Silver 100



Colloidal Silver vs. Ionic Silver


Colloidal Silver vs. Ionic Silver

"Drop per drop, dollar per dollar, and microgram of silver per microgram of silver, the Opti-Silver chemistry is at least a few hundred times more efficient for delivering bio-available silver ions to the body than any other form of silver I’ve seen. The technology is ingenious and unprecedented."

— Donald Baird, Ph.D.; chemistry professor, Nova Southeastern University;
former director of the Department of Chemistry, Florida Atlantic University


Introducing "Silver 100"™  -  The Quantum Leap in Efficiently Delivering SILVER IONS to the Body
Next Generation Technology  (Far Beyond Other Forms of Silver)

Silver is the single most effective antiviral and bactericidal agent known, killing more than 650 different disease-causing pathogens!
efficiently deliver the smallest units of silver that exist in the world—ions—the size of atoms.
Silver 100™ contains Opti-Silver™ for delivery of silver ions far more efficiently than even the best colloidal silver is capable of doing!
Silver 100™ ionic silver is used the same way as colloidal silver.
Ingredients are “dissolved in solution”not just suspended as with colloidal silver.
Far superior consistency from drop to drop than most colloidal silver.
100-ppm high-efficiency formula—use less & spend less than most colloidal silver.
U.S. & International Patents Pending!  No other product in the world uses Opti-Silver™ technology.
Absolutely 100% Safe!
All natural ingredients found in fruits & vegetables—entirely safe for adults & children (and even pets).
Your satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed—or your money back!


Why Opti-Silver™?

Silver ions are rapidly becoming one of the most highly respected of natural substances. Actually, they have been highly regarded for many years. The challenge, however, has always been how to deliver silver ions to the body, since ions are unstable by nature and tend to bind up with other substances as soon as they contact the body. In the past, colloidal silver has been used in an effort to deliver silver ions, but it has substantial limitations in terms of efficiency and in terms of purity, consistency and stability (shelf life).

Silver 100™ Ionic Silver Complex truly represents a quantum leap in the delivery of silver ions. It is designed to efficiently deliver all its silver as ions and be very pure, consistent and stable, and is formulated with a 100 ppm, which is about 5 times the ion delivery than a QUALITY colloidal silver product. (Note: "ppm" means "parts per million")

Silver 100 with Opti-Silver utilizes an entirely new approach to silver ion delivery. It is designed to overcome all the limitations of colloidal silver. It utilizes a proprietary method of complexing silver ions with citrate in order to temporarily plug up the missing electron positions on the silver ions. Citrate is a key constituent of the metabolic system and is aggressively drawn into the cells of the body. Silver 100 is designed to gradually decomplex, and thereby release silver ions, after being absorbed into the system. It is designed to deliver all of its silver as ions (colloidal silver delivers only a fraction of its silver as ions). Silver 100 is made through an entirely different process than is colloidal silver, using no electricity. It is extremely consistent from bottle to bottle, has no oxides, and has an almost infinite shelf life under normal conditions since the ingredients are actually dissolved in solution in the water and are designed to remain very stable until being exposed to the body's chemistry.

.Silver  100 utilizes a proprietary method of complexing silver ions with a special form of citrate that acts as the stabilizer and delivery vehicle. Citrate is a key constituent of the metabolic system and is aggressively drawn into the body and into the cells. Silver 100 is designed to gradually decomplex, and thereby release the silver ions, only after being absorbed well into the system. It is designed to deliver all of its silver as ions. The bond provided by the citrate is the ideal strength for achieving this goal. Silver 100™ is made through an entirely different process than is colloidal silver, using no electrolysis. It is extremely consistent from drop to drop, has no impurities, and has many years of shelf life under normal conditions. Silver 100™ has earned the reputation of being far superior to any other form of silver for performance, efficiency, and all other desirable factors.



Why is Silver 100™ superior to other forms of silver?

Silver ions are recognized by most experts to contain the most desirable qualities associated with silver, but they require a deliberate delivery system in order to be introduced into the system and gradually released. Otherwise, they will tend to bind up with other substances in the mouth (e.g., chlorides and proteins), rendering them incapable of spreading through the system. This is because silver ions are silver atoms that are missing an electron (giving them a positive charge). As ions, they are attracted to anything in the system that can restore their electron balance, and the body is loaded with substances that will do that. Therefore, a delivery system is essential.

“Colloidal” silver and other forms of silver consist of silver that is either made up of atomic silver, silver oxide, or primarily just free silver ions. All will release “some” silver ions. However, they will either release only a small portion of the silver as ions (as is the case with atomic silver and with silver oxide), or else release them right in the mouth where they bind up and become useless (as with other ionic silver or other silver products that lack an efficient delivery system). Other limitations involved with colloidal silver are the inherent limitation of potency—as the silver content, or “ppm”, increases, the percentage of ions goes down and at levels exceeding about 15-20 ppm most colloidal silver delivers no ions at all—lack of consistency from batch to batch or bottle to bottle in terms of the number of particles, the sizes of the particles, or the percentage delivered as ions, purity and stability. While many silve
r makers talk about potency or small particle size, and it would be easy for us to brag about the facts that Silver 100™ provides very high potency and delivers the smallest units of silver in existence in the world, in actuality neither of those factors is really what counts. What counts is efficiently delivering silver ions to the body—stabilizing them until they’re ready for release in the body, efficiently carrying them into the body, and efficiently releasing them.

Is Silver 100™ safe?

Silver 100™ is absolutely, 100% safe when used as recommended on the label. The maximum recommended daily amount of Silver 100™ is just about the same amount of silver that was in the average American daily diet until as recently as about 50-75 years ago, before the severe depletion of minerals in our food and water that occurred due to the demineralization of our soil. About 80% of the silver that was in our diets has been lost in the recent decades. Silver is now known to be entirely nontoxic to the body—unless such extreme quantities were consumed that one had already surpassed the level at which a skin discoloration called “argyria” had occurred, which takes extraordinarily irresponsible amounts. (Argyria can occur from ingesting any form of silver, whether colloidal, or an ionic complex, or in food and water.) Due to the efficiency of the delivery system, the recommended usage amounts for Silver 100™ are extremely small—measured in drops or sprays per pounds of body weight. For short-term use, it’s fine to use more—you just want your total lifelong consumption to remain within the range of what it would be if you used the maximum recommended daily amount every day or your entire life.

Silver 100™ Contains:  Opti-Silver™ (ions of silver complexed with citrate and potassium for increased availability) and deionized water. 

Silver content: 100 parts per million of usable silver ions.

U.S. & International Patents Pending!  No other product in the world uses the revolutionary Opti-Silver™ technology!


Silver 100™ is CHEAPER to use than any silver product we've seen!

Again... "Parts per million" doesn't tell you whole story!  Many people are confused about "parts per million" (ppm). They don’t realize that it only tells them how much they’re actually paying per milligram (mg) of silver – if they know how to do the math, which is pretty complicated. 

Why "cost per milligram" is only a small part of the story.

The only active ingredient in any silver product is the "ionic" form of silver. In the human body, it requires a specific delivery mechanism.   Silver 100™ far outperforms all other silver products.   (especially colloidal)   All of its silver is bioactive silver ions, and it's in a patented "optimized delivery system".

Therefore, you use much less Silver 100™ for far superior results. For this reason, the actual "cost of usage" for Silver 100™ is far more economical than any other silver product. Compare the suggested usage amounts on the labels and you'll see the difference right away!

Even though bioactivity and delivery are the keys in determining the efficiency of a silver product, and thus the actual cost of usage, it's interesting to see what you're actually paying for the silver itself – as long as you keep in mind that with other silver products most of the silver is inactive silver (it's inert metallic, elemental silver) and/or is lacking an efficient delivery mechanism.

Sample Cost Chart:

We gathered some info on some of the popular brands we see online.

Notes for chart below:

  • tsp = 100 drops (98 really)  /  1 tbls = 3 tsp
  • based on max recommended daily dose
  • ionic is more 'potent'
  • Silver100 dose is based on body weight.  Others are by 'adult' or 'child'.  These below are adult doses.  NOTE: the recommended daily dose for nearly ALL silver products we've seen are the same for all adults... regardless of body size/weight!  So... a 100 lb. women takes the same as a 250 lb. man!
  • some say only for short term use.  We disagree!  If dose and delivery are safe, daily use is a GREAT way to stay ahead of any infections or viral contractions.
Dr's Advantage
Source Naturals
Natural Path
Heritage Products
Sovereign Silver
Garden of Eden
Argentyn 23
  PPM Ionic / Colloidal Bottle Size Price /Bottle Daily Dose Doses per Bottle Cost per Dose


100 I 2oz. $40 1 drop per 10 lbs 100 lb = 100 Days 40¢
150 lb = 66 Days 72¢
200 lb = 50 Days 80¢
Dr's Advantage 1000 C 4oz $57 1 Tsp 24 (Days) $2.37
 Source Naturals 45 C 4oz $27 2 tsp 11 $2.45
Natural Path Silver Wings 250 C 4oz $26 1 tsp 24 92¢
Heritage Products 20 C 3oz $17.50 1/2 tsp 36


Sovereign Silver 10 C 4oz $20 1 tsp 24 84¢
Garden of Eden 120 C 32 oz $29.50 2 tbls 64


Argentyn 23 23 C 4 oz $30 1 tsp 24 $1.25

More to come...


Dropper — For regular daily use, adults and children use up to 1 drop per 10 lbs of body weight per day. For short-term needs, adults and children may use up to 1 drop per 10 lbs of body weight a few times per day.  Best if used undiluted. May also be mixed in water (or juice).

— For regular daily use, adults and children use up to 1 spray per 30 lbs of body weight per day. For short-term needs, adults and children may use up to 1 spray per 30 lbs of body weight a few times per day. May also be mixed in water (or juice).

(Note: 3 drops are equal to approximately 1 spray pump.)

Use it every day — Using Silver 100™ on an ongoing daily basis is the very best way to take maximum advantage of what it has to offer.

Short-term use
— For short-term considerations, you may want to use the maximum recommended daily amount frequently throughout the day, perhaps every 2-4 hours, for a few days or up to a few weeks. (The maximum recommended daily amount is the guideline you should follow for lifelong daily use. It is completely safe if you use more than that for a short period of time.)

Mixing in water or juice — It’s usually best to take Silver 100™ undiluted, straight from the bottle. Holding it in the mouth a moment before swallowing may facilitate absorption into the blood. You can also mix it in some clean, pure water, or juice (pure water is better). To help deliver it to the gastrointestinal tract for a specific reason, mix it in about 4-8 ounces of pure water (or juice) and drink it right away to help get it into the gastrointestinal tract (for this purpose, it’s best to take it on an empty stomach). Avoid storing a mix in water or juice for future use since that could decrease the efficiency of the delivery; mix only what you’re going to use right away.

Helping the body detoxify
— Using Silver 100™ may result in increasing the body’s need to eliminate dead germs. If this becomes uncomfortable, reduce the amount and gradually increase it over a few days or longer. Drinking plenty of water, and eating lightly, will facilitate the detoxification process. If a chronic or severe condition exists, or if you have a compromised elimination system, chronic respiratory congestion or especially asthma, detoxification might become more of an issue, in which case you should start with as little as 1-2 drops, or 1 spray, of Silver 100™ a few times per day and gradually increase it at a comfortable rate according to your body’s reactions.


Get your Silver 100™ now!  Silver is invaluable in fighting 650 different pathogens!

Drop for drop, ounce per ounce, Silver 100 is one of the least expensive silver's in the world to use!

Just $39.95!



 Ionic Silver 100