Magnet Therapy


Magnets to ELIMINATE Hard Water!


14,800 gauss! Lifetime power warranty!

For typical home use:    A "3-RING" set is recommended. (2 rings on cold water pipe where water enters house, and 1 ring before hot water heater).

  • natural water softener

  • eliminate hard scale

  • reduce energy needs

  • protect equipment

  • add vitality to water

  • promote better health

  • increase crop yields

  • Lifetime power warranty!


For home, agricultural, or commercial / industrial use.  They work on any process using water, fuels, gas, or air flowing through pipes. These very powerful magnets make hard water act soft without a water softener system & eliminate hard water scale.  Use for home or industrial heating to save on fuel consumption & costs. Many industrial uses - protect equipment, use in oil industry to reduce paraffin buildup, use on cooling towers & so much more. Use on your water source for higher crop yields or use on seeds before planting. Promote better health by adding positive charge to water.

These magnets are all the same size and more can be added to fit any size pipe. The number of units is determined by pipe diameter. The color of outer casing may vary. They are portable & can be moved from one spot to another. Durable, hard plastic casing over magnets. 

For typical home water use:  Three (3) units are recommended - 2 on cold water pipe where water enters house, and one after hot water heater.

  Fuel - Air - Cooling System


Scientific Health Report Confirms Benefits Of Drinking Magnetized Water.  Dr. Y. Ohno, M.D. concurs with Magnetizer's findings that magnetized water helps:

  • Prevent toxin and chemical build-up in the body

  • Decrease sodium levels

  • Reduce blood sugar and lower blood pressure

  • Prevent premature aging

  • Reduce free radicals

  • Reduce acidosis

  • Improve kidney and memory functions

"Conquering Pain The Art of Healing With Biomagnetism", Peter Kulish devotes a chapter to explaining the benefits of magnetized water.

This Natural, Free Energy Will Keep The Healthy Minerals Suspended In Your Water.  Not In Your Pipes, Shower Heads, Heater Coils.  Cuts Down Water Spots On Your Car After Washing.

Water passing through the earth has a higher potential than the minerals around it. This causes the minerals to filter into the water, making the water healthy for us to drink. When the water passes through rubber, plastic, metal, or what have you, this material has a higher potential than the water.

This causes the minerals to leave the water clinging and clogging your pipes.
Also, the heater coils that heat your water scale up, adding to the cost to heat your water.

Do you know that a family of four with just a 1/2-inch of scale will save an average of $300 or more per year?
Just by de-scaling the coils in the water heater?

MAGNETIZERs keep a very powerful Positive Ray running through the water. Now the water retains a higher potential than the piping around it, retaining its healthy quality.
 Until now, if you had hard water problems, you only had two choices: Replace your plumbing and water heater every so often, or buy/rent a costly toxic salt ion-exchange machine. Consider these costs.

Approximate Replacement Cost (In U.S.)

Water Heater
Heater Element
Faucet Set
Entire Plumbing System
Washing Machine/Dishwasher

$2,000 - $4,000
$300 - $600


The system, once installed on the cold and hot water lines, operates silently, automatically, and permanently. It never needs maintenance, power, salt, or chemicals.

The result: energy-free, natural, healthy softly acting, and neutralized acid water. Bad-tasting water will clarify within several days. The green acid stains take about 7-12 weeks to dissolve, but can be scrubbed off - never to appear again.

Calcium deposits in spigots, shower heads, and toilets dissolve in 2-4 weeks. The scaled pipes will become clean in time, depending on how badly they are clogged. My water pipe coming out of my holding tank was clogged to the point that only a small speck of light was seen looking through to the other end. It took about six months to clean out the pipe, when it then looked like new.

The water has a better taste that occurs from an actual reduction in the size of the water molecules. Compare it to a bucket full of rocks the size of pebbles versus the size of sand.

The pebbles will bang around like rocks while the sand will pour like water. The small Energized water molecule has a greater solvency and attraction that results in cleaner bathing and washing. It cleans and washes like soft water, but it is not.

This saves on soaps, shampoos, and detergents. The smaller molecular size also has less evaporative surface area which dramatically reduces the gases and foul taste of sulfur, chlorine, and fluoride, etc. Acid neutralization occurs from the physical restructuring of the water molecule. The acid taste is reduced while the copper leaching is stopped and the green acid stains eventually will completely wash away.



Personal Hygiene

Women and hairdressers comment, "Amazing! Hair is much more silky and manageable. Skin becomes much softer and less dry."

Water Tastes & Smells Better

Your water will taste better; it actually flows out of the tap cleaner.Foul odors of chlorine, sulfur, hydrogen sulfide, iron, etc. will be greatly reduced.

Individuals, who for years have purchased bottled water, now are drinking their own.There are also many health benefits to this water. Through the years, people who drink magnetized water consistently report feeling better. Aches and pains are said to go away along with many maladies such as kidney or gall stones, arthritis, high blood pressure, fatigue, and many other problems which create discomfort.

The question is: "Why does magnetized water affect and increase the body's health?"


It is important to know that the body constantly uses the two elements of oxygen and hydrogen independently.
The oxygen cleans cellular waste as the cells metabolize energy and the hydrogen controls the proper functioning of the glands and organs. In bio-magnetics, a testing magnet is used over each gland or organ to test whether it has the proper amount of hydrogen activity. If it is low in hydrogen, there will be a reflex response to the Negative Pole indicating a hypo-hydrogen state. If there is a reflex response to the Positive Pole, the body has too much hydrogen indicating a hyper-hydrogen state. It is important to note that most unhealthy conditions are indicated by the hypo- or low hydrogen state, indicating that the body is low on hydrogen. The one worn over the sternum is a testing-type magnet.

Water, the key element that is essential for living, is comprised of hydrogen and oxygen in its basic state. Although the body receives most of its oxygen from breathing, it receives most of its hydrogen from drinking water. In addition to receiving hydrogen from water, the body also makes full use of the oxygen in the water. That is why it is recommended to drink a lot of water every day so your body will get its proper amount of both of these essential elements.

In all liquid chemistry, molecules of the same type cling together in what are called chemical associations. These associations are like grapes as they bunch together. When normal water associations enter your body after drinking a glass of water, only the outer molecules of the grape-like cluster can be metabolized to break up and use the hydrogen and oxygen atoms. Since the inner molecules of the grape-like associations are all stuck together, they are not easily broken apart and are not efficiently available for metabolizing in the body.

Water is bi-polar which means that, like a magnet, it has a positive and a negative charge. When we magnetize it, all the electrons take on the same charge. Because like-charges or like-poles repel each other, the associations are broken away from each other, and the molecules become mono-atomic.

It is important to note that regardless of whether the water is magnetized Positive or Negative, the water becomes molecularly mono-atomic. The Positively charged water has a lower surface tension as the bonding lengths between the atoms lengthen under the expanding magnetic influence. The Negatively charged water has a higher surface tension as the bonding length shortens under the contracting magnetic influence.

In physics, this is known as Positive up-spin or Negative down-spin. When the mono-atomic water molecules enter the body, the body can more efficiently metabolize more of the singular oxygen and hydrogen atom. This greater availability of the hydrogen and oxygen provides the body with its full requirements of these important elements and as a result, the body starts to function in balance and begins to heal itself. That is why magnetized water is so healthy and why one should drink enough glasses each day.
Many people question whether they should drink North Pole water or South Pole water.

Actually, both are important and each has its own particular benefits. When water is magnetized, a charge value is put into the water. This value is in the same range as that of the human body. By drinking the charged water, it adds vitality to the body. Most people who use this system already have South Pole Positively charged water automatically. Since Positively charged water hydrates and dissolves minerals, it is very good for the body because dissolved minerals are more available and assimilate (metabolize) easier. Positively charged water can be very useful when taking vitamins. Since the basic cellular charge of a healthy body is negative, dissolved vitamin/mineral supplements in positive water are more easily put through the cell walls for more efficient nutrition. Positively charged water gives energy and vitality. Throughout the sales years of hundreds of thousands of this Residential Water System, many people have advised that they felt better, had better skin tone, and reported an overall increase in health.
North Pole Negatively charged water is used exclusively for healing.

When an individual is unwell, the negatively charged water helps to rapidly heal.  This water is highly useful for burns, scrapes, and upset stomachs. Negative water is also calming.  If one feels upset, a glass of negative water will relax the individual. Please note, it is advised not to use negative water when taking vitamin/mineral supplements.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

Hard water scale and acid stains produce an ugly and unclean look on fixtures, sinks, tubs, and toilets.  The ENERGIZER will dissolve and eliminate the scale and acid stains returning "the new look" to your kitchen and bathroom (before and after).


Energized hard water will please you because it requires less detergent and softeners while producing brighter, cleaner, and softer laundry without soap residue. Delicate fabrics will last longer.

We can also say our filters make MAGNETIZERS perform BETTER...  Filters will remove greater amounts of toxins while lasting much longer due to no-clogging, carbonate buildup. Prevent hard water, acid water and mineral buildup NATURALLY without salt, chemicals, power, or maintenance. 

Save Money with Salt-Free, Soft Water 

Until now, salt softeners were one of the major choices you had in combatting problems caused by hard water in your home or business. Salt systems have been questioned in recent years by the medical community due to their use of high amounts of salt in softening water.

Salt softeners literally bathe your water supply in a tank of sodium-charged plastic beads. The plastic beads absorb the hard water minerals and exchange an equal amount of sodium into the water supply. This is no small amount.

In a normal area of 20 grains of hardness, 150 milligrams of sodium is released into each quart of water.
That is a lot of salt to drink. Medicine has linked salt consumption to high blood pressure, circulatory problems, and fluid retention. It is found that salt in drinking water may increase blood pressure in people as young as high school age.

Also, salt corrodes metal (plumbing).

Use K-Life instead of Salt. It will add needed Potassium instead. It's Healthy!
Those minerals which are removed by the softener are very important to your health.
The MAGNETIZER retains these minerals for your health while making them good for your plumbing.


 If you and your softener can't part... Did you know that costly scaling occurs with softeners, too?
All softeners lose a large amount of efficiency from scale buildup in the ion exchange resin. Although the suds last, it takes more salt to soften the same amount of water; and this costs money. The MAGNETIZER installed on your line to your softener may decrease the number of regenerations up to 50% - saving you maintenance (work), money (salt) and sodium residue (health).

The MAGNETIZER will also remove the scale and salt scum from your bathroom. The only difference between Energized soft water and salt water is that the Energized water sometimes leaves a very easily washable ring around the tub. Most people prefer the minor maintenance of rinsing the tub over the very expensive and toxic problems of maintaining a salt softener.

Note: Sudsing from Energized Water is greatly increased over normal hard water. Salt-softened sudsing, like ocean water, is much higher. BUT, Energized water is more dense and much more soluble resulting in wetter water which washes cleaner and brighter with less suds and less detergent use. It has the same or greater cleaning capacity as the greater suds ability of the expensive, salt-softened water.


Q. What will it do for my hair and skin?
A. Hair becomes silkier, more luxurious, and easier to control. Skin and complexion become softer and more beautiful. No more dry, salty residue.

Q. Does the MAGNETIZER pull the minerals out of the water that cause scale?
A. No. The important minerals are left in the water where they do your body the most good, but are now dissolved and no longer create problems in your plumbing.

Q. Will it work on all plumbing - even P.V.C. and galvanized?
A. The MAGNETIZER works on ALL pipes - guaranteed.

Q. How do I know if the MAGNETIZER is working?
A. The scale deposits on your spigots, shower heads, and toilets start to soften and dissolve.
The calcium in your tea kettle and coffee pot washes away. Laundry is cleaner, and the flavor of the water is improved.

Q. Are those minerals safe to drink?
A. Absolutely. Those minerals are important to your health as necessary requirements for the body.

Q. Is it easy to install?
A. As easy as tying your shoes. This is important, because when you move, you can take it with you.

Q. Will there be maintenance?
A. NO! After initial setup, there is NO maintenance - EVER.




Other Amazing Benefits and Uses: Available in all Commercial and Industrial Sizes for De-scaling Water and Steam Boilers, Heat Exchangers & Tubing, Cooling, & Cracking Towers, Heat Pumps, Wet Scrubbing, Industrial Machines & Engines, Commercial Coffee & Ice Makers, Dishwashers & Laundries, Marine & Aircraft Cooling Systems, Salt Buildup and Corrosion, Ionically changing fuel for better Efficiency and Savings (gas, diesel, natural gas, LP or fuel oil). Paraffin build-up eliminated for cold weather diesel starting, low velocity oil well tubing and sour water lines. (Inquiries invited and needed to give pricing for commercial buildings, 18-wheelers, etc.)


Did you know you can also unleash your heater's potential by installing the MAGNETIZER prior to your gas furnace or appliance?

  • Users report fuel efficiency increases up to 35%

  • Requires no tools or special skills to install

  • Cleans fire boxes and injectors as it works

  • Prevents costly, carbon build-up



The Magnetizer & Water Technology - A Detailed Look

About mono-pole magnetism -

Water flowing in the soil is affected by the Earth's natural magnetic field and has a higher potential than the surrounding rock. This creates an attractive force, dissolving the limestone and other mineral salts (mainly calcium and magnesium), much the same as sugar or salt dissolves in a glass of water. One has to remember that these minerals play an extremely important role in the metabolism of all living organisms, which constitutes the foundation of all biological processes. The minerals dissolved in soil are subsequently carried into pipes, installations, & water process equipment. These metals having in turn a higher potential than water, attract those minerals which when drawn, seed and conglomerate (crystallize) back into rock-like formation, i.e. "calcite" ("scale"). When the soluble calcium bicarbonate, CaHCO3 changes to the less hydrated, insoluble calcium carbonate (CaCO3), the result is doubly harmful since water loses these beneficial minerals, and the accumulating sediment destroys water installations. Because of the overwhelming negativity of the CO3 component, the Calcium Carbonate molecule possesses a net negative charge, resulting in a few attractive forces between it and water (in untreated water there is always a low concentration of Carbonate that remains dissolved).

Scale is one of the basic problems that exist in the technological processes that deal with water (heating, cooling, chilling, heat exchanging, evaporation, condensation, etc.). This is the phenomena that harms equipment and installations by the crystalline precipitates due to the loss of CO2 gas from water when its temperature rises. These crystals above all, composed of calcium and magnesium salts, form a thermal isolator, which is very hard and difficult to remove since calcite appears in a less hydrated form with hard surface bonds. The scale problems mean only one thing: needless consumption of energy for water heating (each millimeter of scale represents 8-10% energy loss); imminent corrosion deterioration due to scale-metal electrolysis, as well as overheating of walls of the heating elements; clogging of piping; money spent on cleaning chemicals; brushing; accompanying down-time; or the polluted environment (water table). This is why we highly recommend use of the MAGNETIZER and make it our mission to educate people about its benefits.

Ground water contains thousands of particles and microelements whose impurities give rise to the surrounding electron shells: cations (+), anions (-). "Pure" water is a polar liquid, i.e. part of the water molecule has a positive and part of it has a negative, electrical charge; but, overall, the net electrical charge is negative. Thus, the water molecule being a small magnet (dipole), one may effect its magnetic (or electric) field by causing the molecule to turn or rotate in one direction or the other, taking on a positive or negative higher potential, depending on whether the S (South, positive) or N (North, negative) outside magnetic field had been applied.

It has been firmly established in the world scientific theatre that the Positive, expanding, field influence of the South Pole makes liquids more soluble (lowering surface tension); thereby hydrating, dissolving, and removing calcite and other mineral/various water by-product build-up in pipes and equipment. The Positive field hydrates all mineral build-up by de-clustering the liquid and solid pre- and post nucleated crystalline scale material. Under the same magnetic molecular dynamics, the Positive Pole also de-clusters paraffin build-up in oil well or transmission lines. Such a S-pole-induced change in the electron orientation affects the aggregation and crystallization of a water molecule causing increased hydration (water saturation), solubility and selective ionization, thus changing fluid physically, structurally and behaviorally. The mobility of ions in water solution is considerably increased. This creates a more solvent fluid flow (which e.g. impregnates the membranes or filters more efficiently), increased flocculation, i.e. greater particle size (causing higher filtration efficiency) or the electromotive force of the softener's solution raised to 99.9 percent efficiency. The negative contracting field influence of the North Pole has a diametrically opposite effect on fluids. It clusters (and hardens) minerals and paraffin and increases surface tension. It is used in precipitation and separation (e.g. sewage treatment). Applying the MAGNETIZER's extremely strong and focused magnetic field (try to put together two "halves" of "RWE-S" system to sense what kind of strength we are here talking about), the natural process that occurs underground in soil is imitated due to magnetic polarization of all these particles when the electron shells change their potential.

Normally, the molecules in a fluid are in a completely random configuration, due to having slight natural variance in their electrical net charges. As polar bodies, they will react uniquely to the magnetic stimuli, depending upon the net charge of the outside force. For example, a positive charge (South pole) would physically configure the fluid so that the negative poles of the molecules were closest to the magnetic source (opposite charges attract, like charges repel). After passing through the influence of the direct, external magnetic force there is a transformation of the randomly oriented population into an ordered matrix of molecules: the molecules with greatest opposite net charge will be closest to the stimulus and conversely, those with the greatest like net charge will be farthest away. The energized and amplified (magnetized) molecules, like little magnets, uniformly line up end-to-end as the net charges are all equalized by being energized by the external magnet influence. Thus, the polarization consists of changing the chaotic molecules of liquid or gas fluid into such fluid, which has equal charge and is uniformly linearized. Exposure to a magnetic South pole field affects an atom's electron spin in such a way as to compact the size of the electron orbit. For the H2O molecule, the hydrogens, which are bonded to oxygen by "sharing" the oxygen's electrons, are drawn closer to the oxygen atom. This action changes the bond lengths and in turn, the bond angles, from a triangular formation to a more close linear configuration. In the magnetized "linear" condition, the more positively charged hydrogens (H) tend to shield the negatively charged oxygen. The result shielding is what changes the net negative charge of the non-magnetized water molecule to the net positive charge of the magnetized water. Therefore, magnetizing will change the water's net charge so that the carbonate molecules are not allowed to aggregate and crystallize. This also works on dissolving existing crystalline structures (previous scaling) by cleaving bonds between the carbonate molecule via the same charge influence - an actual magnetic attraction of the carbonate molecule to the water molecule.

The random configuration of a water molecules is changed to a charged and organized form with their shape & size also modified. In the process, the associations clustering around the suspended particles are broken up as the molecules line up in polarization. The fluid's paramagnetic properties allow for more dissolved material to be contained in it due to increased efficiency of the fluid's available space. It appears that the magnetic treatment allows the carbon dioxide (CO2) to stay dissolved in water of a higher temperature. Calcium carbonate is converted back to calcium bicarbonate. With the increased solubility of CO2, pH is lowered, which also accelerates the de-scaling, the end product of which is aragonite - a soft hydrated form of calcite crystal obtained through its increased hydration. It is now maintained in a "colloidal" suspension (microscopic solution) ready to be mechanically flushed from the attached surface and not placing itself on the pipes or hot water heater; instead, its beneficial effect staying in drinking water. This "aragonite soup" can become rather thick as our past experience has indicated. The polarized cations, such as calcium and magnesium, associate (micro) electrically in a water solution with other complementary particles (anions) in the form of ionic conglomerates and continue their way with the water flow.

That the magnetic field amplifies the potential in water (electromotive force) making it greater than that of the plumbing (thus the minerals are re-attracted into water) and it maintains the "magnetic memory effect", can be empirically proven by a simple voltage test (use a more precise volt meter with the L.E.D. readout, and not the gauge type one) of hard water by measuring the millivolts (mV) before and after the "Magnetizer" installation on the cold water tap (or entrance to home and farthest tap therefrom). It will show change from approx. -0.5mV to an approx. +1.0 mV. On the average with the MAGNETIZER, there is an increase of 1.5 millivolt . Please note that other bi- or multipolar systems show no mV increase or very little. A report from "Science News" (Sept. 6, 1980) by Ellingsen, John Hopkins University, indicates the "memory effect" was still available for days after treatment.

With simple mathematics, the workings of the MAGNETIZER in water can be proven thus: H20 has a net negative charge, say: -300 mV, whereas iron pipe is electrically neutral, i.e. = 0, thus 0 > -300, and it attracts the minerals contained in flowing water, which starts building up scale. In this example, say Ca = -350 mV and Mg = -400 mV; thus 0 > -300 > - 350 > -400. Upon installation of the MAGNETIZER with its very strong positive magnetic pole, say of +310 mV, the equation above is effected in a following manner: H2O = -300 mV (before) + 310 mV (with the MAGNETIZER) = +10 mV; whereas Ca = -350 mV + 310 mV = -10 mV and Mg = -400 mV + 310 mV = -60 mV. Finally, we get: +10 > 0 > -10 > -60, and this magnetic process can be thus proven mathematically; whereas water having a stronger electric charge attracts minerals that do not precipitate anymore on the pipe's walls.

Due to the movement of the ordered molecules, the magnetic moments of the shifting electrical charges add up partially, creating an electromagnetic field whose influence on the passing fluid can be considerable. Depending on its velocity, periodic eddying currents inducing magnetic microfields (Tolmien-Szlichting wave packet) are generated at the walls. Maintaining vortices during the laminar (non-turbulent) pass is known as the magnetic memory effect of a passing fluid. Experiments indicate that a container of magnetized water left standing for over a year still had a small portion of its magnetic effect remaining; however, magnetized fluids that lie dormant for months at a time will eventually lose their induced orientation.

Due to the turbulence ("vibrational depolarization"), the molecules of the passing fluid are exposed to these conglomerates, maintain their magnetic memory effect or declustered state, for approx. 50 meters from the MAGNETIZER placement. At this distance the molecules act on existent scale deposits, destabilizing their chemical bonding, and transforming existing salts. This way also the wall surfaces of the piping system and process equipment are protected in a definite and permanent way against scale deposits, acidity as well as the electrolytic corrosion. On long piping the MAGNETIZER effect should be reinforced (magnets placed) every 50 meters.

Air (oxygen: valence -2) circulating in the installation has a strong negative charge that favors the electro-chemical process of corrosion. The magnetic field charges positively air and destabilizes (micro)electrically this process, creating a difference of potential between the piping and air which permits to isolate and protect the system in a reliable and permanent way. The electrolytic corrosion is stopped by magnetically binding the excess (free) hydrogen H+ (in acidic fluids) or hydroxyl OH- (in alkaline fluids) ions in the water responsible for embrittlement from piping, which are now bound up to other molecules. This buffers the pH, reducing the wide pH variations found in fluids, regardless of outside influences. This is achieved by electro statically changing the neutral water to a positive state, whereas, the increased electron excitement (voltage) potentiates an immediate bonding of the free-ions to the fluid at molecular level. In addition to this mechanism, once the potentiated fluid hydrates any mineral build-up, the pipe material remains clean and cannot ionically dissolve into the fluid as there are NO free-ions to nucleate with the pipe material.

The MAGNETIZER always works, and this can be measured not only by a laboratory analysis before and after its installation, i.e. cation content (sodium, calcium, magnesium, potassium); anion content (carbonates, bicarbonates, chlorures, sulfates); conductivity; pH; dry matter content, etc.; but by the physical effects ( 50-100% less salt used in softeners, lower electricity costs, etc.); or by easily observable changes, such as clean pipes/installations, calcium visible by "the naked eye" when flushed from a system (e.g. auto radiators); sludge formed in the closed water circulation system (to be removed by hand); or impurities and minerals evacuated while opening the water taps in the open circulation systems. The Stabilization Period normally lasts from 1-3 weeks at homes or 4-9 weeks in commerce. However, due to age of piping, scaling accumulated throughout the years; type of casing; hardness of water; its iron content; physical disturbances that may be present, etc.; this may vary and extend in time at a particular location.

The term "pH" coming from "potential Hydrogen (ion activity)", is commonly known as the balance between alkalinity and acidity in water. Numerically, it can be loosely defined as the concentration of hydrogen (H+) and hydroxyl (OH-) ions actually measured in solution. As the concentration of H+ increases (and OH- decreases), the solution is identified as "acidic" and the pH number decreases. When the concentration of H+ decreases (and OH- it increases), the solution is considered to be "basic", and the pH number increases. The range runs from zero pH (a complete acidity), to 14 pH which is the maximum alkalinity. At equal concentrations of H+ and OH-, the solution is neutral, and the pH is seven (7). As a result of the magnetic influence, fluids are configured and ionized such that the total number of H+ and OH- ions are forced to move toward parity (this is the direct result of being placed in physical close proximity to other molecules that are able to accept these ions into their structures). MAGNETIZER has the effect of stabilizing the pH level of water, keeping it at or near the 6.8 (ideal) to 7.1 range. Bear in mind, however, that highly acidic water cannot be fully buffered (stabilized). By accelerating the general ionic content the MAGNETIZER forces an acid fluid toward basic and basic fluid toward acid (neutralization). Additionally this unique ionic activity buffers through the faster, compressed, and oriented electron spin; the pH actually reducing the wide pH variations found in fluids and keeping a constant pH regardless of outside influences. The effect of this is tremendously important in swimming pool water conditioning, in the water we drink, and industrial use.

Without changing the chemical patterns of water, the MAGNETIZER lowers its surface tension, neutralizes pH, creates ability for oxygen to better dissolve in water ("fuller oxygenation"), and reverse the hard water condition to a soft water behavior. Even though, from the chemical point of view, water is not soft, since its chemical composition is not changed with the MAGNETIZER treatment; however, its physical properties are changed.

In general, the MAGNETIZER does not add anything to water nor takes out, i.e. the grains of hardness do not change - whatever chemical comes to the system - it will leave the system. Without the MAGNETIZER, if water enters the pipes, say with 100 grams of calcium, it leaves them with say, 80 g. The calcium "left behind" forms the scale (rock) on the pipe; therefore, less of it will leave with water. With "Magnetizer", when e.g. 100 grams of calcium enter in water, then 100 g of it will leave with water. In terms of water softening, soft water is defined in terms of the surface tension, or wet ability ("wetter water" or greater solubility). The tests conducted showed the hard water to possess a surface tension of 71 dynes per square centimeter, however, when the groups of water molecules were declustered by running the fluid through the MAGNETIZER field, the surface tension dropped to 62 dynes per cm2 (Crippen Analytical Laboratories). As indicated by the test and defined by science, a properly focused strong magnetic field, as delivered by the MAGNETIZER's monopole technology, actually reverses hard water behavior into the soft water one. And as Science is the field of behavioral study, the MAGNETIZER water conditioners make soft water from hard water and it is accurate to state that it softens water.

Therefore, with the MAGNETIZER one doesn't have to use softening chemicals anymore (or their use is considerably reduced in heavy industrial applications), and still can obtain all the benefits of soft water. There are no harmful side effects, and water is proclaimed safe and healthy for human consumption due to calcium and other minerals contained in it (that are held in suspension). Being energized & declustered, water becomes "wetter" and healthier; being also oxygenated, is now contributing to better metabolism of living organisms (human, animal, plants).


The late Dr. Albert Roy Davies received a patent in 1950 for magnetically treating seeds to stimulate plant growth. Use of magnets in agriculture is not new and the leading role in this respect goes to the country of Israel. The MAGNETIZER mono-pole agricultural systems have had explosive results (e.g. cucumbers growth by 20%) in the Israelis greenhouses, dunas - Mundimex is currently shipping magnets to Israel, where their acceptance is growing by the month and due to water being a scarce resource and the MAGNETIZER serving well the kibbutzes and other agricultural establishments in the Holy Land, we expect this country to become shortly one of the most "magnetized" regions of the world.

Mundimex current tests done in Colombia on yield of cauliflowers irrigated with magnetized water showed over 20% increase in weight (important growth of the green parts to better protect white meat against the sun). Past tests on irrigation installation on alfalfa fields in Oregon have resulted in the 650% yield increase, 42% reduction of water needs and electric costs to pump it. Controlled studies of magnetic treatment of squash, tomatoes and cucumber seeds produced a 96% germination rate in only 3 days, whereas the untreated seeds had the normal germination rate of 73% in 14 days.

The use of the MAGNETIZER in farms in Europe results in better hen laying, better metabolism of animals, descaling of milk stone in dairies, etc. The lowered surface tension creates greater water solubility and penetration. This effect results in breaking-up the clods of soil surrounding and restricting the root cilia. The de-clodding frees the cilia for greater surface area to absorb more water and minerals, hence an increase in root and plant growth. Also minerals now pass easier through the water into the roots. Third, and equally important are the electromotive forces that are transferred from the water to the plant. These forces, as shown in thousands of experiments and real life applications, specially stimulate growth activity. 150% increase in crop yields has been reported from many locations worldwide (compared e.g. with a 37% increase after use of the bi-polar energizers.

A 30-day University study shows the difference in growth of plants fed without (left) and with the "magnetized" water (MAGNETIZER®, type "RWE-S" used for the experiment)

Scientists from Mineral Engineering Dept. of the renown and prestigious Israel Institute of Technology TECHNION in Haifa (see Bibliography, Prof. I. J. Lin) confirm that the principle of magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) allows to lower surface tension of water, causing increased solubility and penetration, which stimulates root systems. As per MGI conducted tests in agricultural applications (bulletin MCBBr 8'97 ), water treated with the MAGNETIZER de-clogs and breaks up the compressed soil giving the roots freedom to grow and absorb nutrients more quickly. The root system excited by the electro-motive forces of the MAGNETIZER, promotes healthier, bigger, and quicker plant growth. In drip irrigation, the mineral/scale barrier known as the bowl effect, is dissolved, thereby enabling and encouraging the root cilia to grow and expand farther into the soil

The Benefits Of The MAGNETIZER Use In Agriculture:

  • Increased root growth due to increased absorption of the dissolved minerals and nutrients means high yields and higher profits.

  • Soil holds moisture longer encouraging overall growth and saving water costs.

  • Water conservation equals less man hours, less maintenance and less energy required to pump and irigate.

  • Increased fertilizer efficiency - cuts fertilizer costs, also the fertilizer is more readily absorbed by the plant and is not wasted in run-off water.

  • The descaling of piping and clogged water jets improves efficiency, saves maintenance time, extends the life of the irrigation system and saves money.

  • Ease of installation and lifetime warranty - saving money and bringing better yields.

Swimming Pools and Spas

Numerous minute particles (i.e., minerals, dirt, skin cells, debris, body lotions and tanning oils, etc.) get into the water, and because they are so small, they simply pass through the filter and continue to build-up, creating a "bath tube ring". This saturating of water with foreign substances makes it dull, irritating and unattractive as well as interfering with the sanitizer's effectiveness. This buildup of foreign particles and the reaction with the sanitizer causes burning eyes, dry skin, dry hair and dangerous chemical odor. The normal cure is to superchlorinate to burn off and oxidize these minute particles. Superchlorination is expensive and makes the pool/spa unusable for some time. Also it adds to water control problems.

MAGNETIZER helps at two levels. First, particles that would normally pass right through the filter (both suspended and dissolved) take on an electrical charge (are polarized) that causes them to clump (bind together) into larger particles, called ion floe clusters. They are large enough to be efficiently removed now by the filter system, which has itself taken on the electrical charge. This process is known as polarized media filtration. The result is a system that seldom needs to be superchlorinated. Normally chlorine level in residential pools has to reach 0.6 - 1.0 parts per million and in the commercial pools - must be at least l.0 ppm. With the MAGNETIZER most chemicals, other than chlorine/ bromine can be discontinued except for one half the normal rate of sanitizer. Chlorine/bromine can be substantially reduced (as much as 60%) with safety because: A) Bacteria and algae are under constant attack by the MAGNETIZER's powerful focused field to limit and control their growth; B) The reduction of water surface tension and the increase ionic activity combines to make chlorine/bromine more effective as a sanitizing agent; C) the MAGNETIZER stabilizes pH in the range that the sanitizers are more effective.

If other chemicals are used, such as pH stabilizers, it's best to start with 1/2 the normal amount and to wait 24 hours to allow a chemical reaction before using more. Later one will be able to use less than 1/2 -1/3 the normal amounts of these chemicals, if any at all. With the MAGNETIZER installed one can notice improved water clarity and reduced chemicals odors, less eye irritation and skin drying. The water now feels soft and silky.

Secondly, since less chemicals are required in a MAGNETIZER system, there is less chemical build-up. When chlorinating chemicals are added to a pool, the net effect is an increase in the pH of the pool. This can put the pool out of pH balance which can only be lowered through the addition of acid to lower the alkaline condition. By inducing the proper magnetic field on water, the MAGNETIZER causes a cellular rupturing effect known as lysing. Consequently, the rupturing of the cell walls of the bacteria results in the death of the micro organism. Right now, much of the organisms are destroyed without the need of chemicals, and thus the anti-bacterial agents and pH stabilization chemicals are reduced and in some cases not required at all. The normal safe pH operating zone for operation of a pool/spa is between 7.4 and 7.6. Above that range ugly scale can begin to attach itself to surfaces, inside of the plumbing and on the inside of the heater. When the pH is below 7.4 corrosion begins to attack the expensive metal parts of the system (heater, filter, pumps, etc.) and cause pitting of the pool/spa surfaces. In addition, corrosion of the metal pans puts minerals into suspension in the water. These minerals will cause unsightly stains on the pool/spas surfaces. Once stained, the surfaces must be acid bathed, and in many cases, refinished. The result is unnecessary expense and an out-of-service system.

The MAGNETIZER extends the safe pH operating range without worry about scaling, staining or corrosion. The result is a system that protects one's investment and reduces maintenance cost. Stabilized pH reduces chemical cost, since pH fluctuations (either too high or too low) can render the sanitizer (chlorine/ bromine) ineffective and cause expensive damage to equipment. Fluctuations of pH are caused by either a deficiency or excess of electrons, whereas pH control is normally done by chemicals that are either rich in excess electrons or have a shortage of electrons. The MAGNETIZER naturally supplies the necessary electrons to the water by passing it through a powerful magnetic field in the same way electricity is generated by passing a wire through a magnetic field. This natural, continuous supply of electrons (pH adjustment) occurs without additional chemicals and the resulting cost. The pool energizer is simply strapped around the return line after filter, pump, and heater. The spa energizer is installed on line, just before the heater. Scale and calcium will start to dissolve and return to suspension in the water. This may cause a period of cloudy water in one or two days. One may shock the water if one is in a hurry to use a pool. The best way is to or simply wait for the enhanced filtration of the MAGNETIZER pool or spa energizer to clarify the system. On spa applications the "bathtube ring" will start to dissolve within 5 minutes of running the pump and the pH will usually rise (if below 7.0) & the water will feel silky.

One has to watch filter pressure since the MAGNETIZER will start to coagulate solid minerals, algae, etc. that are in the water, allowing them to be filtered out. This may plug up a dirty filter. If filter pressure rises, one has to backwash or remove and clean the filter. Back-washing or filter cleaning may again be necessary if filter pressure is above normal. The true cost of draining a pool / spa is not only the water to re fill it, but also the labor, energy to reheat chemicals to rebalance and an inconvenience caused by an out-of-service system.

The MAGNETIZER breaks the emulsion, of the oils in water and keeps it in suspension until it coagulates into clumps to be filtered out. In addition, magnetized water will remove built-up scum that has already attached itself to pool/ spa surfaces. The speed with which this happens varies from a few minutes to a few weeks depending on its composition. Except for vacuuming the dirt that falls to the bottom, the MAGNETIZER makes a pool / spa almost self cleaning resulting in less labor cost. The MAGNETIZER doesn't just save time and money in the short run, since it controls corrosion. It adds the long term protection to an investment. Although cost/time savings (applying chemicals, monitoring the results, scrubbing the sides, taking more frequent than necessary readings, changing water, acid bathing, refinishing, etc.) and protection of equipment are important the real benefits come from clearer, cleaner and more sanitary water.

All this has been evidenced by the practical experience of thousands of users, or tests made (see below), amongst others, by Atam Test, Inc. in the U.S. The aerobic plate count prior to magnetization of the water was 11,000 cfu (coliform units)/ml. 72 hours after the MAGNETIZER installation, the plate count of the bacteria dropped to 2,200 cfu/ml. This was a drop of 80% in bacteria and the 80% reduction in chemical needed to create the same plate count reduction. The graphic results of the analysis made by this Washington state based laboratory are included. Another test, with Aqua Science Consultants conducted in Australia on a 65,800 liter (17,108 gallon) swimming pool relates to Total Plate Count of 145,000 cfu/ml prior to the MAGNETIZER installation. Seven weeks after the "R-2 T/S" system installation the TPC dropped to 15,000 cfu/ml. [90% drop].



From the City Sports & Recreation Center in Bialystok, Poland came a positive report after the MAGNETIZER installation: "...cleaned the pool to a crystal state, which had never been obtained before. In order to bring it to such translucence much less time and means have been required. In the same time the water surface has become blue. Also, water is soft and the obtrusive chlorine cloud has disappeared ..."


Milton Leisure Center - Pool, in Milton, Ontario, Canada



  • Severe staining (see picture above) at the bottom eliminated

  • Filter performance improved

  • Scum line & swimmer wastes reduced

Desalination Plants

An important MAGNETIZER application testing was initiated in May of 1995 on a vessel M/S "Colombia" belonging to "Flota Mercante Grancolombiana, S.A.", the Colombian semi national ship-owner. A 20-year old ship used to enjoy a 20 ton/day desalination yield, when brand new, which number subsequently dropped to the average of 11 ton /day capacity right after the mechanical descaling required every 3-4 months. From time to time the vessel had to call on a port in emergency to clean up scaled pipes and increase its fresh water output. The MAGNETIZER installed at the entrance to the evaporator and condenser, with no chemicals, as the Chief Engineer reports to the ship's management office in Bogotá, Colombia, allowed to raise the average yield to 15-16 ton, i.e. two months after the first installation 266 out of 320 tubes (ř10-22 mm) have been cleaned, which gives an impressive 83% descaling improvement rate in a very harsh saline environment and in a very short period of time before the end of the Stabilization Period. This report is available to the interested parties.

Coliform Bacteria and Algae

The tests at "Purity Standards Water Improvement Labs" in Pennsylvania have shown reduction of coliform bacteria from unsanitary to sanitary levels after the MAGNETIZER treatment. The EPA has established that the Coliform Group limits are 1/100 mls and anyone selling their house must make it known to the buyer. The normal way to cure this problem is to put a chlorinator/filter/purifier in. The MAGNETIZER does the same at a fraction of a cost. The research conducted by Prof. Fujio Takahasi of Uthonomiya University's Technological Dept. in Japan consisted of exposing bacilli to a 2,300 gauss magnetic field and the cell mitosis process was subsequently studied. With regard to plant's life cycle disruption, magnetism accelerates division of the cell's nucleus, which is not accompanied however by an equal rapid division of the cell wall. Normally, the cell nucleus splits into two nuclei followed by the cell forming two cell units. However, in magnetic treatment rapid cell nucleation into two units is not followed by cell membrane division, or mitosis. Consequently, as a result, two cell nuclei are living within the same cell membrane. Since the cell wall surface remains relatively constant, the end result is the starvation of both cell nuclei, hence their disappearance in the past installations under the MAGNETIZER treatment. This is the effect by which algae is destroyed with the use of the MAGNETIZER.

Water Treatment (Sludge) Plants

The installation of the MAGNETIZER system brought the waste water treatment facility in Scioto county, Ohio, into EPA compliance and more efficient plant operation. Whereas before, 80-90% of the surface area of the flocculation beds was covered with solid matter, now solid matter was settling and the surface water was virtually absent of any floating solids. Chemical flocculents were totally eliminated. Biological Oxygen Demand stabilized at a lower level. High alkaline running pH (9-11) in the final clarifier was stabilized to 7.04 and hydrochloric acid was totally eliminated. Within 30 days, the Rotating Biological Contactors had increased bacterial activity, after special treatment with the negative pole, with uniform coverage.

The use of the MAGNETIZER in sewage treatment in other installations has shown that proper magnetic field intensifies the active sediment biodegradation process of most poorly disintegrating chemical compounds, as well as impurities found in sewage. Due to the influence of the magnetic field there is increase of activity of the active sediment aerobic bacteria which is responsible for the processes of oxidation of the organic compounds. Some organic compounds can disintegrate in the magnetic field without participation of microorganisms, as was demonstrated with poorly disintegrating aniline. It was observed that the MAGNETIZER's allow to decrease the aeration time by 20-30%. Furthermore, there is increase in the efficiency of the sedimentation process of the contaminant dispersed in the carrying fluids and industrial waste. The application of the MAGNETIZER technology reduces the use of costly chemicals and coagulants, not disturbing, in accordance with the EPA norms, the range of tolerance of pH of the treated sewage. With this method one can radically accelerate the sedimentation process of the suspended matter, increase the biological activity of the microorganisms, and thus the disintegration of the organic and inorganic substances, as well as diminish & stabilize the BOD (biological oxygen demand), and consequently shorten the aeration time. One also eliminates time and labor-consuming periodic descaling and cleaning of bar screens, equipment, etc. The MAGNETIZER-s are installed before and after the aeration pumps (positive pole) and the negative pole is used on air ducts going to the aeration pools.

To Sum Up:

The influence of magnetism on physical properties of water is unquestionable. However, influence of magnetism on hydrocarbons and their derivatives is often bigger than on water and its solutions, confirmed by some physicists (Verdet, Kerr) as well as the growing number of scientists and top practitioners (Don Rogers, Jorge Martin, Raul Velasquez and others) connected with the MAGNETIZER business.


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