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 Silver 100


How does Silver 100™ Ionic Silver Complex differ from "colloidal" silver?

Silver 100™ can be used the same way as colloidal silver. Both are intended to deliver silver ions to the body. However, Silver 100™ is designed to achieve this delivery in a far more efficient manner, and to provide far superior potency, consistency, purity and stability (shelf life).

Delivering silver ions to body is a challenge because ions are unstable by nature and are electrically attracted to a myriad of substances in and on the body that can provide the electron balance the ions lack. This results in the silver ions being unavailable to the body to provide any benefits they might be able to offer.


For over a hundred years, "colloidal" silver has been used as a means to deliver silver ions to the body. There are serious limitations involved with colloidal silver, however, most significant of which is that the ion content of colloidal silver is only a small percentage of the total volume of silver. The limitations of colloidal silver are as follows:

1)  The silver concentration of colloidal silver is limited, as an inherent characteristic of the technology, to about 10 to 15 parts per million ("ppm"), or possibly as high as 20 ppm at most, in order for there to be any meaningful concentration of ions delivered. Above that, any additional silver has virtually no ions and is just inert, atomic silver.

2)  Even at silver concentrations as low as 5 to 10 ppm, only a small portion of the silver in colloidal silver is delivered to the body as ions and a large part of the silver is just inert, atomic silver, not ions.

3)  Colloidal silver products are notorious for varying greatly from batch to batch and from bottle to bottle. These variations are in terms of the percentage of ions in the particles as well as the number of particles and the size distribution of the particles.

4)  Purity is often compromised as an inherent characteristic of the electrolytic production method that's used to make virtually all colloidal silver, which usually results in the production of oxides, typically silver oxide and silver hydroxide (sometimes resulting in a yellowish or brownish color).

5)  A colloidal suspension is not nearly as stable as when a substance is dissolved in solution, and therefore shelf life is often compromised because the colloidal silver particles soon begin to settle out of the water.


Silver 100™ Ionic Silver Complex represents a quantum leap in silver ion delivery. It's the result of years of work and close to a million dollars in development.

Silver 100™ with Opti-Silver™ is designed to completely overcome the limitations of colloidal silver technology. It essentially renders colloidal silver and the technology behind it as obsolete.

Silver 100™ provides 100 ppm of silver, and it's designed to efficiently deliver ALL of that silver to the body as ions. It's designed to provide efficient mobility and delivery of the silver ions and a gradual release of the silver ions to the body. It's also designed to be an infinitely more pure, consistent and stable product than colloidal silver.

For additional information, click here.

What's the particle size of Silver 100™?

Silver 100™ is in a unique category altogether as compared with any other silver product when it comes to particle size and the connection to delivering silver ions to the body. The key ingredient in Silver 100™, Opti-Silver™, is smaller than virtually any colloidal silver particle, and it also releases the smallest particles of silver attainable in the physical world—ions.

Yet what's even more significant are the facts that it's designed to do this without relying a mass of inert, atomic silver, as colloidal silver does, to deliver these ions into the system, and that it's deliberately designed to achieve this delivery far more efficiently than any other silver product.

The particles in Silver 100™ with Opti-Silver™ are so small they can't even be seen with an electron microscope.

While Silver 100™ delivers the smallest silver particles attainable in nature—individual ions—colloidal silver not only has larger particles but actually needs to have larger particles because that's what serves as the means to deliver the silver ions into the body.

For additional information, click here.

Why is Silver 100™ superior to colloidal silver with even 500 ppm or more of silver?

Parts per million ("ppm") is the measurement of the concentration of silver in the product relative to the total volume or entire mass of the product. Silver 100™ contains 100 ppm of silver. This is more than most colloidal silver products have, but some colloidal silver contains substantially higher amounts, even as high as 500 ppm or higher. Silver 100™ is designed to be far more efficient than even colloidal silver products that have much higher silver concentrations.

Due to the entirely different approach and the far superior technology behind Silver 100™, direct comparison of the ppm of Silver 100™ with the ppm of any colloidal silver product doesn't even apply. It's like comparing apples and oranges, for two major reasons:

1)  Silver 100™ is designed to deliver all of its silver to the body as ions, while only a small percentage of the silver in of colloidal silver products consists of, or can be delivered as, ions.

2)  Silver 100™ is designed to be able to enable a high, 100-ppm concentration of silver while still being able to deliver all of its silver as ions, while colloidal silver is limited to a concentration of about 15 to 20 ppm, above which there are virtually no ions whatsoever, just inert, atomic silver. (Again, even below the 15 to 20 ppm threshold, only a small percentage of colloidal silver is ions.)

For additional information, click here.

Is Silver 100™ the same as other products that are called "ionic silver"?

Silver 100™ is unique in how it does what it does. As far as we know, it was the first product in the field to be called "ionic silver". While others have copied the terminology—yes, we've seen colloidal silver manufacturers suddenly stop calling their products "colloidal silver" and instead start to call them "ionic silver" in an effort to sound good while doing nothing to change the product itself whatsoever—what they don't have is the infinitely superior technology to go along with it.

Technically, it is allowable to call a colloidal silver product "ionic" since colloidal silver contains "some" silver ions. There are even products on the market that contain silver ions with virtually no delivery mechanism at all. While those, too, can technically be called "ionic silver" products, there is a world of difference between those products and Silver 100™ with its Opti-Silver™ ingredient.

It's one thing to call a product "ionic silver" and quite another to have the efficient delivery mechanism and the unequalled characteristics and performance that Silver 100™ is expressly designed to provide.

What's the best way to use Silver 100™?

The best way to use Silver 100™ is, of course, according to the label directions.

For normal usage, we recommend taking it straight, or undiluted, directly in the mouth. We believe Silver 100™ is primarily absorbed into the blood stream in the mouth across the oral mucosa.

To deliver it more directly into the gastrointestinal tract for a specific purpose, we recommend mixing it with about a cup of pure water or juice and drinking it, preferably on an empty stomach.

(See also "Suggested Use" on the Product Information Sheet or on the Details page of this Web site.)

For additional information, click here.

How much Silver 100™ should I use, and how often?

Normally, just use the recommended amount on the label for ongoing daily use.

For short-term use, the amount suggested on the label may be used up to every 2-4 hours rather than just once per day. (See also "Suggested Use – Short-term use" under on the Product Information Sheet or on the Details page of this Web site.)

For children and pets, simply adjust the amount according to body weight. Note that the dropper enables dispensing a smaller amount than does the spray, since one spray contains the equivalent of approximately three drops.

For additional information, click here.

Can using Silver 100™ have any adverse effects?

While anything can theoretically cause an adverse reaction in a minutely small percentage of the population, there is nothing in Silver 100™ that should pose any problems at all, no more than exposure to common minerals in our food and water supply and in the environment should.

The only adverse effect that might be possible from normal use of Silver 100™ that's pertinent for consideration has to do with an extremely small percentage of cases and involves nothing more than the fact that Silver 100™ may, in fact, result in killing a lot of germs. If the body has a substantial germ problem and the body's elimination system is compromised, the elimination or detoxification of dead germs could put a little bit of a burden on the body. This can possibly cause unusual though essentially harmless bodily responses, such as minor changes in the body's elimination processes for a day or two, or possibly, in very rare cases, even a brief moment of dizziness or lightheadedness. If there's a concern that any of the contributing factors may exist that could possibly result in noticeable changes in elimination or other effects of detoxification, just start with less Silver 100™.

The other advice we give is that if someone wants to be very prudent about beneficial intestinal flora, it certainly can't hurt to take a beneficial bacteria supplement when using Silver 100™.

For additional information, click here.

What's the best way to store and handle Silver 100™?

Storing Silver 100™ is a simple matter of just keeping it in a cabinet, typically in the kitchen or bathroom. Ideally, it should be stored in a cool, dark place.

The dropper bottle should be kept tightly closed and upright. The spray bottle pretty much takes care of itself.

For additional information, click here.


Is Silver 100™ safe?

Silver used to be considered to be a toxic heavy metal, but in modern times it's extraordinarily well established that, essentially, silver is entirely nontoxic to body.

In 1991, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, after reviewing all available data on silver, concluded that silver is entirely nontoxic to the body and is completely harmless when consumed in quantities that are in the range of what anyone will reasonably consume in their lifetime. As a result, it removed all mandatory Federal limits on the amount of silver that's allowed in the national drinking water supply.

Too much silver consumed over a lifetime can cause a permanent discoloration of the skin, called argyria, but this condition is virtually nonexistent in modern times from responsible use of any health related silver product. An individual can use Silver 100™ every day of their entire life without even remotely being at risk of argyria. The amount of silver that it takes to cause argyria is far more than could ever result from normal usage of Silver 100™.

In fact, the amount of silver in Silver 100™ based on normal usage is only slightly higher than the amount of silver than what has been depleted from the average American diet over the past hundred years due to modern agricultural practices and the demineralization of our soil and of our food and water supplies.

For additional information, click here.


Is Silver 100™ approved by the FDA?

The foods we buy, and the dietary supplements we buy, are monitored by the FDA for safety, but the FDA does not typically "approve" them—they don't need to be approved by the FDA in order to be sold. FDA approval typically only applies to "drugs".

The ingredients in Silver 100™ are all substances commonly found in many fruits and vegetables. Silver 100™ is a dietary supplement, and therefore does not require FDA approval.


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