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Magnet Therapy


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- designed based on the incredible work by Dr. Philpott


Forget everything you've ever read or heard about magnetic therapy in the mainstream that didn't address the importance of polarity. Polarity is the single critical factor in the use and application of magnets to the body!

This 4 x 6 x 1" ceramic biomagnet is designed after the workhorse that was commonly prescribed in the magnetic research protocols for disease management and reversal by the highly esteemed magnetic therapy researcher William H Philpott, M.D..  

Proper magnetic balance is essential to good health. The body is electric and in most cases Negative magnetic field deficient due to electromagnetic pollution (EMF), which causes over stimulation and activity of many body systems.  We are literally bombarded daily with damaging Positive magnetic field energy. Supplementing the body with Negative magnetic field energy has been observed by DR Philpott in clinical research to improve metabolic function significantly. He has also observed that the Negative magnetic field promotes good health and dramatically accelerated healing. Magnetic Health is possibly the most overlooked factor of good health in the medical business today. 

The Magnetic Health Block is easy to use and can easily last a lifetime. Any part of the body that can be placed upon this magnet will receive a very strong and therapeutic field of magnetic energy that passes through bones and deep into the internal organs. 

Ceramic Block Magnets are the most widely used magnet for Magnetic Therapy. The reason is both the expense and the results. This magnet will provide the deepest penetration of all magnets available at a price that is affordable to everyone. They will never lose their power so it is a one-time investment.  This magnet design encased in durable plastic that is waterproof. The strong plastic cover will protect the magnet from chipping as stated earlier these magnets are very brittle and should be protected. It is also hygienic by being easy to keep clean. My competitors offer a material cover that needs to be washed repeatedly and does not protect the magnet from chipping. I also color code the polarity so you do not have to worry about what side is the Negative Magnetic Field. There is a warning sticker on the white side which is positive. The Blue or Green side is the Negative Field and should be applied towards the body.


These magnets have numerous applications. They can be used for joints, muscles, organs and skin conditions. They can also be used for sleep aid and systemic treatment.
   This fine biomagnet can be placed under the pillow, and has been shown to calm and normalize both brain and metabolic function while promoting improved natural production of melatonin via the Pineal Gland (ref. DR Philpott MHQ research report 1995 First Quarter)

Oxygen and water are paramagnetic, meaning they are able to be temporarily be magnetized. So if you are doing a local treatment, the oxygen and water are magnetized in the blood stream and then carrying a negative charge through your blood stream to the whole body meaning systemic.  It is best to place next to a joint for treatment while sitting in a chair or lying down. They can be placed under the feet, ankle, shoulder and back. They can be held in place for treatment by an ace bandage or Velcro.

Making Magnetic Drinking Water:

Magnetizing liquids with the Negative Magnetic Field, has been shown by multiple researchers to reduce surface tension of water molecules which in turn allows for improved cell hydration

more on magnets and water

Container holding water or juice should fit within the surface area of the magnet. Fill 6" - 8" deep. (don't use metallic containers, only glass).  Place on top of magnet and after about three hours water or other liquid will be well magnetized. Water will also become better magnetized if vessel is shaken periodically while charging.

We don't recommend magnetizing tap water which often has toxic sodium fluoride, chlorine and other toxic chemicals.


Ceramic Block Boards

The Ceramic Block Boards are just an extension of the individual Ceramic Blocks. These are hand crafted and made of Cellular PVC. They are waterproof, flame proof, mildew resistant, splinter free and extremely durable.  They are painted with a Non-Toxic skin safe coating that is used on outside decks.  The board consists of FOUR 4" x 6" x 1" thick magnets spaced a half inch apart. These boards treat a large local area, as well as providing a systemic relief by temporarily charging the oxygen and water in your blood stream. Lay on them directly or place under a mattress for a gentle Negative Magnetic Field (no thicker than 8-10 inch mattress).


These Ceramic Boards are for strong field deep penetration treatment. They can provide a large Negative Magnetic Field to include multiple organs and areas of the abdomen, back, shoulders, feet, knees, head and neck area. They are heavy but manageable so it is best if they are left in an area where they don't have to be moved around that much. This board is designed to get the "magnetic grid bed" that Dr Philpott designed, but on a smaller scale.

These make excellent pet beds. Simply put your pets cushion or pad over top of the board and keep them healthy and young for a long time. Everything you use the Ceramic Blocks for you can use these boards for times two or four.

William H. Philpott, M.D.

Dr. Philpott has specialty training and practice in psychiatry, neurology, electroencephalography, nutrition, environmental medicine and toxicology.    He is a founding member of the Academy of Orthomolecular Psychiatry.       He is a fellow of the Orthomolecular Psychiatric Society and the Society of Environmental Medicine and Toxicology.

Between 1970 and 1975, he did a research project searching for the causes of major mental illnesses and degenerative diseases, which resulted in the publication of the books, Brain Allergies and Victory Over Diabetes.   Retiring in 1990 after 40 years of medical practice, he has engaged in research as a member of an Institutional Review Board, which follows FDA guidelines. In this capacity, he guides physicians and gathers data on the treatment and prevention of degenerative diseases using magnetic therapy.

The Linus Pauling Award was presented to William H. Philpott, M.D. in 1998 by the Orthomolecular Health Society, "for his scientific leadership and scholarship spanning the entire history of Orthomolecular medicine".

Dr. Philpott has written the following books:

  • Magnet Therapy ( Books, Tiburon, CA 2000)
  • Brain Allergies: The Psychonutrient and Magnetic Connections, 2nd Ed. (Keats Publishing L.A., CA 2000)
  • Bio-Magnetic Handbook (Lothrop Technologies, Choctaw, OK 1990)
  • Victory Over Diabetes (Keats Publishing - currently out of print)

Warning for Magnetic Therapy Use

* Do NOT use near Electrical Implants, Pace Makers, Defibrillators, Insulin Pumps and Over Open Wounds

* Do not use magnets over the uterus during pregnancy. There is no harm, but no data has been published

* Do not use for 60-90 minutes following a meal to allow proper digestion

* Negative Magnetic Field can detoxify the body rapidly and some people complain of lethargy. Depending on how toxic you are, try to maintain tolerance to the Negative Field to your comfort level and it will diminish as the body detoxifies.

* The Negative Magnetic Field pulls interstitial fluid (fluid between the cells) towards the field. When there is swelling and inflammation the fluid inside the cells is being pulled out and into the interstitial space. Now you have all this fluid trying to drain in a closed area so pain can be experienced. Remove the magnet briefly and allow drainage to occur. It will all drain since the Negative Field is eliminating the inflammation.



Ceramic Block Magnet $65/1 - $120/Pair

  • Dimensions: 4" x 6" x 1" thick
  • Weight: 4.5 lbs
  • Internal Strength: 3950 gauss
  • Surface Strength: 660 gauss

 (It is often recommended that 2 magnets are used simultaneously.)

Use for joints, muscles, nerves, brain, organs and skin conditions. Excellent sleep aid and systemic treatment.


Block Magnet Board  $199

Contain 4 of the ceramic block magnets!


  • Dimensions: 14" x 10" x 2" thick
  • Weight: 22 lbs
  • Internal Strength: 3950 gauss
  • Surface Strength: 325 gauss

Large Negative Magnetic Field to include multiple organs and areas of the abdomen, back, shoulders, feet, knees, head and neck area.

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Block Magnet therapy for over 170 conditions.