ReBuilder for Neuropathy


The ReBuilder for Neuropathy


The ReBuilder Waterbath Kit

We feel this is a GREAT way to apply the ReBuilder signal.   This is why we included a FREE pair of black rubber water pads for your ReBuilder.  To make SURE this method of delivery is available to all our clients.


Footbath instructions are here.  It is easy to use.

ReBuilder Footbath Instructions
Warm water foot bath treatment

1. Fill foot bath with warm water to ankle height.

2. Add ˝ cap of Electro salt to each side of foot bath. (tiny pinch of Epsom Salts will work)

3. Place water filled foot bath on the floor where you will be sitting.

4. Check the ReBuilder to make sure it is turned off. To ensure this, turn both knobs to the off position fully to the left.

5. Plug lead wire into output jack on top of unit. (2407 has 2 outputs)

6. Place the black rubber conductive pads onto the ends of 1 wire set.

7. Drop these rubber pads into the water, 1 on EACH SIDE of foot bath .

8. Place feet in foot bath. The pads do not have to be touching feet, only the water.

9. Turn unit on by turning intensity knob clockwise. (Use the intensity knob that corresponds with the output jack you have plugged the lead wire into.)

10. Press the frequency button to set the unit on the 7.83 Hertz output. (If during the treatment you change the frequency setting this will reset the timer back to zero.)

11. Gradually increase intensity until a pulse is felt in feet and/or legs. You want to feel the signal very clearly, but without discomfort. Too high an intensity can feel like a shock. This won’t harm you, simply turn it down. (NOTE: During your first few days, only set the level at 1 or 2. You won’t feel anything. This is OK.  The unit is working if the lights are flashing. This allows your body to acclimate to the stimulation. Afterwards gradually adjust the level as described.)

12. Keep your feet in the footbath for 30 minutes. The unit will automatically shut down. It will not be completely off, but will no longer be working.

13. Be sure both intensity knobs are turned off.

14. Dry feet thoroughly and apply a moisturizing lotion to the feet.

15. During use, skin cells, normal bacteria, dust, and body oils may remain; therefore, rinse out and air dry your foot bath.




Side Note: You can even "make" your own footbath system simply by using 2 large tupperware bins that are large enough for your feet and 2-4 inches of water. Plain water will work, but it is recommended to use the Electrolyte Solution to enhance signal quality. You can buy electrolyte solution from us, or even use a tiny pinch of epsom salts instead. (salts help with conductivity.)


One 8.5 oz bottle lasts approximately 2 months with twice daily use on FOOT PADS. For WATER bath use, it will last approximately 1-2 months. For GARMENTS, it will last approximately 2 months.









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