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Magnet Therapy Kit


The Magnetic Health Block
(Dr. Philpott Approved Polar Power)

Congratulations! You've just found the Magnetic Health Tool that the very profitable "healthcare" industry doesn't want you to know about!  

Forget everything you've ever read or heard about magnetic therapy in the mainstream that didn't address the importance of polarity! Polarity is the single most critical factor in the use and application of magnets to the body!

Proper magnetic balance is essential to good health. The body is electric and in most cases Negative magnetic field deficient due to electromagnetic pollution which causes over stimulation. We are literally bombarded daily with damaging Positive magnetic field energy. Supplementing the body with Negative magnetic field energy has been observed by DR Philpott in clinical research to improve metabolic function significantly. He has also observed that the Negative magnetic field promotes good health and accelerated healing. Magnetic Health is possibly the most overlooked factor of good health in the medical business today. The Magnetic Health Block is easy to use and can easily last a lifetime. 

This 4 x 6 x 1" Comfort Covered Ceramic Biomagnet is the workhorse that was commonly prescribed in the magnetic research protocols for disease management and reversal by the highly esteemed magnetic therapy research authority William H Philpott, M.D. Any part of the body that can be placed upon this magnet will receive a very strong and therapeutic field of magnetic energy that passes through bones and deep into the internal organs. 

This fine biomagnet can be placed under the pillow, and has been shown to calm and normalize both brain and metabolic function while promoting improved natural production of melatonin via the Pineal Gland (ref. DR Philpott MHQ research report 1995 First Quarter)

The Magnetic Health Block can also be used to make Negatively charged magnetic drinking water. Magnetizing liquids with the Negative Magnetic Field, has been shown by multiple researchers to reduce surface tension of water molecules which in turn allows for improved cell hydration


DESCRIPTION: This is a solid state Unipolar (Mono pole) ceramic ferrite biomagnet  (the positive(+) and negative(- ) poles are separated at the axis of the magnet) It is covered with a handsome Comfort Cover that is removable for washing by opening the Velcro closure and sliding the magnet out.

The Comfort Cover is Color Coded for easy identification:

Black side is Negative.       Grey side with male Velcro is Positive. The magnet is also labeled for polarity identification.

Rated: All gauss ratings are measured distance from surface of biomagnet.

3,950 gauss @ core minimum
355 gauss @ 1" from surface
210 gauss @ 2"
75 gauss @ 4"
25 gauss @ 8"

Measures: 4" x 6" x 1"      Shipping Weight: 5.25 LB

Proper magnetic balance is a critical key to good health. The Magnetic Health Block is a valuable tool for maintaining a healthy magnetic balance! 

Making Magnetic Drinking Water Is Easy:

Vessel holding water or juice to be magnetized should fit within the surface area of the magnet. Fill 6" - 8" deep (don't use metallic containers, glass is best). We don't recommend magnetizing tap water which often has toxic sodium fluoride, chlorine and other toxic chemicals. Place on top of magnet and after about three hours water or other liquid will be well magnetized. Water will also become better magnetized if vessel is shaken periodically while charging



Are there any scientific facts that show it helps the body heal?

There are consistent findings from various scientific institutions, practitioners, Pub Med and Medline that indicate this energy supplementation works. When looking at the various tests, testimonials and case reports [on this site], it indicates that it has almost amazing results when applied properly.

One may look on our site under clinical research. These tests show how the magnetic energy has increased the Zeta potential (see BIA tests) which has led to the body's progressive healing. Most people do not know what the Zeta potential is. The Zeta potential is the Negative charged energy that is important for cellular transfer, neutralization of free-radicals and reduced swelling. High Zeta potential indicates health and metabolic efficiency - low Zeta potential indicates poor health.

Is there a special way the biomagnets should be placed?

This is the most important aspect of this science. When one hurts oneself, the site goes into a positive state and a signal is sent to the brain which in turn sends healing negative energy to the site. So we know that it is the negative energy which heals. What we have learned is that the body progresses toward rapid healing with a properly designed and properly placed negative field biomagnet.

It is important to note that on the limbs, shoulders and hips, it is required to know the proper BioMagnetic placement as one side of each limb is positive and the other side is negative. Although this is known physiology - it has been carefully evaluated and confirmed by voltage testing with a SQUID - a Super Conducting Quantum Interference Device - a million dollar voltmeter which can measure millionths of a volt.

Since our therapies are used to amplify the normal healing charge by using DC (direct current) magnetic fields, it is important to apply the negative side of the magnet to the negative side of the limb. Many people have remarked that it is painful using the negative pole on the positive side of the limb. Just like the DC battery in your car - if the jumper cables are put on wrong poles, it sparks the electricity - in the body, magnetism also short circuits the energy pathways of the body if incorrectly applied. But when used properly, many individuals express rapid healing often with almost instant pain relief.

What is the Foundation for Magnetic Science?

It is a non-for-profit science group devoted to researching and developing the proper electromotive therapies for all health conditions. Since recognizing, creating, and integrating advanced therapies to stimulate the correct energy pathways of the body, our Advanced Protocols have brought together a growing group of practitioners in various fields who have joined with us in our quest in developing the best supplementation and energy therapies to help the human condition.

Peter Kulish, Founder
Foundation for Magnetic Science


See more here: "Bio Cellular Electrical Analysis with BIA Testing"




Advanced Magnet Therapy Kit - Just $179!

See above for items included, with descriptions.

Certified by Foundation for Magnetic Science


alternative medicine


Over 200 Pages Worth Healthful Information!

  • LEARN the proper scientific placement for Bio-magnetic usage.

  • UNDERSTAND which poles are used and why.

  • KNOW why using bi-polar or positive Bio-magnets could be playing with fire.

  • LEARN the importance of magnetized water.

  • LEARN and use special techniques for energizing the body so that it will heal itself more rapidly.

Everyday, people throughout the world are successfully using magnetic therapy to eliminate chronic back pain, headaches, toothaches, arthritis, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome and a host of other painful and/or chronic maladies.

With two decades of clinical research experience, Peter Kulish is literally leading the way in this therapeutic field. His scientific studies are recognized worldwide by hospitals and universities for the therapy of pain and serious medical conditions.

"Proper use of Biomagnets can often help when medicines are not very effective. This Book offers a variety of the proper applications of Biomagnets for many different medical conditions."   Dr. Thomas Levy, M.D.,J.D

"If you are one of the millions of people who experience chronic pain due to injury or poor health, this book will guide you to the pain relief you seek without the side effects of dangerous drugs."   J.W. McGinnis, President, International Tesla Institute

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Magnetic Polarizers - $85
4850 Gaus (1? x 4? x 6?) Ceramic #8, reinforced, double padded  (It is often recommended that 2 magnets are used simultaneously.)

These are the same magnets used by famed magnet/cancer researcher William H. Philpott in his book, "Magnet Therapy".

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The Vitalizer Plus (More Info) 

Structure, Oxygenate, Magnetize, & Energize Your Own Water! This AMAZING water will Re-Vitalize you!

 Powerful 110v motor Enhanced far-infrared ceramics 4,400 gauss magnets

  •  Enhanced mineral basket for better Oxidative-Reductive Potential (ORP)

  • Enhanced far-infrared ceramics

  • 9,18, and 27 minute timer

  • 2 liter container

  • 5 Year Warranty

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Disclaimer: These statements about magnets, magnet therapy, bio-magnets, magnetic water, etc... have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The information contained here about water filters is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Suggestions and ideas presented in this document should not be interpreted as medical advice, meant for diagnosing illness, or for prescriptive purposes.  The information in this document is not to be used to replace the services or instructions of a physician or qualified health care practitioner. 

Bio Magnet therapy for over 170 conditions.