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Mangosteen Juice







We are very SORRY to say, but the Genesis Today line of products has been discontinued. We will repost with a new supplier very soon.


The only 100% Pure Wild Harvested Mangosteen juice product on the market!  MANGOSTEEN100 contains the highest levels of Polyphenolic Compounds known as Xanthones


Health Benefits of Xanthone-rich MANGOSTEEN100:

  • Genesis Today Pure Mangosteen JuiceSupports healthy COX enzyme, prostaglandin and histamine levels, thereby assisting healthy inflammatory processes*†

  • Supports healthy human immune system function*†

  • Supports youthful cellular regeneration and healthy aging*†

  • Supports cardiovascular health, by acting as a free radical scavenger*†

  • Extremely high ORAC (oxygen radical absorption capacity) rating, which support cells and their components from damage by oxygen radicals (free radicals), according to studies of animal and human blood*†

Competitive Benefits of MANGOSTEEN100:

  • We're proud to offer the world's first and only 100% pure Mangosteen product. This product is 100% pure, and made the traditional way, just like it was consumed over 1,000 years ago. Unfortunately, many manufacturers and marketers of Mangosteen products add water, fruit juices, sweeteners, juice concentrates, chemical preservatives and other unwanted and unnecessary ingredients. This is done to lower costs, improve flavor, and increase sweetness and to speed production runs.

  • MANGOSTEEN100 is equal to 3 to 9 bottles of competitive products. (depending upon the brand)  We guarantee no brand on the market has more "Naturally Occurring" Xanthone content ounce for ounce.

  • MANGOSTEEN100 is made with only 100% wild grown and wild harvested Garcinia Mangostana (Garcina mangostana L.)


"Mangosteen extract has multiple health benefits. This simple fact is both its greatest asset and its greatest liability. Unfortunately, many people will never try it because of its claims of effects across the full spectrum health concerts. They say, 'No one product can do all that!' But my patients know better...The Mangosteen Works!"

-J. Frederic Templeman, MD,  Author of "Mangosteen, The X-Factor"


The mangosteen fruit (Garcinia mangostana L.) is grown in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, India and several other countries. Most of the scientific research on mangosteen involves about a 1/2 dozen of the 2 dozen known xanthones in this fruit. Most of the xanthones in mangosteen have yet to be researched. Mangosteen has a wide range of benefits.  Most result from its xanthone phytoceuticals/antioxidants. (However, mangosteen also contains: catechins, polyphenols, minerals and vitamins.)

Because the Mangosteen fruit has been used as a folk remedy for several hundred years in Malaysia, Thailand and throughout Southeast Asia, universities around the Pacific Rim have studied this fruit for decades now, confirming the efficacy of this botanical, and exploring why folklore medicine has used this fruit in healing for centuries.  The power of mangosteen is in the anti-oxidants!

Various studies have shown that the phytoceuticals in mangosteen have properties such as those listed below.  Specifically, the xanthones, which is a type of potent antioxidant.

  Properties of mangosteen                   

Some of the studied xanthones









  antioxidants (at least 2 dozen different xanthones are in the mangosteen fruit)


Garcinone A


Garcinone B


Garcinone C



Garcinone D

Garcinone E


At this point almost all studies with mangosteen have been done in a laboratory, and like many wonderful wellness products do date, there is little clinical human research to indicate how mangosteen supplements or mangosteen juice would influence the prevention or therapy of various illnesses. 

Personal note from site owner Nina:  The private research that we and many others have conducted is with our own bodies.  Even tough we are generally very healthy, we have noticed several wonderful improvements.  For example:  Skin eczema disappeared, severe arthritic back pain has disappeared, tumors shrunk in one family member, eye site has improved, and a severe case of acne has improved greatly.  This is all in our family alone.  We invite you research more on the power of xanthones for yourself!


Independent Scientific Research Links

Study after study point to the extraordinary benefits of the Mangosteen and its rich supply of super-antioxidant xanthones. Read them for yourself.

As an antioxidant, mangosteen is very high among plants:

  • A new laboratory test known as ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) has also shown that an ounce of mangosteen juice has 20 to 30 times the ability to absorb free radicals than one ounce of most fruits and vegetables. The ORAC test is one of the most accurate ways to measure the ability of antioxidants in a certain substance to absorb free radicals. The higher the ORAC score, the better the food is for the body.

The following quote is related to cancer:

  • "We found that antiproliferative effect of CME [crude methanolic extract] was associated with apoptosis on breast cancer cell line by determinations of morphological changes and oligonucleosomal DNA fragments. In addition, CME at various concentrations and incubation times were also found to inhibit ROS production. These investigations suggested that the methanolic extract from the pericarp [skin] of Garcinia mangostana had strong antiproliferation, potent antioxidation and induction of apoptosis. Thus, it indicates that this substance can show different activities and has potential for cancer chemoprevention which were dose dependent as well as exposure time dependent."  -  "Antiproliferation, antioxidation and induction of apoptosis by Garcinia mangostana (mangosteen) on SKBR3 human breast cancer cell line," by Moongkarndi P, Kosem N, Kaslungka S, Luanratana O, Pongpan N, Neungton N.

Here's is another study:

  • "Our results have shown that one of the xanthone derivatives which could be identified as garcinone E has potent cytotoxic effect (causing cell death) on all HCC (hepatocellular carcinomas) cell lines as well as on other gastric and lung cancer cell lines included in the screen. We suggest that garcinone E may be potentially useful for the treatment of certain types of cancer."  -  "Garcinone E, a Xanthone Derivative, has Potent Cytotoxic Effect Against Hepatocellular Carcinome Cell Lines" by Chi-Kuan Ho, Yu-Ling Huang and Chieh-Chih Chen

Some of the more impressive research on mangosteen involve leukemia:

  • "We examined the effects of six xanthones from the pericarps of mangosteen, Garcinia mangostana, on the cell growth inhibition of human leukemia cell line HL60. All xanthones displayed growth inhibitory effects. Among them, alpha-mangostin showed complete inhibition at 10 microM through the induction of apoptosis." -   "Induction of apoptosis by xanthones from mangosteen in human leukemia cell lines," by Matsumoto K, Akao Y, Kobayashi E, Ohguchi K, Ito T, Tanaka T, Iinuma M, Nozawa Y.


The following are just a few of the sources you can look to for 3rd party independent studies about Mangosteen and Xanthones:

Here is how to get more unbiased information about Mangosteen .  This is the world famous Dr. Duke's Agricultural Research Service:

1) Click on this website:
2) Click on Chemicals and activities,
3) Select 'Common Name' then type in 'mangosteen' in the search box,
4) Select 'Print chemical activities after chemicals' then Submit Query.   Read all the way down the page.



Supplement Facts for Mangosteen 100

Serving Size: 2 Tablespoons
Servings Per Container: About 32
Each Serving provides 30,000 mg of Pure Wild Harvested Mangosteen (Garcinia Mangostana) Fruit

Ingredients: 100% Wild Harvested Mangosteen juice from Genesis Today’s Proprietary Blend of Whole Mangosteen fruit, Including the thick tough and bitter inner and outer rind (Pericarp), and the snow white fleshy interior (pulp and seeds), providing the highest levels of Polyphenolic compunds known as Xanthones

*Daily Value not established
**Percentage daily values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

*Indicates statements for which we can provide clinical or scientific documentation.

†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease