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Peripheral Neuropathy and The ReBuilder

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90 Day Guarantee: If you are absolutely convinced that your symptoms, including but not limited to:
- pain
- tingling
- numbness
- shooting pains
- twitching
- sleeplessness
- balance
- strength
- dexterity
- muscle tone
- skin/nail coloration
- mood


... have not lessened or improved, even slightly, after using the ReBuilder as per instructions for 60 days, call us. Perhaps we can help make suggestions that will help you achieve these results. Remember, 60 days is not enough time to achieve long-lasting results. This can take several months. 60 days is enough, however, to clearly begin to recognize a shift in nerve sensations... this is the important thing to keep in mind. It is proof that the ReBuilder is beginning to have affect.  

(Most feel improvement in the first 1-3 weeks!)

If, after 90 days of use, we simply are not seeing any changes, you may return your ReBuilder, and we will refund your purchase price, minus a $50 refurbish fee.   This excludes any shipping cost you may have paid.  

The footbath, socks, gloves, footpads are NOT refundable.  These are considered 'personal items' once used, and can not be used again.

Within 10 business days of the receipt of the returned ReBuilder, your refund will be applied to your credit card, or a check mailed, depending on your original purchasing method.

NOTE: the ReBuilder unit must in working condition, with no outward damage. (scratches, marker, cracks, etc…) Damaged units will not be accepted.

Things to Remember:

Your symptoms may increase temporarily as nerve function returns, similar to the experience of a limb waking up after it fell asleep due to sitting on it. This is a sign that your are responding. Don't quit. You want to continue using the ReBuilder to “push past” this temporary condition. See instructions for more on this.

If you are taking prescription pain meds, it may take longer to see results because pain meds work by numbing nerve function. If you are diabetic and your blood sugar fluctuates, then it may take longer than other cases.

You may experience temporary muscle soreness if you are using too high an intensity setting, using it more than once per day, or for periods longer than 30 minutes. This is like what happens if you overwork your muscles exercising, in yard work, or extended walking. A 2 or 3 day absence of use will allow the muscles to recover and you can then use your ReBuilder again after adjusting to your personal experience.

The products are working if any of the following occur:

  • There is a stabilization, or slowing down of the progression of your symptoms. Neuropathy is a progressive disease.

  • One, some, or all of your symptoms, such as pain, tingling, numbness, shooting pains have decreased, even slightly.

  • Sleeping has been improved.

  • Gait or strength has improved.

  • You are able to use less pain meds.

  • You can walk further comfortably.

  • You generally just feel better.

  • Mobility begins to return to limbs, toes, fingers, etc. .





Manufacturer's Warranty:

The ReBuilder carries a LIFETIME WARRANTY against workmanship. If you have a problem, you can return it and it will be repaired or replaced at our option, and returned to you.  ReBuilders built in 1988 are still working perfectly today.  For example, one patient's dog ate through the wires and another patient set it on his car roof and drove off. Both were replaced for free. Many of our sales are referrals so we want you to keep your ReBuilder running so you can share your success stories with others.


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ReBuilder disclaimer:  We are not licensed medical professionals, nor do we imply so. We do not prescribe, diagnose, or provide medical services or advice in any way. Statements contained on these pages about neuropathy, the ReBuilder, alternative medicines, or any other topics have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The information found here is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure, disease, and should not be construed as medical advice, meant for diagnosing illness, or for prescriptive purposes. The ReBuilder for peripheral neuropathy.