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What makes the ReBuilder different from other types of medical devices such as TENS and EMS? I have already tried a TENS.

Answer: The ReBuilder was designed specifically for stopping the pain and numbness symptoms of neuropathy. TENS is designed to block block nerve paths so that nerve impulse cannot get throughout brain, and EMS is designed only to strengthen muscles. The ReBuilder does not block nerve paths, on the contrary, the ReBuilder opens nerve paths. The ReBuilder combines or overlays an EMS signal with its own proprietary healing signals so that the leg muscles are strengthened to provide better blood circulation to support these newly awakened nerves and stronger legs to prevent falls. This technology qualifies for the patent pending status (#10/823,774) it now holds.

Because neuropathy results from a temporary lack of oxygen to the nerves, causing a temporary shrinking of the nerves, then you need to wake them up just like you had to wake up your leg when it went to sleep if you sat on it wrong when you were young. To do that, we used special equipment to measure exactly what a normal, healthy nerve signal looked like, then precisely duplicated that signal. Because the shrinking nerves make the synaptic junctions between each nerve cell bigger, we needed to send a larger than normal signal, so we amplified it by a factor of ten. Then, we delivered this amplified, healing signal to each foot so this signal would travel up the leg to the nerve roots of the spine and then down the opposite leg to the to the foot. This re-educates the nerves paths and awakens the nerve cells themselves

Now these newly awakened nerves need additional blood supply to support these nerve cells so we overlaid a signal ( EMS) that could cause the calf muscles to contract and relax. This increases blood supply and strengthens the leg muscles to prevent falls.

As an added measure to help limit the pain and anxiety of the patient, we pulsed these signals on and off at the rate of 7.83 times per second. We arrived at this frequency because it corresponds to the Schumann Resonant Frequency of the earth itself. the electromagnetic field surrounding the earth pulses at this frequency and may explain why many people report feeling better working with the earth in their garden, walking on the beach barefoot, etc. Perhaps this frequency traveled from one foot to the other or from one hand to the other when in physical contact with the damp earth. When we used this pulsed frequency we found that we could use much less energy (making the device safer) and that it caused the brain to release endorphins, pain and anxiety relievers that can travel via the bloodstream to all parts of the body. The beneficial effect is that it helps the patient to sleep better at night and during the day, elevates his mood.

Finally, we miniaturized and controlled with a microprocessor and circuits so that they could measure the patientís response automatically a hundred times per second, and make adjustments on the fly for the patientís complete safety. Each individual signal is custom tuned to that patient's particular unique biological needs and response.

Are there times or circumstances when I should not use it?

Answer: It depends on the kind of pacemaker the person has. If they have a pacemaker with the defibrillator included, then no, they should not use it. There is really no problem with signal interference, but sometimes a patient will get nervous or excited and the adrenalin release can cause the heart to change rhythms and trigger the defibrillator. No real damage is done, but that can be a real surprise! We recommend that if you have any pacemaker or other implanted device, you should talk to your doctor and perhaps have him/her call us to discuss your personal situation. Hundreds of patients have done just that and are using their ReBuilder successfully. Still, talk to your doctor before using the ReBuilder in these cases.

Should I wait until my doctor becomes up to date with the ReBuilder technology before I buy it? My doctor says he is unfamiliar with it so he is naturally a bit hesitant to recommend it just yet.

Answer: I suppose it really depends on how much pain or numbness you have and how much it is impacting on your quality of life. Most medical advances like the ReBuilder take years before they become mainstream. When we developed the infrared ear thermometer in 1985 it took 8 years before hospitals and doctors abandoned their dangerous mercury leaking mercury glass thermometers. Now almost every hospital in the world uses our technology. The PAP smear was considered quackery for 11 years. That being said, more and more doctors and clinics are now using and prescribing the ReBuilder for their patients. We add more and more clinics and doctor's offices to our list of treatment centers every day. Your choice is therefore: either to wait and experience the normal progression of the disease, take the strong drugs that can make matters worse, or, make an informed, intuitive risk and try the ReBuilder. Clinical trials show that it is effective in alleviating and even reversing the symptoms in 19 of 20 people (94%).

What about insurance?

Answer: ReBuilder treatments are routinely covered by most insurance companies under the codes used for electrical stimulation. If your physician prescribes a ReBuilder for you, he will write a prescription and most  insurance companies will reimburse according to the terms of your policy, usually 80%.

We cannot represent you with your insurance company directly because of the excessive time and record keeping expense involved. We leave it to you to process your claim for re-imbursement.

see here for more details

Does it hurt? What does it feel like?

Answer: The ReBuilder feels good. The signal feels like a tiny tingle that pulses on and off. Many people describe it as feeling like an "internal massage". If you turn the unit up, your calf muscles will twitch every time the little indicator light on the ReBuilder lights up. If you use the EMS setting to strengthen your muscles, you will feel a stronger contraction that lasts 6 seconds and then rests your legs for 6 seconds. You can manually adjust the intensity setting for maximum comfort.

How will I know when its working?

Answer: As for the ReBuilder itself, the ReBuilder has an indicator light on its face that lights up every time a signal is sent. This will tell you if the unit itself is generating a pulse. To test the wires that lead to the signal pads, you can hold one signal pad in each hand (or get another person who has a healthy nervous system to hold it in their hands) and slowly increase the intensity setting until you can feel it. You can wet the pads to increase the conductivity if necessary.

As for whether your ReBuilder is working to reduce your symptoms, This can be a subjective analysis based upon your particular set of symptoms. Usually, during the actual 30 minute treatment session, the sensation of pain will be totally gone, and then you will experience a significant reduction in pain for 2 to 4 hours. Then, this benefit should gradually increase in effectiveness and length of time with each successive treatment. For numbness and tingling, your feet will feel warm and more flexible immediately after a treatment, and for 2 to 4 hours after, but it may take a month or more for lasting results. This is because nor only do the peripheral nerves need time to regenerate, but the brain must then re-connect with these now healthy nerves and re-learn to interpret the new incoming signals. If you are taking any pain medications, then your results may take longer until you are able to reduce your prescriptions with the help of your physician. Pain meds work by suppressing the nerve signals, and can actually make your neuropathy worse over time.

Can I use it if I have an open wound on my foot or leg?

Answer: You should avoid using the ReBuilder with the footbath until the skin closes over and begins to heal. In the meantime, you can use your ReBuilder with the direct skin method avoiding the area near the open wound. then, once the wound begins to heal, you can accelerate the healing by going back to the footbath method. We offer a special nanosilver based skin ointment to use on an open lesion that can reduce the chance of opportunistic bacterial infections called SilverCure. For dry skin, or people with diabetes, we offer a hand and body lotion with nanosilver that re-hydrates the skin while protecting against skin infections. Silver becomes antiseptic and antiviral when in the nano particle size.

Can older people use it?

Answer: Yes, the average age of our users is 55 to 85. The ReBuilder is designed with large adjusting knobs for arthritic hands, and a large typeface for those with vision challenges. The socks and water bath are easy to do.

Is it safe to use the water bath?

Yes. Only the black rubber water proof signal pads are designed to touch the water. It is powered by a common 9 volt battery, and even if used with the wall adapter, there is a safety circuitry built in so that even if it is dropped into the water bath, it poses no danger. The ReBuilder automatically shuts off.

What if it breaks?

Answer: The ReBuilder carries an unconditional lifetime warranty against workmanship. If you have a problem, you can return it and we will repair it or replace it at our option and return it to you and we will pay the return shipping charge. ReBuilders built in 1988 are still working perfectly. One patient's dog ate through the wires and another patient set it on his car roof and drove off. We replaced both for free. 85% of our sales are referrals so we want you to keep your ReBuilder running so you can share your success stories with others.

Is the ReBuilder FDA approved?

Answer: If you mean is it fully registered with the FDA, then yes it is. It is registered under the 510K basis as both a TENS and an EMS, (which is the only two categories that the FDA offers). The FDA does not approve any medical device, the FDA only "approves" pharmaceuticals. It has a registration process for medical devices and the ReBuilder fully meets all national state and county requirements and registrations. The ReBuilder is fully covered by product liability insurance and has not had any claim in 18 years. There have been no complaints or investigations registered by the FDA in 18 years. see more

The ReBuilder was first registered by the FDA in 1988. Why is it not in mainstream medicine by now?

Answer: In reality, we don't know! ReBuilder Medical is a small company (almost 20 employees, 10,000 square foot facility) and has a tough time as it is meeting increasing production demands.

Most doctors simply do not have time to read all the published info available.

Also, the ReBuilder was first introduced for peripheral artery disease alone, not for peripheral neuropathy. The founder, David B. Phillips, invented it to help his father rehabilitate after his open heart coronary artery bypass surgery. His father complained more from the leg incision (to remove the leg vein for grafting material) than from the chest incision. The ReBuilder enabled him to heal in 2 weeks and return to his normal life.   The ReBuilder was re-engineered in 2001 for use in peripheral neuropathy due to the huge demand. (Over 30,000,000 people in the US suffer from some form of neuropathy.)

Is it money back guaranteed?

Yes.  see here for details

Is the ReBuilder approved for medicare?

Answer:   Currently, NO, sorry.   Although the ReBuilder is a FDA Registered device, their policy requires all purchases be made through a Medicare-registered supplier.  Due to the large amount of time and paperwork involved with Medicare, and the desire to keep the price a slow as possible, no Medicare-registered supply house offer it.

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Why hasn't my doctor told me about the ReBuilder?

Answer: If your doctor has kept up with new medical developments, he would have told you. Many physicians today are so busy that they sometimes neglect to follow new technology. One way we can reach these doctors is when you request a prescription for the ReBuilder, that triggers him to begin researching the ReBuilder and the vast majority of doctors will provide you with the prescription and then they begin to prescribe it for their other patients with pain from neuropathy once he observes how well it has worked for you. Hundreds of doctors learn about The ReBuilder everyday.

What if he/she refuses to write a prescription?

Find a new physician who really cares about his patients and is willing to use his own judgement and observations to make an informed decision

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