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This site is for those like us who are interested in healthy lifestyle products for the home and body. We have just a small sampling of the amazing  wellness products available these days. There's so much out there now.

Years of personal research, chance meetings, and observation has led us to a belief... we have the power to make and keep ourselves healthy and vibrant by using nothing but mostly a 'common sense' way of living. Eliminate toxic substances from our home environment and bodies... get and stay parasite free, get plenty of antioxidants and exercise.  Spiritual practices can be very helpful to the physical body as well.

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The products we have here are products that we and friends and family and clients, have used personally to overcome various kinds of health challenges. All are 100% safe.  Most of the methods and theories presented here are based on the work of Dr. Hulda Clark, who introduced to us to frequency therapy and aggressive body detoxing over 20 years ago.  We spent 2 months with her at 'the clinic'.

It's no secret why we get sick.

We have created an environment for ourselves that has become far too destructive to our bodies.  We need to take measures to protect ourselves in this toxic, GMO, processed-food filled world in which we live. Immune disorders such as heart disease, cancer, stroke, respiratory diseases, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, chronic liver disease, kidney diseases, nerve disorders, chronic fatigue, A.D.D., autism, asthma, etc... have begun to attack higher percentages of people, and at a younger ages than ever before.

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Earth is turning into a cesspool of toxins. Our current bodies were never intended to absorb the absurd amount of chemicals and energy poisoning that we all do in the course of every day life. From body hygiene products to water pollution to air pollution, food pollution, energy pollution, pharmaceutical poisoning, and so on. 

Our public water supply is possibly the worst.  A three year study by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) of the country’s drinking water found that water flowing to about 85% of the population contains at least 316 contaminants  –  over 60% of these have no safety standards and are not regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency.  *Standards for judging whether or not a chemical is harmful at certain levels have not been updated since  1974!

Mass produced food has becoming toxic and due to over farming, offers very little nutritional value. The plants and animals most of us eat are mass produced.  Instead of natural, healthy, clean foods... we get fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, preservatives, PCBs, steroids, hormones, dyes, drugs, GMO's and who knows what else.  Many times these same foods are then canned with tin-aluminum-steel cans  for long term storage. 

Most diets do not contain the nutritional value to give the body what it needs to build strong immune health.   Much of our soil is literally depleted of essential minerals and vitamins that our bodies need. The fast foods we eat are loaded with saturated fats, outrageous sodium and sugar (corn syrup), hydrogenated vegetable oil., etc.  This all adds up and can be deadly by contributing in clogging arteries, high blood pressure, obesity, bowel issues, low immunity and much more.

Parasites have been found to be MAJOR underlying causes and/or contributors to many major diseases.  Animals and plants are full of various worms and parasites (that can carry bacteria and viruses).  These microscopic invaders are VERY common, and can have a very deadly affect.  Many alternative medicine protocols involve attacking these micro-organisms fast and hard.  It's very strange that the status quo medical establishment refuses to acknowledge this crucial factor in diseases of the human body.  A giant panel (not just a dozen) should be run at the beginning of any health crisis.

Western medicine doesn't seem to be working all that well either.  Let's face it, our current medical system is a disaster. Health insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies may just be at the center of our very demise. The long term affect of this pharmaceutical era on our gene pool can't be known for decades.  Our AMA has fought a war for years to eliminate safe, effective, affordable, self-administrable remedies.

Pharmaceutical drugs have sadly become the "only" way to fix anything. They have proven time and time again to be just as destructive to the body as the condition they've been prescribed to treat.  Read your disclaimers. With the passing of CODEX, we may soon lose all our God-Given rights to make our own health decisions.  Soon, ALL vitamins, minerals, and other natural products may be available only through prescription.

Doctors and nurses are overwhelmed with information. Remember - doctors and nurses are just people. People are not perfect. (Nurses are ANGELS by the way. God's work!)  It is just not impossible to get adequate training in every field of study. Keeping up with new drugs and drug interactions alone is a full time job. Also keep in mind these people are highly restricted from diagnosing anything or prescribing anything except what they're told they can by the AMA and FDA.

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EMF / Frequency Pollution is something many people don't even know about.  High-frequency "EMF" (electro-magnetic frequency) pollution that is carried in wiring, cell phones, computers, TVs, appliances, etc... has been shown to be the source of electrical sensitivity symptoms such as headaches, tiredness, poor short term memory, fatigue, rashes, depression, nausea, irritability, chronic fatigue syndrome, and more.

Vaccines have been proven time and time again to come along with myriad side effects.     We personally believe that some do have value, but we as a society are way over vaccinated. And the idea of doing this to newborn babies with almost no immune system intact is downright scary.  If you follow BigPharma's recommended vaccine schedule, the current number of vaccinations your child will receive by the time they are 18 years old is an astounding 68 Autism, neurological disorders, learning disabilities, allergies, cancer and more are skyrocketing in our youth population. 

Emotions and psychological states are just as important to health (and illness) as any of the above mentioned issues!  The chemistry of the body is DIRECTLY tied to our emotional well being.  Stress, trauma, depression, etc. can have direct harmful impact on our bodies. Finding a way to deal with these issues is very important.  Talk to family and friends, find an outlet(s) like exercise, painting, singing, pets, praying, meditation, etc.) can be very helpful in maintaining good overall wellness.  We need to 'let it out' sometimes.


All of this seems overwhelming... but it is not.  It just takes a little time and the right information.

Simple Goals for Long Term Health:

Eliminate toxins & parasites. Occasionally purge the body.
Drink clean water.  Eat clean food.
Learn which foods are acidic or alkaline forming. 
Normalize body functions. Vitamins, minerals, energy techniques, exercise
Get antioxidants to stop free radical damage.
Exercise!  Move around.

A simple regimen of easy-to-follow daily rituals can have you literally "zinging" on your body's own natural high frequency energy!


Sample Goals for More Immediate Concerns:

Quickly eliminate the toxins the your body. (detox!)
  (body cleansing, ozone, oxygen, magnetized water, shake your cells, exercise, etc.)
Attack invading bacteria, viruses, parasites, candida, etc., with various protocols such as...
Energy fields,  targeted herbs, nutritional supplements, energy products, oxygen, ozone, and more.
Normalize body functions.  (extreme nutrition, herbs, energy therapies)

A Few Products for Healthy Vibrant Living

Ultimate Water Filter
Clean water is a MUST for healthy living!


Our water is one of the biggest factors in today's epidemic of immune disorders and other disease conditions. This is the most comprehensive single-unit water filter we can find. Patented 5-Stage Design. Removes Broad Range of Toxins. (fluoride!)  No Filter Media ChangesLasts 10 Years or Longer!

Royal Rife Machine
Gold Standard in Frequency Generators
Dr. Royal Rife

Bio-frequency therapy is a fascinating science.  All living (and non-living) things generate a unique frequency.  Cells, people, minerals, Earth, parasites, viruses, bacteria, toxins, wood, plastic, etc..)  Commonly known as a "Rife machine", a frequency generator attempts to use frequencies to disrupt these the natural frequencies to help devitalize them.

Whole House Water Filter
The Ultimate Solution


Filter every drop of water entering the house, providing clean water to all sinks, refrigerator, showers, tubs, dishwasher, and washing machine. FIVE Stage, self back-washing.  Long life.

The patented multi-field magnetic module conditions the water non-chemically by restructuring and realigning the polarity of the mineral molecules, without removing the minerals from the water!

Ozone for Home Use
Detoxify Your Water, Food, Body & Home!
Ozone is a TRUE sterilant.  Ozone is not just another disinfectant.  It has the ability to completely destroy bacteria, viruses, spores, fungus, mold, mildew, cysts, and many other contaminants like chemical, metals, VOC's, and much more! 
Ozonate your drinking water and olive oil to help detoxify and oxygenate the body.
Alkaline Water Ionizers
The Most Powerful Water in Existence!

Filtered and then Ionized for purity, high alkaline (pH), anti-oxidant electron-rich, micro-clustered, hydrogen-saturated, oxidation-reduced, powerful living water.

This amazing water Flushes Toxins and Neutralizes Acid throughout your ENTIRE body. 

Dr. Hulda Clark Zapper
"Zap" Your Way to Optimum Health!

The Hulda Clark Zapper delivers a modified  mild DC electric charge through the skin and into the body's blood supply that is designed to help destroy PARASITES and other pathogens, while boosting immune power.

The optional Zappicater allows for even deeper penetration AND allows us to sterilize our food before consumption!  A must for any immune compromised body.  - from "The Cure for All Diseases"

UV Light & Ozone Sterilizer
Nature's Sanitizers!

Ultra Violet Light is one of natures most powerful germicidal sanitizers! Ozone kills germs AND breaks down unwanted chemicals and toxins of nearly ALL types!

Kill 99%+ of bacteria, viruses (including COVID-19), fungus, mold, mites and superbugs on any exposed surface & in the air.  Eliminate odors!

Sterilize your home or office with the press of a button! EASY! 

The Vitalizer Plus
Make Your Own Structured pH Water!

The Vitalizer Plus will rejuvenate you!  The health benefits of structured “hexagonal” water are well documented: Super cellular hydration… Increased cellular nutritional delivery and waste removal... increased oxygenation at the cellular level.  Electron-rich, free-radical neutralizaton, and cleansing. High Alkaline pH.  Enhance endurance and reduce recovery time from strenuous exercise. Activate enzymes, immune system support and greater metabolic balance!    

Dr. Hulda Clark Cleanses
Aggressively Flush Toxins & Parasites!

Body cleansing is a first-step line of defense against a host of crippling invaders such as parasites, kidney stones, gallstones, colon sludge and plaque, and toxins like metals, chemicals, drugs, hormones, etc....  Body cleansing can produce seemingly miraculous results for a wide variety of ailments. The cleanses we prefer are based on the work of famous cancer researcher, PhD Hulda Clark.  

Magnet Therapy Kit
Magnet Therapy for over 170 conditions.


This kit has everything: 14 bio-magnets, an award winning instruction book, pictorial instructions on all the advanced circuit therapies.  Great for pain, increased immunity, increased energy, tissue regeneration, detoxifying, illnesses and more.

Placement Diagrams for Over 170 Conditions

Vita-Mix Juicer / Blender
The King of Kitchen Appliances!
Combine the benefits of juicing AND the benefits of a high fiber diet! The Vita-Mix breaks down fruit or vegetable fiber down to microscopic particles and releases more juice than a juice extractor!  Make your own sauces, dough, smoothies, ice cream, shakes, and more. No other product in the world outperforms The Vita-Mix!
Clean Living Products!
100% NON-TOXIC Solutions for

My Top Five Melaleuca Products and Why They Destroy the Competition |  Longevity

Personal care: skin, hair, oral care, fragrances, more. Home care: cleaners, laundry, carpet, dishes, sanitizers, furniture, more.  Nutritional supplements, essential oils, omega oils, probiotics, and more.  Live clean and feel better!

EMF Protection
Tachyon Field 'Healing'

Meet “Advanced Tachyon Technologies”.  Biofield analysis shows that the Tachyonized Silica Disk neutralizes and eliminates the detrimental effect of electromagnetic fields.  Also helps to 'unblock' energy centers in the body affected by physical and emotional influences.

VIBE: Daily Supplement!
Highest O.R.A.C. Score Available!  

VIBE is the single most effective nutritional supplement you can find, period. VIBE is one of the most comprehensive answer to the body's need for life-giving nutrients.  A more complete combination of healthful ingredients in ionic liquid design can't be found. Potent, liquid, ionic, frequency imprinted nutrition with nearly 100% fast absorption.


Silver 100
No Germs Can Survive!

Silver is the single most effective anti-viral & bactericidal agent known No known disease-causing organism can live in the presence of even minute traces of silver. Silver is effective against more than 650 disease causing pathogens! (Antibiotics are only effective against about a dozen forms of bacteria and fungi, and never viruses!) GREAT immune system helper.  GREAT FOR KIDS.  No home should be without a good silver product.

Oil of Oregano
Super Immune Booster!

Oil of Oregano is a potent antiseptic and is highly effective for killing a wide range of fungi, yeast and bacteria, as well as parasites and viruses!  It has a wide variety of uses: digestion, colds, warts and boils, gum diseases; skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema and seborrhea...  as well as many chronic ear, sinus and lung problems that are caused by fungus. 

Activated Oxygen

Increase blood oxygen percentage for raising energy, raising pH, & increasing healing capabilities.  Often used with Bio-Negative Energized Water. Simply add drops to your water!  Catalyze cellular constituents for metabolism and energy production... Stimulate the growth and development of beneficial (aerobic) bacteria... Kill  viruses and infectious (anaerobic) bacteria... Detoxy cellular tissue by removing waste... Increase cellular energy!

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Stop the Madness

In efforts to stay up to speed on the many holistic products in the world today, we sometimes stumble across information that is downright scary to us. When it comes to big business vs. our health (and the health of our children and their children), we just don't win.  The impact on our health may be felt for generations. 
We just thought we might share a few bits of information with those who are interested in what is happening (or not happening) to us here in the land of the free. When enough of us become active, we can take a serious stand against this machine and take back our true God given health, privacy, and freedom to make our own decisions regarding our own bodies
Our Favorite Quote:  
"...I appeared before the Senate Finance Committee and announced to the world that the FDA was incapable of protecting America from unsafe drugs....the people who approve the drugs are also the ones who oversee the post marketing regulation of the drug....  It views the industry as its client, and the client is someone whose interest you represent." - Dr. David Graham (Senior drug safety researcher at the FDA)    More

Congressional Oversight Needed to STOP FDA's "Trilateral Cooperation Charter"   The FDA is in clear violation of the Administrative Procedures Act and of the Federal Advisory Committees Act. This is part of a bold effort to force us into a planned North American Union patterned after the EU.  It's part of an effort to repeal the Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act in order to bar consumer access to vitamins and minerals within the therapeutic range. This is part of an effort to force UN CODEX dictates on the American people.   Sign the petition to stop them here:

Flu Vaccines and Mercury...
According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), most flu vaccines contain mercury in the form of thimerosal, some as much as 25 mcg of the global pollutant per dose – which is more than 250 times above the E.P.A.'s safety limit.
Mercury exposure is particularly dangerous to fetuses and babies because it can cause blindness, cerebral palsy, deafness, impaired development, learning disabilities, mental retardation and a reduced attention span, Dr. Joseph Mercola explains.
Mercury poisoning in adults, on the other hand, can involve a variety of symptoms, including disturbed sensation, sensory impairment, lack of coordination, extreme fatigue, fertility problems, memory loss, impaired blood pressure regulation, and neuro-muscular dysfunction.
But mercury is just one of the many dangerous substances found in the flu shot, which is virtually a witch’s brew of toxic ingredients, including: aluminum, a neurotoxin associated with Alzheimer’s disease; and much more...  see more here:  Search for Mercury

The FDA does NOT require GMO labeling on your food label!!  This is a scary. 

“U.S. drinking water contains more than 2100 toxic chemicals that can cause cancer." - Report by the Ralph Nader Study Group, after reviewing over 10,000 documents acquired through the Freedom Of Information Act.

...the risk of disease associated with public drinking water has passed from the theoretical to the real.”  -  Dr. David Ozonoff of the Boston University Of Public Health
FDA Approved the Sale of Meat and Milk from Cloned Animals  More

FLUORIDE in our Water??!!   "It's POLLUTION Stupid!"
"Scientists can argue and bicker about the fluoride ion for eternity and beyond, but the one indisputable fact that no one can rebut is the origin of the product most used to fluoridate drinking water. The pro-fluoridationists are using captured pollution from phosphate fertilizer production: Commercial Grade Fluorosilicic Acid and Sodium Fluorosilicate. It is not, "simply the fluoride ion in water," it is a complex recipe of toxic substances that most countries have labeled:  Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAP)." - George Glasser   more

U.S. Senate Bill Broadly Eliminates Liability For Vaccines And Drugs!    ..."a drug company stockholder's dream and a consumer's worst nightmare." The legislation will strip Americans of the right...  

"Quackwatch" Founder Stephen Barrett EXPOSED as the Quack (again)

Vaccines don’t mean healthier children!

"Two decades ago, one in 10,000 children were diagnosed with autism. Today, 1 child in 150 develops autism, 1 out of 6 children is learning disabled, 1 in 9 has asthma, and 1 in 450 is diabetic.
During the last 25 years, the number of children with learning disabilities, ADHD, asthma and diabetes has more than tripled, as doctors have doubled the number of vaccine doses they give babies and children under six.   Also, thousands of children have suffered from adverse vaccine reactions, including behavioral changes, brain inflammation, collapse, convulsion, excessive sleepiness, high fever, high-pitched screaming, mental and physical regression, shock and skin problems.
If you would follow the CDC’s recommended schedule, by the time your child starts kindergarten, he or she will have received 48 doses of 14 vaccines.
Imagine this: 1 vaccine injected into a 13-lb, two-month old infant is equivalent to 10 doses of the same vaccine administered to a 130-lb adult."        source:more (search archives)
2004 - "Merck kills at least 55,000"   FDA admits pharmaceutical drug giant Merck kills at least 55,000 people with their deadly drug Vioxx.
2005 - Vioxx Re-approved by FDA Panel Members With Ties to Drug Companies!   More here and here  (search vioxx)
FDA Urges Consumption of Fish, Despite Mercury Contamination  The FDA is urging the government to amend its advisory that women and children should limit how much fish they eat, saying that the benefits of seafood outweigh the health risks and that most people should eat more fish, even if it contains mercury. ...the FDA's recommendations have alarmed scientists at the Environmental Protection Agency...   source:
How much mercury is too much?  Example: if a woman weighing 145 pounds ate 12 ounces (about 2 fillets) of yellow fin tuna per week, her mercury intake would be 240% over the current EPA “safe” limit!

U.S. Senate Bill Broadly Eliminates Liability For Vaccines And Drugs!   " ...The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) is calling the "Biodefense and Pandemic Vaccine and Drug Development Act of 2005 "a drug company stockholder's dream and a consumer's worst nightmare." The legislation will strip Americans of the right to a trial by jury if harmed by an experimental or licensed drug or vaccine that they are forced by government to take...
....will operate in secret, exempt from the Freedom of Information Act and the Federal Advisory Committee Act, insuring that no evidence of injuries or deaths caused by drugs and vaccines labeled as "countermeasures" will become public"...    More on vaccines

Research Reveals the True Costs of some Drugs:  Ex:  Xanax 1 mg - Consumer price (100 tablets) : $136.79    Cost of general active ingredients: $0.024  Percent markup: 569,958%

Of the 17,000 chemicals that appear in common household products, only 30% have been tested for negative health effects!

The EPA reports that the average American consumes 4 pounds of pesticides each year and has residues from over 400 toxic substances in his body. More than 3,000 chemical additives are found in the food we eat.

70,000 synthetic chemicals are in production today.  Many are suspected to cause cancer or other health ill effects,... but roughly only 700 have been adequately tested.

In a 1992 survey, a national pharmacy database found a total of 429,827 medication errors from just 1,081 hospitals.

Approximately 10 million prescriptions are written for the 5 to 6 million children under age 5 suffering from ear infections each year. Studies have shown that antibiotics do very little for a child’s ear infection, while common painkillers such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen work just as well as prescribed antibiotics.

In a study led by Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York, in collaboration with the Environmental Working Group and Commonwealth, researchers at two major laboratories found an average of 91 industrial compounds, pollutants, and other chemicals in the blood and urine of nine volunteers, with a total of 167 chemicals found in the group. Like most of us, the people tested do not work with chemicals on the job and do not live near an industrial facility...

... Scientists refer to this contamination as a person’s body burden.  Of the 167 chemicals found, 76 cause cancer in humans or animals, 94 are toxic to the brain and nervous system, and 79 cause birth defects or abnormal development. The dangers of exposure to these chemicals in combination has never been studied!

The Federal Environmental Protection Agency  has found that airborne chemical levels in homes were as much as 70% higher than outside.

The FDA does not require companies to do safety testing on their personal care products before they are sold to the public!

Childhood asthma has nearly doubled in the last 25 years.      

In 1974, 2.4 million unnecessary surgeries were performed that resulted in 11,900 deaths compared to the year 2001, where 7.5 million unnecessary surgeries were performed resulting in 37,136 deaths.

A 1998 study reported an estimated 106,000 deaths from prescription medications per year.

Death By Medicine


The most stunning statistic, however, is that the total number of deaths caused by conventional medicine is an astounding 783,936 per year.  The American medical system is the leading cause of death and injury in the US.

A group of researchers meticulously reviewed the statistical evidence and their findings are absolutely shocking. These researchers authored a paper titled "Death_By Medicine" that presents compelling evidence that today's system frequently causes more harm than good.

This fully referenced report shows the number of people having in-hospital, adverse reactions to prescribed drugs to be 2.2 million per year. Unnecessary antibiotics prescribed annually for viral infections is 20 million per year. Unnecessary medical and surgical procedures performed annually is 7.5 million per year. People exposed to unnecessary hospitalization is 8.9 million per year.

Check common drug side effects here:


Stay Informed
Get more Information on the steady decay of our rights and health freedoms.  Stay tuned into what is happening to your right to good health and freedom of choice regarding your OWN body! You can help by signing available online petitions.


Sign Petitions When you can


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