to the torso, it may be detected and wrongly interpreted as fibrillation, with the resulting defibrillation signal jolting the heart muscle needlessly.

Even though Hulda Clark zappers always put out DC pulses, the induced currents may appear as AC inside the body to the ICD trigger detector, and can cause these unwanted defibrillation pulses. If you have an ICD, DO NOT USE A ZAPPER HAND TO HAND. USE THE "LEG ZAPPING" APPROACH BELOW to prevent current from entering the torso.

There are also new technology "smart pacemakers" like the Medtronics EnPulse that watch the heart's natural signal, intervening or "pacing" only when needed. They are unlikely to have a problem with the zapper current because they monitor the 10-100 Hz frequency band. However, if they do detect zapper current as a stimulus, they will produce a slow pacing signal that may interact with the heart's natural pacemaker output to give a surging sensation as the heart rate varies. In a small group, about 5% of users, it is possible that this slow pacing signal could cause a type of fast heartbeat that could cause serious problems.

The standard way to handle and assess these risks for "smart pacemaker" wearers is for the patient to bring the zapper to their cardiologist's office, and apply the zapper current in the usual way while monitoring the smart pacemaker's output via its built-in telemetry link to the doctor's computer readout. If there is a problem, it will show up clearly as arrhythmia or other abnormality. If no effect is observed, the doctor can then increase the trigger sensitivity of the implanted device with his remote programmer, and see how much safety margin exists for this patient before problems appear. If the zapper does not cause an effect with the sensitivity raised one increment from its programmed setting, it is regarded as having an adequate margin of safety, and may be safely used. In any case, you may use the "Leg Zapping" method below to safely enjoy the benefits of zapping.


Leg or Arm Zapping is a way to zap that will keep zapper current out of the torso of the body, including the heart. This will prevent possible problems with the new ICD and "smart pacemaker" devices, and with zapping during pregnancy. Dr. Clark says that the idea with zapping is to put the tiny zapper current through a maximum of blood flow, to energize the white blood cells efficiently. I believe the safest way for those with ICDs or "smart" pacemakers to zap effectively is to hold one handhold in your hand, and tuck the other handhold under the armpit on the same side, preferably the right arm. This causes the current to intersect the major blood flow of the large arm arteries. For leg zapping use a footpad on one foot, with a conductive band (or modified footpad) around the calf or thigh of the same leg to keep the zapper current out of the torso completely, while making the current intersect the major blood flow of the large leg arteries.


How often should I use the Auto-Zap zapper?

Dr. Clark recommends zapping at least one full 63-minute cycle daily for the first month, and at least twice a week after that. I myself use it every other day for maintenance. At her clinic she has patients zapping for eight hours a day. Our Auto-Zap instructions cover other application hints.


Where can I see the Auto-Zap5 zapper instructions?

INSTRUCTIONS button - U-Teck


How does the Auto-Zap compare to the others available?

Click here to see our Hulda Clark Zapper Comparison Chart. The Auto-Zap5 goes much farther than the circuit in Dr. Clark's books (which is in 95% of the zappers offered on the Web). We use and recommend the Auto-Zap5 zapper for these reasons:

- it has a fully automatic timer built in to do the 63 minute cycle as recommended by Dr. Clark
- the lower frequency penetrates deeper
- it gives over 500 hours of zapping on a single pair of 2 AA batteries: about 10 times longer than the competition
- it has a failsafe sensor LED light to show when you have good contact and proper connections
- it is ruggedly built with full protection against static electricity and reversed battery damage
- it has a beeper to tell you when it is turning the pulse output on and off (so you don't have to hold the hand-holds during the 21 minute rest periods)
- it has an automatic battery load test every time you turn it on

No other zapper offers all these features. We give a full 5 year warranty, with a three month money back guarantee.


Do you supply wrist bands?

There are three problems with conventional wrist bands, which we have solved with our conductive wrist Cuffs:

1. Inadequate contact area: they contact best at the outer and inner edges of the wrist, not on the flat top and bottom areas. Handholds and foot pads give much larger contact area. Our new Wrist Cuffs overcome this problem by offering much wider contact area than any other wristband.

2. Inadequate contact pressure: most straps cannot press hard enough to firmly contact the top and bottom of the wrist, or they would cut off circulation to the hand. The Wrist Cuffs overcome this problem due to comfortable elastic silver fabric that triples the surface area in contact with the skin., and doesn't not cut off circulation.

3. Inadequate moisture to ensure good contact: it is very difficult to keep the wrist band contact area moist for the duration of the zapping session. Dr. Clark recommends keeping damp paper towel layers between skin and contact to prevent ions from being driven into the skin. This is very inconvenient to do with wrist bands.  Again, our Wrist Cuffs overcome this problem.   Simply wet them before using.


What are foot pads?

These silicone footpads are a convenient hands-free alternative to wristbands or gloves. Made of conductive silicone and tested for hundreds of uses, each pair comes with a connector cable and instructions.  Place your feet on top of the plates and hit the Start button. Foot pads work well as you use a computer, read or watch TV.


Do you supply footpads?

We do not supply foot pads with the Auto-Zap5 .  They are an "Add-on".  ($47).


Why does the Auto-Zap use 2.5 kHz when Dr. Clark's circuits  produced 15kHz and 30kHz?

If you check the top of page 15 in Dr. Clark's books, you will see that the frequency range she gives for zapping is from 10Hz to 500,000Hz. So why the 2500Hz setting? Because it works better at 2.5 kHz (which is 2500 Hz or 2500 pulses per second). I confirmed this in October 1995 with Dr. Hulda Clark herself.  (from" Arthur Doerksen)  The lower frequency allows deeper penetration of the current due to the "skin effect." (She told us that much of her testing in later years were done at 5kHz.)


What about AC adapters instead of batteries?

A friend wrote, "I am interested in your zapper, but I read another zapper info page and got confused. He claims that using an AC adaptor (and his power supply circuit) is better than using a battery. Help."

Dr. Clark is adamant about battery power for safety. The higher output voltage is not an advantage either, according to Dr. Clark's research: she specifies 5 to 10 volts. On page 15 of her book, The Cure for All Diseases, Dr. Clark states:

"Subsequent testing showed it [the zapper effect] was not due to some unique design, or special wave form produced by the device. It was due to battery operation! Any positively offset frequency kills all bacteria, viruses and parasites simultaneously given sufficient voltage (5 to 10 volts), duration (seven minutes), and frequency (anything from 10 Hz to 500,000 Hz)."

I think the reason some like AC power is that it stops battery life complaints from customers. We took a different route. We made the Auto-Zap5 so efficient it goes a year and a half on two AA batteries if used one hour a day. With ZERO risk of AC shock! (The voltage converter in the AutoZap5 guarantees just over 9 volts.)


Should I still take the herbal parasite cleanse if I have an Auto-Zap5?

Dr. Clark would of course say "yes". You certainly may if you wish. The black walnut tincture is good for clearing your gut quickly. With the zapper alone it takes longer. If you have a serious concern, by all means take the herbs as well.


Are the body cleanses safe if I'm zapping?



What does the price include?

We include the Auto-Zap5 generator unit with fresh AA batteries, 2 sets sturdy wires, instructions and 2 pairs conductive Wrist Cuffs or 1 pair gloves.


Why are some "zappers" cheaper than the Auto-Zap5?

Because you get what you pay for. The Auto-Zap5 is a fail-safe, fully automatic, rugged, efficient unit with a 3 month 100% money-back guarantee   It is a tested and guaranteed lifetime purchase, not a disposable.


Can you give me a list of ailments/detoxifying/general health maintenance for which this machine is suitable?

See Dr. Hulda Clark's book, "The Cure for All Diseases," for a full listing. Her basic conclusion is that the zapper is an excellent general tonic and prophylactic (preventative) tool for ALL health challenges..


Is the zapper like a Rife device?

No, the Rife "pad type" devices do not "zap". They work on the principle of bio-resonance, much like Dr. Clark's early work. see more


What is the best time to zap?

There is no best time.  Just zap when your schedule allows.  You can use the footpads or wrist cuffs while working on the computer, or even on the drive home!


Will they let me through airport security with a zapper?

We always take our zapper along on trips, and have never had a problem. You might want to put the unit in your checked bags, but I carry it on.


Can I use the zapper while taking antibiotics?

Yes, it does not conflict.


What is "plate zapping"?

Dr. Hulda Clark has announced that the effect of the zapper can be intensified and targeted to specific parasites in specific organs by "plate zapping." A box with one or two metal plates on top is connected to the positive lead of the zapper, and slides of the parasite and target organ are placed on the plates. See the new "Prevention of All Cancers" and "Cure for HIV/AIDS" books for more details. You can make your own plate box as described in the HIV/AIDS book on page 517. See the Zappicator here


If a known pathogen was in a known body part, would it work better if the hand-holds were nearer that body part instead of hands?

It might. Dr. Clark's work suggests that the zapper effect can be intensified or localized by "plate zapping" with a zappicator.


Do you recommend using damp paper towel around the hand holds, or to hold them as they are?

We no longer use the copper cylinders, but if you are using them, then... Yes, please wrap them as we instruct you. DO NOT hold the bare metal, as the electrical signal could drive metal ions into the skin. Always use at least two layers of paper towel.


Do you give full instructions? Are frequencies used for each health problem?

A zapper does NOT use unique frequencies to fight germs. (A Rife machine does this.)  According to Dr. Hulda Clark's research, the zapper stimulates the bloodstream and immune system in a subtle way, enabling your own body to "take out the trash", including parasites, bacteria and most viruses.

Does it actually destroy malaria or merely 'stun' it for the body to remove normally?

See above. We have had many units in the tropics, and two doctors with a Big-Zap in India. Users say it has helped the body clear up and prevent malaria beautifully.


Does having metal anywhere in the body (such as crowns on one's teeth) affect the benefits of using the zapper?

No, because the zapper stimulates the bloodstream and immune system, according to Dr. Clark's research.


Are there any long-term side effects from long-term electrical current use on the body? One hears of clusters of child cancers in areas close to major power lines, for instance.

None have ever been observed or reported. Power line effects are due to high strength alternating current (AC) magnetic fields, while the zapper uses very weak DC (Direct Current) pulses similar to natural nerve impulses. The Auto-Zap5 has been used successfully with tots as young as 1 month ( to deal with a nasty case of thrush in short order).


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