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Written Testimonials

From: Howard
Sent: Monday, June 9, 2008 11:32 PM
To: Customer_Service
Subject: ReBuilder help for BPH

I would like to give a brief testimony about my experience with ReBuilder to help relieve problems due to BPH.

I am now 75 years old, and have experienced BPH problems with urination for at least 5 years. A urologist prescribed 0.4 mg Flomax per day to help, and I have continued on this prescription for five years. Because I also suffer from cirrhosis of liver, I have a considerable accumulation of fluid in my abdomen, and I must relieve myself 3 to 6 times per night. Night time is the most difficult time because when I am awakened with the need to urinate, my muscles have closed on the urethra and it is hard to get them to relax. I keep a urinal by the bed and kneel at my bed with the urinal until I can relieve myself - this sometimes takes 5 to 10 minutes. However, when I have had a urinary infection it has become near impossible to eliminate. Recently I had such an infection and I tried placing the electrodes of the ReBuilder at the inside of the hip joints so that the pulses could cross through my bladder and prostate as I tried to relax enough to eliminate. This seemed to help considerably. I was able to get through several nights while a Cipro antibiotic medication was working to heal the infection. Since that time I have been using the ReBuilder when trying to urinate, and I think it is a big help. It still takes time to relax, and I usually do this at my bed with a urinal, but at least it does work with patience. I am very grateful for the help that it gives me.



When I received my ReBuilder I was ecstatic. I tried it for the first three days and I started to feel a difference. After the past few weeks the bottom of my feet almost feel like normal. They used to feel like thick leather with hardly any feeling. They were numb and felt dead. My hands: I had pain in my hands. My finger tips were so painful I could not button my buttons on my uniform shirt. I had to ask my husband to do it. The rest of my hands had pain and were stiff. I could not type like normal it was too painful. I had to use one finger at a time for a very short period.

I am amazed that in this short time it has done so much for me. Please tell the manufacturers THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. The device has saved my sanity, my job, and is making me feel almost normal again.

God Bless,


From: Jannette
Sent: Friday, December 14, 2007 1:37 AM
To: Dr. Phillips

Dr. Phillips:
Whenever I read these articles that deal with incontinence, I am frustrated that they don't seem to make the connection between diabetes / neuropathy / loss of muscle strength, which I've learned are very much connected. As I treated my feet with the ReBuilder pads and the gel tonight, I reread the little page that came with my 2401 unit several years ago, and am reminded that I could also use this on my back muscles with the TENS setting, for the pain I get from food sensitivities. Please use my testimonial for anyone you need to convince about the effectiveness of this ReBuilder Medical unit. I would not want to be without it. My feet would certainly be in lots worse condition; as it is my podiatrist tells me my feet look very well. Thank you.

Spokane, WA

My husband and I were given the ReBuilder by a friend who used it for her husband and they no longer needed it.  John contracted lyme's disease which caused neuropathy in his left leg and also atrophy in his left thigh and calf. John started using the ReBuilder twice a day in September of 2007 and just last week, Feb. 2008 his measurements in his left leg equalled his measurements of his right leg. Another thing that he has noticed is that he is not falling/tripping over little rocks, walking from tile to carpet and one of the biggest changes is that he can now walk with care backwards. Before he would have fallen if he even tried.

Besides using the ReBuilder, John does excercise in a pool two to three times per week.

I used the ReBuilder on myself and I was amazed at how my legs felt the next day. I tend to have tired legs by being on them so much and it suprised me how well they felt the next day.

Thanks for all the help the staff has given to us on this interesting journey.

Sarah R


I am a relatively active and healthy 79 year old male and have been suffering with Peripheral Neuropathy pain for the last 15 years or so -- I have a pacemaker and upon receiving my ReBuilder Model 2407, scheduled a visit with my cardiologist’s office to have it checked out by the pacemaker technician. NO PROBLEM!

I have been using the ReBuilder twice a day for two months and have noticed the following: Improved balance; able to, without pain, put on all my shoes other then a loose pair of old broken down Rockports; I am now walking ¼ - ¾ mile without rest or pain; also put on my ballroom dance shoes – first time in 5 years - did a small amount of dancing; over all less NEUROPATHY numbness and pain; feeling much better about myself; it has changed my overall depression moods to a more positive outlook and I look forward to continuing my improvements using my ReBuilder.

Many thanks for your invention……it will help many suffering with Neuropathic Pain.

Bob D


My husband's neuropathy is MUCH improved since he began using the ReBuilder 2 1/2 months ago. He uses it faithfully twice a day and is thrilled with the difference it has made!

- Jill B.
South Carolina


I have suffered from neuropathy of my feet and lower legs for ten years, starting with mild burning, then leading to tingling, and progressing to biting electric shock (drive you crazy) type pain in my right toe which occurs at night during my attempts to sleep.

As I am not a diabetic (my brother and mother are) the only diagnosis I've been given is that I suffer from Idiopathic Neuropathy, with no cure or treatment, except drug therapy, available. I'm not completely satisfied with this and believe that exposure to extreme cold temperatures during my 26 years in the Army, resulting in very numb feet on many occasions may be the cause. I also suffer from Reynauds Syndrome in my hands and this seems to me (but not the doctors) to be linked to Neuropathy.

As I refused to just sit back and let the disease take its course, I have fought back and have found the following measures help me overcome and control the pain:

a. Mild compression support hose helps reduce the tingling and burning and I wear them every day.

b. Exercise. I try to walk, rain, snow or shine at least 4 times/week a distance of between 2-4 miles. I also participate in a weight lifting program offered by our Senior Center.

c. I eat very healthy and limit the carbs to 2 slices for breakfast of my homemade bread and occasional brown Basmati rice or brown pasta. Plenty of veggies, raw or just barely cooked to include a green salad every supper, and lean meat and poached wild salmon fill my menu.

d. MY SECRET WEAPON WHICH HAS MADE THE LARGEST IMPACT is an Electronic device called "The ReBuilder System", model 2404, offered by ReBuilder Medical , Inc, 636 Treeline Drive, Charles Town, WV 25414. Toll Free: 866-725-2202. www: I discovered this device on the www and was naturally at first very skeptical of their claims as it looked like snake oil to me. I called them and voiced my concerns and was referred to the inventor/owner who sent me a listing of physical therapists and podiatrists using and having success with the ReBuilder. After many calls and speaking to at least 10 health professionals, all of whom highly indorsed the device, I purchased one. I have been using it now for over three years. I also employ the foot bath method, using a plastic foot bath tub which they sell, as was told this gives by far the best results. At first, I used the device at least five times/week while watching TV. After 2-3 months of this routine, I could feel a marked reduction of the annoying and painful symptoms. My toe pain was now just occasional and could be controlled by 1- 10mg capsule of Nortriptyline. Since the initial intensive treatment cycle, I now use the device only when I feel the need, and this is just 2-3 times a month. Without this device I would be a slave to the drug industry.

e. When I suffer toe pain, I take 10MG of Nortriptyline just before bed and this reduces the toe pain to a level where sleep is possible. (see d. above)

I hope these measures help someone as much as they have helped me.

John P. Kaye
Lt. Col, US Army Ret.
Age 73


"The ReBuilder™ is doing what the doctor said he couldn't. I am walking again and doing other things without medicine. Thank you for your wonderful product." A.K. in AR 01/12/06

"I have type-2 diabetes and peripheral neuropathy. Have only had ReBuilder™ for a bit more than a month and already there is a physical improvement, remarkably less pain, and even a visible improvement. After using the system for about a week, I noticed the rash-like patches on my leg seemed to have faded so I took a digital photo. It is lighter yet and soon I'll take another digital photo and send them to ReBuilder™. Thanks for the great product."
C.N. internet 01/04/06

"Reduced pain and tingling in hands and feet almost immediately." D.G. in TN 01/04/06

"I have only been on it for a month. My feet feel warmer and the color is in my feet is returning." W.S. in AK 01/03/06

"This machine to me is a miracle. the best $400 I ever spent. i now have no fear of walking." J.S. in TX 01/02/06

"Has reduced the heavy pain in my foot and toes." R.P. in CO 01/02/06

"Legs feel somewhat stronger and feet fell warmer for longer periods of time." P.D. in GA 12/27/05

"Legs and feet vitalized and exercised after using the ReBuilder™. No longer have 'tightness pain' when lying down at bed time." G.T. in NY 12/27/05

"Less numbness and more awareness of foot sensations." B.M. in NJ 12/21/05

"I received some restored feeling in my feet. The instance of stabbing pain in my feet has been greatly lessened." D.F. in CA 12/21/05

"Reduced knee and feet pain and helped with my neuropathy pain!" B.S. 12/15/05

"Can walk better and legs don't swell as much." A.T. in GA 12/10/05

"My husband and I (both) have felt some improvement." L.F. in Il 12/07/05

"Reduced the shocking pains!" G.S. in AZ 12/05/05

"Less jerking from restless leg syndrome and reduced swelling in toes." A.B. in CO 12/05/05

"Husband (66) has been using the ReBuilder™ for about 2 months - after the first week he noticed he was able to get out of a chair without extreme pain. Best $400 we ever spent. Can't believe it works - seems too easy!" E.L. in VA 12/05/05

"Tingling is reduced along with shooting pain." A.J. in FL 12/01/05

"Less numbness and pain - results began at 6 days. Leg strength is returning. Less pain in feet when I bicycle." L.C. in IN 12/01/05

"Marked improvement on pain relief. Reduced burning and stinging. It has also improved a horribly painful foot condition I have called Morton Neuroma. It's amazing for me." G.R. in WI 12/01/05

"I have been relieved of all cramps in my legs and thighs." A.G. in WI 12/01/05

"The ReBuilder™ has significantly increased my leg energy to normal. I used to be very weak, now I can tell a difference in my walking." C.M. in NC 11/30/05

"I have neuropathy from chemo. I was having leg muscles that would tighten and be painful when I was in bed. This has ended since I started using the ReBuilder™." A.H. in WI 11/28/05

"I have more feeling in my feet." J.W. in SC 11/26/05

"Numbness in toes gone - less leg pain." C.Z. in PA 11/16/05

"It has given me greater mobility and lessened the burning sensation. Very pleased and thankful with the ReBuilder™ System" R.J. in NC 11/15/05

"It has helped me tremendously. My husband says it has helped him also." L.H. in TN 11/14/05

"Reduced pain, burning and tingling." F.G. in NC 11/14/05

"Less shooting pains in toes and more mobility in foot. No pain during bedtime. It's so easy to use." B.B. in MD 11/06/05

"Helped reduce pain and tingling sensations." I.C. in NM 11/03/05

"The ReBuilder™ has made it much more comfortable to wear my shoes and my balance is so much more improved." L.L. in TX 10/28/05

"I have less pain (feet) in a.m. and no shooting pains." J.H. in CA 10/25/05

"Sleeping better. I don't have the stabbing pain. I have a long ways to go, but it's a start. I will keep using the ReBuilder™ to see how much it will help me." L.H. in IL 10/24/05

"Decrease in pain and swelling. I am able to walk longer and faster." P.W. in VT 10/21/05

"It seems I have less numbness on the soles of my feet. My feet are more flexible and I have more balance." B.B. in Ojai, CA 10/21/05

"Eliminated the pain." F.L. in WI 10/19/05

"Sensation is gradually returning to my feet, and there is some improvement in muscle control of my toes." C.C. in CO 10/18/05

"Due to unforeseen circumstances I wasn’t able to start using my ReBuilder™ until this week. I didn’t notice a tremendous difference the first few days other than it felt better while in the bath, and I pictured that it was healing my nerves. Each day I felt a little more comfortable. Last night was the 'clicker.' I was fine, working on the computer. At 10:30 pm I was uncomfortable. It was time to get up, I can tell by the feel of the foot pain. Before I had a chance to get up, I had a foot spasm (foot pain, knots, toes curling under). I was sure I was going to have to have my husband take me to the emergency room to get an injection for the pain along with more pain meds. I have and the muscle relaxers I use (and they are strong!!). Under normal circumstances, with the pain that bad, I would wimp out and just get there rather than trying any of my biofeedback. Usually, it’s just toooooooooo late. I thought this time I could take it just a little bit longer to see if I could get some relief from the ReBuilder™. After only one week of use, and a half hour before waking my husband to take me to the hospital, the 'ReBuilder™' came to my rescue. It had to be the ReBuilder™ since I had already taken my medications long before. I keep praying that whatever is in this ReBuilder™ continues to work for me. It’s nothing short of a miracle. I’m going to keep this short. I don’t want to push my luck. I will keep in touch. I am using the ReBuilder™ daily and take it to 5 where it is comfortable (for me) per the instructions. I just finished my session for tonight, and my feet feel so good I can hardly wait to climb into bed. Thank you so much for your support and help during my transition period." Internet 10/13/05

"I have neuropathy in my feet up to the ankles. The ReBuilder™ has lessoned the numbness in my feet." J.E. in MD 10/08/05

"Once again, fantastic service from you all. The parcel arrived today 9/10/05 two days after I ordered. I cant praise you all enough for a fantastic product it has certainly changed our lives once again many thanks." Internet 10/06/05

"I recently went to my Endocrinologist, who checks my feet with a vibrator. When she touched the vibrator to my anklebones, I could feel the vibrations on each anklebone. This is the first time I could feel anything in my feet in seven years. It looks like the ReBuilder™ may be successful." W.B. in MA 10/06/05

"Reduced pain." T.L. in NC 10/03/05

"Tingling of arms and legs seem to have improved. Lower back pain improved. Thanks for a great product." P.G. in MA 09/30/05

"Less pain, less burning and biting in feet." E.S. in MI 09/29/05

"Less pain, some decrease in numbness." E.D. in TN 09/29/05

"It's a miracle! Within two days of using the ReBuilder™ I was almost pain free. I had been in pain for about one and a half months and could not stand walking at work. I would sit every chance I got. Now I can walk almost pain free." V.C. in CA 09/11/05

"Within three to four days practically all my symptoms was evident. After three weeks pain and numbness has really improved. I'm more than pleased with the ReBuilder™. It really works wonders." W.P. in CA 09/09/05

"My pain was reduced. Not as much "gravel in my socks." T.J. in OH 09/06/05

"Lessoned the tingling and shooting pain." L.M. in UT 09/05/05

"I use it on my hands and feet. It seems to be reducing the trembling of my hands which is caused by taking lithium." V.R. in FL 09/03/05

"Has helped me to sleep longer at night. Was sleeping three to four hours. Now sleeping six hours. Much less pain in my legs and feet - night time and day time." L.T. in TX 09/01/05

"Less tingling in feet." V.K. in Oh 09/01/05

"Reduce pain. I walk without pain in the first time in ten years. I'm real happy with it." A.W. in MN 08/31/05

"Major help. Reduced neuropathy to the point I could sleep without aids. Also reduced need for neurontin by half." T.H. in TX 08/27/05

"Less tingling, less pain." E.S. in WI 08/25/05

"Less numbness." B.J. in NV 08/19/05

"I am getting more feeling in my left side of my body." S.B. in CA 08/19/05

"Helped mainly with the pain. I now can walk my night shift without any pain. Being a nurse I am on my feet a lot. Burning sensation is down. I am so glad I found you." P.M. in TX 08/18/05

"The shooting pains in my feet are almost gone and I have more feeling in my feet." F.M. in IA 08/10/05

"It took away some of my foot pain. My feet use to wake me hurting at night. But now they do not wake me up. :-) L.B. in NJ 08/08/05

"ReBuilder™ is helping by reducing inflammation in the nerves which reduces pain. ReBuilder™ had provided more relief in my shoulder/ back/chest/ arm complex than I would have thought possible at the time." B.B. in CT 08/07/05

" It improved my symptoms by about 80-90%. It is the only thing that has ever helped." J.T. in GA 08/06/05

"Less tingling and shooting pains." D.W. in PA 08/05/05

Took the pain from my legs and feet. My right knee has been bad for years, I put one pad on each side, wow what a relief." R.B. in OR 08/05/05

"Shooting pain stopped. Former feeling coming back." C.L. in TN 08/05/05

"While my sleeping pattern is far from ideal, I have noticed significant improvement in the overall amount of sleep I am getting and that is important to my well being in every way. The treatments are relaxing and I have renewed hope." H.P. in AR 07/28/05

"I've only used it for one week, but I can already feel a difference on the outside of my legs. They would hurt to the touch and already that is diminishing." G.W. in FL 07/28/05

"Had Anodyne therapy a month- no results. Since using the ReBuilder™ have had great improvement. Can now walk barefooted and more correctly." H.S. in MO 07/26/05

"I own the unit and love what it can do. Always return to read about updates and issues effecting other conditions that the ReBuilder™ may help." Internet 07/18/05

"The pain in my feet was reduced to some degree, but the strength in my leg was increased remarkably." I.C. in TN 07/15/05

"Right foot- color returning, nerves coming 'back to life.' Left foot -'searing pains' almost totally gone, general pain is lessoning." P.N. in 07/08/05

"Reduction in pain- esp. left leg. July 3rd I was able to take a 2 mile walk which I had not done for months." R.H. in WA 07/06/05

"Pain was subsided tremendously, I can walk without having pain." G.K. in TX 07/05/05

"The ReBuilder™ has reduced my pain and helped my poor circulation in my legs and feet." R.P. in LA 07/02/05

"Less pain, less tingling." M.M. in NJ 07/01/05

"Less numbness, less pain." H.K. in MO 07/01/05

"Relief in pain in bottom of feet. Did not have to rest or be off feet throughout the day." A.R. in KS 06/26/05

"Aided in sleeping. Reduced depression." R.S. in WA 06/25/05

"I just received the ReBuilder™ and after one use with the footbath and subsequent led infrared therapy, my feet have never felt so relaxed, or even felt, for that matter in a few years. While I do use infrared often. It has never brought total relief, only partial. And then not very lasting, but the two combined are dynamite! My feet have 'felt' relaxed for hours! Awesome!"
D.F. Internet 06/06/05

"My son has RSD. His feet were not only swollen but purple in color. I had to put patches on his spine because of the pain. The spine area was also discolored. It was unbelievable. He couldn't even walk right. Now his feet are almost normal in color. Before he couldn't even put slippers on, now he can walk and put shoes on. It's almost a miracle the way it works. I hope it doesn't stop working on him. He doesn't wake up crying every morning now (41 years old). He uses it two times a day and we have cut the drugs down considerably." J.M. in PA, 05/30/05 (See images below)
Click on image to enlarge.
Feet before using the ReBuilder Treatment System. Feet after using the ReBuilder Treatment System.
"This photo was taken before my son started using the ReBuilder™. he couldn't even wear slippers. The swelling went up to and included his knee." "This photo was taken approximately one week after using the ReBuilder™. We received the machine 04/15/05. His knees are no longer swollen. Amazing! No pain."

"My legs (especially my left leg) that have been hurting since 1995 with an extremely painful neuropathy, were tingling and felt as though the nerves themselves were 'opening' up. The sensation was traveling up the leg into the lower back, and I am extremely happy to have this unit... thanks to you." S.F. 04/12/05

"Reduced burning and tingling. Definitely helped!!Good product, thank you for putting this online and available to the general public." F.G. in Rockingham, NC 04/07/05

"After one week I saw blood vessels on the tops of my feet which I hadn't seen in several years. After two weeks, the heaviness in my legs was gone." K.W. in Granbury, TX 04/06/05

"I can now walk without experiencing the extreme nerve pain that burned my feet. I actually felt my personality changing, not anymore." C.A. in Spencerville, OnT. 04/05/05

"My husband uses it on his knee where a tendon is pulled and gets complete relief until he 'tweaks' it again. Almost complete relief from nocturnal leg cramps, so I get more sleep." I.R. in Mount Vernon, WA 04/03/05

"I have used the ReBuilder™ since 02/28/05. The neuropathy was moving from my toes to the balls of my feet. The ReBuilder™ not only stopped the progression of the neuropathy, but has reversed it in my toes." G.L. in Lockport, IL 04/02/05

"There was a noticeable improvement in the numbness in my feet and legs from the onset of treatment." R.R. in Cumming, GA 04/02/05

"Reduced cramping problem in legs and feet. Also, I have noticed more sensitivity in my feet. I have less pain in my legs from the knees down." L. S. in Kewaskum, WI 04/02/05

"Within a few days I was able to walk more and have not had to depend on my power chair as much, and I have had less pain." C.L. in Tulsa, OK 04/01/05

"The ReBuilder™ has helped the nerves in my legs, they don't burn and hurt as much after the treatments." N.K. in Kingston , TN 04/01/05

"My condition now is that the hands no longer have that tingling feeling and I am experiencing less tingling in my feet." G.S. in Upatoi, GA 03/31/05

"I think this is helping me a lot. I was on 900 mg's of Neurontin a day. I cut back to 600 mg's and I know I can back more in the future." M.G. in Iselin, NJ 03/29/05

"I hope improvement will continue - I'm very encouraged. Thank you for such a good discovery." L.H. in Firestone, CO 03/28/05

"I do not have the tingling like before and have more natural color in my toes and feet." R.A. in Pouca City, OK 03/28/05

"Using on both hands and feet. Right arm- carpal tunnel and tennis elbow - both long standing. Have seen great improvement in both." M.K. in Audubon, IA 03/28/05

"I can now walk better! The pain in my legs is gone. What a relief! I am now using it once a day. The walker is in the closet. My neuropathy is so much better. I say to anyone if you have a problem - get the ReBuilder™." H.C. in Longview, TX 03/25/05

"I don't notice my 'feet' all day. I walk in the grocery store instead of riding. I can stop to shop on my way home from work and know that I will not be in severe pain all evening." J.P. in Zellwood, FL 03/24/05

"Very pleased with the results." E.N. in Sun City, AZ 03/24/05

"It took away the pain and some numbness out of my feet from neuropathy. Have quit taking the medication I was on for it." C.P. in Fremont, MI 03/24/05

"I had blisters on my feet which hadn't healed in 6 weeks. Three days after starting the ReBuilder™ they started to heal." J.O. in Los Altos Hills, CA 03/21/05

"Eased the pain and burning. Allowed me to sleep." J.M. in Hemet, CA 03/21/05

"I would recommend the ReBuilder™ to a friend and, in fact, I have already praised it highly to my physician, my pharmacist, and the mother of a friend. Generally, I have noticed improvement in mobility and ability to decrease pain medications." E.P. in Rome, GA 03/12/05

"Pain relief almost immediately. Numbness, tingling was reduced and 'burning fingers and feet' late in day is gone. Body seems less sensitive. Pain pills reduced from 3 per week to only 1." ML in Gooding, ID 3/8/05

"Less pain in legs, increased muscle strength" C.D. in Marietta, GA 3/8/05

"Reduced day-to-day discomfort and odd nervous sensations in my feet and lower legs" A.O. in N. Richland Hills, TX 3/8/05

"I have been able to wear shoes all day, I can stand on my feet for longer periods of time, and I sleep through the night." M.G. in Chgo. IL 03/07/05

"Improvement in ability to walk without fear of stumbling and possible falling" T.S. in Wyncote, PA 3/7/05

"I have more feeling in my feet and lower limbs. My balance is improving." E.F. in Boulder city NV 3/7/05

"More mobility and tactile sensation in my feet and lower legs." J.R. in Seymour, TN 3/7/05

"It eliminated 90% of the discomforts, from constant pain in lower extremity. Also helped remove neuropathy, numbness, tingling and tiredness due from lower back injury." M.H. in Carriere, MS 3/7/05

"Noticed improvement of being able to feel what my toes were touching by the second day." P.Z. in Springdale, AR 3/4/05

"More flexibility in movement of the toes. Fewer sensations of pins and needles or burning on top of feet" J.L. in Ontario, Canada 3/3/05

"It helps with the pain. Also I can feel my toes now" C.W. in Edgewater, MD 3/3/05

"Eliminated pain in toes. Sleeping better" B.P. in Virginia beach VA 3/3/05

"Greater feeling of general wellness" G.N. in Montgomery, IL 3/2/05

"Tingling in feet has disappeared" L.Z. in Montgomery, AL 3/1/05

"95% improvement. It has been one month since I started using it." S.F. in Fresno, CA 3/1/05

"Significant pain reduction in arm and hand" T.K. in Bellevue, WA 3/1/05

"No more 'pins and needles' and an improved balance" H.B. in Ontario, Canada 3/1/






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