Magnet Therapy



 Magnet Therapy


Magnet Therapy- An Under Appreciated Science

Magnets have been used for healing applications for over 4000 years (that we know of), yet our mainstream medicine pays little attention to the amazing results that researchers worldwide are discovering. The science and understanding behind magnet therapy continues to become clearer.  Magnetic fields work on a very complete level within the body, having beneficial affect on all body systems

A FEW Physiological Benefits of Magnet Therapy  (when used properly!)
  An increase in circulation and perfusion occurs.  When the body’s blood flow oxygen level is increased, nutrients and hormones are distributed more efficiently.
  A re-alignment of ions within damaged or sick cells occurs, restoring healthy cellular functions. This is BIG!!
  An increase in zeta potential occurs. The Zeta potential is the Negative charged energy that is important for cellular transfer, neutralization of free-radicals and reduced swelling. High Zeta potential indicates health and metabolic efficiency - low Zeta potential indicates poor health.
  Toxins in the tissues are drawn out as the magnetized blood passes through the tissues. The toxins are then carried to the liver for detoxification and on to the kidneys for excretion.
  Endorphin hormones are released by the brain, providing natural pain relief.
  Positive "pain signals" (out-of-wack ions) sent by nerve cells to the brain are reduced.  This may explain why so many people report significant pain relief with bio magnet therapy.
  A dramatic reduction in inflammation occurs. Reducing inflammation body wide can have a wonderful effect on reducing nerve aggravation. (Apply negative (north pole) magnets to your feet, hands, back, neck, etc.) When inflammation in the body is alleviated, the damage caused by the inflammatory process begins to be repaired by a fresh and rich supply of oxygen and nutrients. Cells that have been disrupted and de-oxygenized begin to heal, and tissue regeneration starts. Excess fluid is eliminated from the body and toxins are removed. The circulatory system returns to normal and the heart does not have to work so hard to pump extra fluid around the body.
  Magnetic water is energized, oxygenated, and pH balanced. It permeates cell membranes more efficiently, delivering energy and nutrients.


Magnets and the Body

The magnetic field of the body - YouTube

A magnetic field is the environment around a magnet in which magnetic forces act. Magnetic field lines represent the area around a magnet: magnetic field lines flow from the north pole to the south pole.

How Does Magnet Therapy Work?

To understand how magnets work within the body, it helps to understand some basic anatomy and physiology. This helps to understand exactly how magnets affect the body.

Blood:  Your blood is a living tissue that circulates around your whole body via a network of arteries, veins and capillaries, it carries nutrients, oxygen, hormones, antibodies, heat, electrolytes and vitamins to the body's tissues. Blood contains red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, plasma, electrolytes, hormones, minerals and iron.

Blood flows around the body in arteries, veins and capillaries. The blood is transported from the heart to the lungs where it picks up oxygen and then transports it to all the organs and tissues. Every part of the body depends on blood to provide the necessary oxygen and nutrients it needs to survive.


How Do Magnetic Fields Affect Blood Flow?

The circulatory system

Arteries, capillaries and veins

Magnets are composed of metal alloys such as iron, nickel or cobalt.  They will attract many different types of metallic particles. The blood contains iron and when therapeutic magnets are placed on the skin the magnetic field penetrates through the skin and into the surrounding tissues and blood stream. The iron in the blood is attracted to the magnetic field, this causes movement within the blood stream and the increased activity causes the blood flow to improve.

The increase in blood flow is localized to the area where the magnets are placed, unless the magnets are placed directly over a major artery such as the radial artery (the wrist pulse point) or the carotid artery (the pulse point in the neck). When magnets are placed over a major artery, there is a much larger perfusion of blood flow so the magnetic field is carried further around the body.

When the body's blood flow oxygen level is increased, nutrients and hormones are distributed to the organs and tissues much more effectively and quickly. Your organs have a fresh rich supply of oxygen and nutrients to nourish them. Plus the tissues also gain oxygen, healing nutrients and hormones including endorphins, which are the body's natural pain killing hormone.

If you have an
injury or ailment which is supplied with regular fresh oxygen, nutrients and endorphins then your injury or ailment will heal much faster and the pain will be reduced by the body's own pain killing hormones (endorphins).

Magnetic fields also affect the dispersement of red blood cells.  As the cells move along the circulatory system and through our tissue, these cells "pick up" oxygen and nutrients.  When magnets are applied these cells "spread out" more, thus giving them more room to do their jobs.  More surface area means more oxygen and nutrient delivery and removal, and more energy.  Yet another way magnet field therapy helps the body to more efficient.



How Do Magnetic Fields Affect Cells?

All cells in the body share common components, regardless of their type. One of the common constituents of all cells are ions Ions are positively and negatively charged particles that conduct electro-magnetic pulses from within the cell. The electro-magnetic pulses allow the cell to function. Without ions, a cell can not live. (nor could we!)

In a normal healthy cell, the ions are distributed around the cell with all of the positive ions on one side and the negative ions on the opposing side. The ions which live outside of the cell in the tissues will align with those inside of the cell so that opposing poles are together with the cell membrane between them (see diagram of healthy cell below).  This allows fluid,
oxygen and nutrients (fluid exchange) to move freely in and out of the cell, while maintaining the natural balance within the cell (homeostasis).

In a diseased (injured) cell, the positive and negative ions do not stay on opposing sides of the cell. They are disrupted and scatter randomly around the cell. At the same time the ions on the outside of the cell membrane also become scattered as they try to find their opposing pole, this results in cellular imbalance. Extra fluid from the tissues outside the cell is able to penetrate the cell which in turn pushes vital nutrients, hormones and electrolytes (salts) out of the cell. The cell's ability to function is greatly reduced and cellular degeneration begins, which if not corrected will lead to the cell dying.

Ionic distribution in healthy cell, diseased cell, and magnetic influenced cells

When a static (fixed in place) magnetic field is applied over an injured (diseased) area, the magnetism penetrates into the tissues and surrounds the damaged cell. The magnetic field that is created around the outside of the cell will pull the ions, both inside and outside, back into alignment. The result is that the ions once again return to their correct position within the cell. The extra fluid that has penetrated the cell is pushed out (via osmosis and diffusion) and returned to the surrounding tissues. The cell regains its natural healthy balance and any damage is repaired over a period of days (see diagram of a cell with a magnetic field).



The beginning of the inflammation process.



A knee joint with chronic inflammation



A white blood cell engulfing bacteria, infection or disease.


The Inflammatory Process

Inflammation is the body's reaction to invasion by an infectious agent, antigen or even just physical, chemical or traumatic damage. The inflammatory reaction is one of the body's oldest defense mechanisms. When damage occurs the body's automatic defense system starts the inflammatory process within seconds. Blood flow is firstly increased at the point of injury, the blood vessels widen (vasodilate) to allow oxygen, clotting agents (platelets) and white blood cells to penetrate the damaged tissues. Over a period of hours the concentration of white blood cells increases at the injury site (white blood cells fight infection).

Individual cells are affected by the inflammatory process. Extra fluid that has migrated from the blood vessels passes into the damaged cells; this begins the process of disrupting the ionic balance of the cell. The chemical balance of the cell changes and cellular degeneration begins.

The presence of extra fluid, white blood cells, and increased blood flow within the tissues causes the damaged area to enlarge and swell... this is commonly known as oedema.

If untreated or caused by a chronic "incurable" disease process such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, and spondylosis, inflammation can become chronic. When removal of the foreign bodies that are causing the inflammation is ineffective, damaged cells become fused together, forming gigantic cells with multiple nuclei (the brain of the cell) which in turn eventually become granuloma.


How Do Magnetic Fields Influence Inflammation?

When static magnets are placed over an area of inflammation, the magnetic field penetrates through the skin and deep into the tissues and blood stream. Damaged cells will react to the presence of a magnetic field by realigning their ions into the correct position. This begins the process of eliminating the excess fluid from with in the cell. Cell damage will stop and healing of the cells will begin over a period of days.

Magnetic fields will also affect the white blood cells that are surrounding the injury and fighting the disease. White blood cells fight infection and disease by engulfing infectious and diseased and consuming them (phagocytosis). During this process the white blood cells release toxins into the blood stream. The body can not detoxify and excrete these toxins safely so they are stored in the tissues as small hard pockets of fluid (cellulite).




Waste (toxins) are released into the blood stream after the white blood cell has eaten the bacteria


Toxins show up as ?clouds?
in the blood stream.
The pain pathway from the point
of pain to the brain


When a magnetic field is present in the blood, toxins in the tissues are drawn out as the magnetized blood passes through the tissues. The toxins are then carried to the liver for detoxification and on to the kidneys for excretion.

When inflammation in the body is alleviated, the damage caused by the inflammatory process begins to be repaired by a fresh and rich supply of oxygen and nutrients. Cells that have been disrupted and de-oxygenized begin to heal, and tissue regeneration starts. Excess fluid is eliminated from the body and toxins are removed. The circulatory system returns to normal and the heart does not have to work so hard to pump extra fluid around the body. Magnetic fields will stabilize all of these processes and aid the body in its recovery.


Magnets Do Not Block Pain Signals, They Treat the Cause of the Pain.

Conventional pain killing drugs like paracetamol and codeine based tablets (di-hydrocodiene, co codamol, co dydramol, tramadol and codeine phosphate) work by blocking the pain stimulus pathway. They interrupt the signal that starts at the point of pain (stimulus) and travel along the nerve pathways via the spinal cord to the pain receptors in the brain.

Depending on the type of drug, the signal may be interrupted at the pain stimulus or at any point along the nerve pathway to the brain. Pain killers only last for a short period of time. Depending on the type of pain killer and where they interrupt the pain pathway and the strength of the drug, they can last from 4-12 hours.

Magnets do not block the pain signal.
They work on the cause of the pain, which is why static magnets have to be placed as close to the point of pain as possible.

Trauma alone does not cause all of the pain. Pain is also caused by pressure on the nerves. This can occur with out a traumatic injury, as with long standing chronic conditions. Joint wear and tear, chronic damage from earlier injuries or chronic
inflammation can cause pressure upon nerves. The pressure upon the nerves is usually caused by swelling or inflammation around the injury, this extra fluid causes the tissues to swell and thus places pressure upon the nerve endings. Compression of the nerves causes constant pain stimuli to be sent to the brain. This causes the chronic constant pain, that is often associated with long term ailments.

To relieve the pressure on the compressed nerves the excess fluid in the tissues must be removed. Once the pressure has been removed the pain will subside. Magnets do reduce the inflammation in the tissues therefore they are very effective at reducing pain at the point of injury. Because the cause of the pain has been removed ( i.e. the inflammation) the pain relieving results will last for a much longer period of time than pain killers, which are just blocking the signal. While the magnetic field is reducing the inflammation, it is also improving
blood supply to the injured area. The extra blood flow brings fresh rich oxygen, nutrients and hormones. One of these hormones is endorphin. Endorphin is known as the "happy" hormone as it is responsible for mood enhancement. The other function of endorphin is to kill pain naturally. As increased blood flow reaches the injured area the concentration of endorphins increases and pain is reduced.

When the magnets are removed from the area of pain, the cause of the inflammation will return, as the magnets are a treatment for the inflammation and poor circulation, they are not a cure for any disease process. Depending on the severity of the injury or ailment the effects of the magnets can last days, weeks or even months. Each individual will experience different time scales for the return of the pain as the disease process for each individual is slightly different


How Long Before Magnets Will Relieve Pain?

Magnetic fields will influence individual areas of the body in different ways. For example a swollen knee joint may respond very quickly to the presence of a magnetic field, with symptoms being alleviated with in just a few days. How ever the same person may treat another area of the body without the same quick response. The length of time that magnets will take to resolve the symptoms of an injury is entirely dependent on the severity of the ailment, the amount of inflammation surrounding the injured area, the cause of the ailment, and the type of magnets used. Long standing chronic conditions, with large amounts of inflammation and cell damage will take longer to treat than a recent acute injury.

The process is similar when looking at different peoples reactions to magnets. Each individual will react to magnets in a slightly different way. Some people react very quickly to magnetic fields and others will take a longer period of time. An individual's medical history and symptoms must be taken into consideration when estimating how long magnets will take to work for a particular ailment.

As a general rule of thumb, you should not expect to gain exactly the same results as another other person that has used magnets. Just because one person experiences
pain relief within 2 days it does not mean that you will garner the same results. Many people are only too pleased to talk about their own experiences with magnet therpay and while it is always great to hear an individual's personal success with magnet therapy, it is sometimes hard not to expect to receive the same level of response for you.

Results can take any where from 2 days - 6 weeks depending on the condition and the severity of the injury.

What Gauss?

Manufacturers of magnet products commonly refer to the "gauss" of the magnet(s). This is a reference to how STRONG and penetrating the magnet field is.

Gauss strength is a measure of magnetism named after the German mathematician Karl Friedrich Gauss ( 1777–1855 ), who applied mathematical principles to magnetism.

The gauss rating of a magnet determines the speed in which it works, and the thickness determines the depth of penetration. Some magnet companies list their products by internal gauss, not the external gauss rating. A quick rule of thumb in determining proper gauss strength is to take the external gauss rating and multiply this number by 3.9. So, a 600 gauss external strength rated magnet can also be called a 2,340 gauss internal strength rated magnet. It is important that you are not misled into believing you're getting a higher strength product, as both are correct ratings for the same magnet.

Gauss strength can be misleading, as the strength of the magnetic field falls off very quickly as the distance from the surface of the magnet increases. Depending upon the strength, size, and distance from the skin, actual gauss strength inside the human tissue can be much less than the gauss rating of the magnet. If the magnet is to penetrate deep into the body, it will need to be stronger. To act one inch deep, it should be a 700 to 1000 gauss external strength rated magnet. For two inches deep a 1200 to 2000 gauss external strength rated magnet is best.

It is important to note that the material of a magnet alone does not determine its strength. It is a combination of material (strength) and mass (size). To illustrate, lets take one neodymium magnet (12,000 gauss) and one ceramic magnet (4,000 gauss). If both magnets are the same size, the neodymium will have the stronger field, because it has a larger gauss rating.

Now let's assume that the same neodymium magnet has a 1/2" diameter and 1/8" thickness, and the ceramic magnet a 3/4" diameter and 1/4" thickness. Even though the neodymium magnet is rated 12,000 gauss and the ceramic is 4,000 gauss, the ceramic magnet will have the stronger field. Why? Because, its greater mass helps to produce a stronger field.

In most clinical studies the best results are achieved with a magnetic field of 500 to 600 gauss within the tissue, which often requires a much stronger magnet to deliver that amount of energy within the body itself. The depth of penetration of the magnetic field appears to be at least as important as its strength. This is extremely important. The larger the mass of the magnet, the stronger and more effective it will be. If the magnets are too small, the magnetic field will drop below therapeutic levels before it even reaches the injury site. Magnets made from Neodymium (a rare earth metal), commonly called Rare Earth Magnets, are unusually strong in relation to their size, and therefore believed to have the deepest penetrating fields. Some people may have a skin reaction to direct exposure to some Rare Earth Magnets. For this reason, many therapeutic magnets are plated with gold or other non-reactive metal, or contained within a wrap or magnetic mattress pad.

Note: If you come across a product that simply states gauss strength without stating that it is the surface or external rating, divide the value of the product by 3.9. For example a 10,500 manufacturers rating for a neodymium magnet, will measure approximately 2,690 surface gauss using a digital gauss meter (which is a very accurate instrument).

Something else to be aware of is that gauss strength is not cumulative. In other words if each magnet has a manufacturers gauss rating of 3,000 and there are 10 magnets in the product, the strength is still 3,000 gauss, NOT 30,000 gauss. Although, more magnets in a products means that the magnets are spaced closer together, creating a more uniform magnetic field. The number of magnets needed to create a consistent field is also dependent upon the size of the magnets. As stated previously, larger magnets will create larger fields. The key is that you do not want large spaces between the magnets, as large spaces will create empty gaps in the magnetic field, in which there is no therapeutic benefit.


Magnetic Fields and Water

Magnetic water remains a little known treatment in the field of magnetic therapy, plus there is always much speculation as to the validity of magnetizing water. Despite this skepticism, magnetic water remains one of magnet therapies most powerful treatments. Many scientists and doctors profess that it is impossible to magnetize water, that water quite simply can not hold a magnetic charge. Our answer to these people is... do a little more scientific research and you will find that all water in it's natural state (such as a spring) has a magnetic charge.

In order to fully understand how magnetized water works, it is important to know a little bit about the water that comes out of your tap. The original source of water is mountain streams, which flow into rivers and eventually out to sea. The water has had contact with both over ground and under ground during the passage to the sea. As the water passes under ground (many rivers and streams pass under ground) it comes into contact with the earth's magnetic field, the magnetic charge is passed into the water and it becomes magnetized. Similarly, as the water flows over ground it comes into contact with magnetic rock (lodestone) and water is again magnetized.

Once water is collected for consumption, it has to be treated and purified. During transportation to the treatment plant the water is carried in under ground metal pipes. The water is de-magnetized by the presence of the metallic lining of the pipes and when it is purified and comes out of the tap it is no longer magnetized. If you drink water from a spring at its source it will be magnetized. The benefits of spring water have long been recognized, how ever once the water is bottled and removed from the source it will only keep it's magnetism for 3 days before it dissipates. It is not possible to permanently magnetize water.


How Magnetic Fields Affect Water?

A water molecule.


At first site, water seems to be a very simple molecule, consisting of just two hydrogen atoms attached to an oxygen atom.  Indeed, there are very few molecules that are smaller or lighter.  (Note the oxygen atom is negatively charged, while the hydrogen is positively charged.)

Once a water molecule has been exposed to a magnetic field the molecule changes in several ways:

1. The molecule increases in size.  This increases the water solubility and permeability (the ability to disperse and penetrate other substances). The increase in permeability assists in the dissolution of nutritional substances, and improves the body's absorption of water as well as the nutritional substances. Also, when the size of the water molecule is increased its ability to absorb toxins is much greater.

2. The surface tension and density of the water is increased. The increased surface tension, permeability, and density all combine to improve the intake of
nutrition in the body's cell structure. Increased surface tension allows the cell membrane of the food to expand rapidly. This is beneficial to digestion. The increase in density also aids in the absorption of nutrition.

3. The ions in the water are affected. This has the effect of reducing free radicals contained within the water (free radicals are harmful substances found in the body). A further benefit of the alteration to the ion states of both calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate is this: the structure of these compounds (which are the cause of the scale build up in water pipes, kettles, taps, etc) changes, resulting in a much decreased build up of scale due to the looser nature of the ions. This decrease in scale build up has resulted in extensive use of magnetized water in central heating systems, water cooling systems in engines, recycling systems, and house water systems.


Biological and Therapeutic Functions of Magnetized Water:

The following biological and therapeutic functions have already been identified and verified by experiment:

It can prevent damage to the endothelium (the layer of scale like cells that line the inside of the blood and lymph vessels, also found in the lining of the heart and some other body
cavities. This has the effect of inhibiting the build up of cholesterol, thereby greatly reducing the chances of cerebral and cardiac arteriosclerosis (thickening and hardening of the arteries).

The viscosity of the water is lowered, resulting in improved blood flow thereby aiding in the prevention of cerebral and cardiac thrombosis (clotting of the blood in the circulatory system resulting in the obstruction or complete blockage of the blood flow).

Magnetized water greatly improves the solubility of calcium thereby inhibiting crystallization and, in fact, dissolving already formed calculus (any hard, solid, concretion or deposit in any part of the body, such as
kidney stones, or in the arteries) allowing it to become smaller, looser, and easily broken. It is therefore helpful in the treatment and prevention of kidney and cholecystitis (gallstones).

It has been found to seemingly increase the weight of the spleen (which has various functions in modifying the structure of the blood) and thymus, heightening the body's production of disease resistant antibodies, whilst also aiding anti-

It has been found to seemingly increase the content of the body's immunoglobulin and enhance the phagocytosis (the action or process of leucocytes [white blood cells] attacking bacteria) of the liver, spleen and blood vessels endothelium. This is of considerable benefit to the cellular
immune system.

It can lower the content of blood plasma urea and free amino acid, aiding in the prevention of renal failure.

Magnetized water has been shown to assist in the protection of the stomach mucous, promote small intestine movement, and increase the active dissolution of food, there by alleviating the level of the pathological process of stress induced

The treating scope of magnetized water is such that it can prevent, alleviate or cure arteriosclerosis, hypertension (abnormally
high blood pressure, especially in the arteries, or a diseased condition of which this is the chief symptom), coronary heart diseases are also able to be treated.

Gargling with magnetized water may fight gum disease.

(Above is from "Magnet Therapy with Burton Goldberg")

Experimental study and clinical observation have demonstrated that there are no side effects from drinking magnetized water over a long period of time.

This is not "witch doctory".  Water as medium is a scientifically proven and remarkably effective way of radically increasing the power of magnets. In short, when you drink water that has been magnetized, the magnetism travels into the stomach and is absorbed into the blood steam through the bowel wall, it is then very rapidly distributed around the whole body.

Of course the magnetic field that is circulating around the body has the same effect on the inside as the magnetic field has on the outside of the body. It will reduce inflammation within the body plus increase blood flow and oxygenation of the tissues, especially around any damaged areas.

Think about it... when you drink magnetized water you are tackling your problem from inside and outside at the same time. This 2 sided approach will most definitely increase the strength of the magnetic field at the point of pain, plus it will also speed up the healing process by increasing the absorption rate of external magnetic fields by an amazing 10 times!


Detoxifying with Magnetized Water

Your body stores harmful toxins within the tissues (dermis) of the skin, to keep the toxins from poisoning the body they are stored in small pockets of fluid, this is seen as cellulite and feels like lots of little raised bumps ( the body can store an extra 2 litres(4 pints) of fluid containing toxins in the tissues). Toxins are released during many processes in the body such as: during the inflammation process; from the breakdown of medications (particularly painkillers and high blood pressure tablets); and from the chemicals and additives in food and from environmental pollution. Toxins are normally detoxified by the liver and sent to the kidneys for excretion (expulsion of waste products). Some toxins are potentially harmful to your body and can not be safely detoxified by the liver.

As magnetized water increases the size of the water molecule, it's ability to absorb toxins is much greater!  So, as the magnetism of water is absorbed into the blood stream and transported around the body, harmful toxins are drawn out of the tissues and safely transported to the liver and then onto the kidneys for excretion from the body.

In a nutshell, you can lose as much as 2 liters (4 pints) of excess fluid that you don't need!  The effect of losing this excess waste fluid is that you will have so much more energy, and sleeping will be easier and generally you will have a great sense of well-being.


The Effects of Magnetic Fields on the Taste of Water.

Depending on the where you live magnetizing water may have no effect at all on the taste of your water, or it may dramatically improve the taste of the water. This is due to the vast differences in the calcium and magnesium (the minerals that make up lime scale) content of the water. Most people will be familiar with the terms hard and soft water.

Hard water refers to water containing a high concentration of calcium and magnesium.
Soft water refers to water with low concentration levels.

Rain water is naturally soft - it does not contain any minerals, but as it seeps through the ground it can pick up minerals, such as calcium and magnesium compounds, from the soil and rocks it passes through. If rain water passes through soft rocks like chalk or limestone, it picks up these minerals. If it passes through hard rocks, such as granite or through peaty soils, it does not pick up these minerals and so remains soft.

Hard water causes pipes to fur up and scale to collect in kettles and in electric irons and washing machines. If the scale collects on heating elements it shortens their life and makes appliances less efficient. It is also more difficult to work up a lather from soap, washing up liquid and washing powders. It can also cause "tide marks" on basins, sinks, baths and toilets.

If you live in a hard water area you will notice quite a considerable difference in the taste of your water once it has been magnetized. The magnetic field reduces the calcium and magnesium content in the water, which softens the water and improves the taste. If you already drink soft water, you will probably notice very little difference, or no difference at all to the taste of your water once it has been magnetized.

Magnetized water may sound like a panacea for all illnesses and ailments, but unfortunately it isn't that simple. Magnetized water has numerous benefits for the body and it will boost the strength of externally used magnets by 10 times, but when used alone it will not take all the symptoms of an ailment away with out any other magnetic devices.

Having said this, magnetic water is an extremely powerful natural liquid that has immense potential for assisting in the treatment of a huge variety of conditions. As research into magnetic water continues, we can only conclude that an even greater list of properties and benefits will continue to be discovered.

It is perfectly safe to drink as much magnetized water as you like, there is no limit and you can never overdose on it. In some chronic and severe conditions, the more you drink the greater the benefit.



Brief Summary of Benefits of Magnet Therapy

THE Negative POLE (Geological North)
Green is the universal Biomagnetic color for Negative Polarity.

  • The Negative Pole has an arresting effect on bacteria and growths, and a sedating effect on the nerve tissue; sedates or inhibits pain. Reduces congestion

  • Controls inflammatory conditions in the joints (redness, warmth, swelling)

  • Slows down overactive organs. Decreases activity

  • Attracts oxygen, charges and properly increases cellular DNA

  • Contracts the tissue; draws fluid

  • Speeds up the coagulation of blood. Controls the bleeding of wounds

  • Calming, relaxing cellular energy - reduces swelling

  • Dissolves build-up of fatty materials. Reduction of fatty deposits in veins and arteries

  • Decreases abnormal calcium ions

  • Decreases bridge lengths between gene transmitter and receptor cites aiding complete neural transmission for better metabolism and faster healing.

Summary Negative Pole:

  • The negative pole (-), North side of the magnet is the pole most frequently used for healing. It is very important to health. Trauma causes the cellular condition to go into a positive acid state. The negative pole will increase alkalinity and reduce acidity
  • It decreases acidity in ailments by reducing the hydrogen ion, increasing pH and causing alkalinity to bring the tissue back to normal. Alkalinity fights colds, bacteria and increases oxygen to the cell
  • The negative pole energy is best used for: arthritis, bleeding, wounds, sores, boils, eczema, skin rashes, burns, infections, toothache, kidney infection, kidney stones, cancer, bladder complaints and, in all kinds of aches, pains, and swellings that have redness, warmth, or swelling
  • When you hurt yourself, your brain sends out negative charges directly to the area to heal. The negative field of the magnet amplifies and expedites this natural healing condition.

THE Positive POLE (Geological South)
Red is the universal Biomagnetic color for positive polarity.

  • The Positive Pole is positive energy

  • Stimulates all forms of life including bacteria -- therefore it should never be used where there is an infection

  • Stimulates the organs in its energy field. Increases activity. Also, attracts and increases acidity

  • Expands, enlarges, softens and relaxes tissues by increasing inter and intracellular fluids. Great for backaches

  • Dilates blood vessels. Vasodilator. Can create additional bleeding when there is a cut or abrasion

  • Should not be used on swelling

  • The Positive Pole should be applied carefully and used only in specific techniques defined in Peter Kulish's book Conquering Pain The Art of Healing With Biomagnetisim

Summary Positive Pole:

  • The Positive Pole energy is used for: very carefully under the guidance of a Certified BioMagnetic Therapist for under active (hypo-active) gland and/or organs; such as adrenal, thyroid, pancreas, etc. Also used to neutralize stomach acid

  • Especially important: Used as part of Proper Polarity Therapy for; bone fractures, cartilage repair, back pain, and in the Meridian Energizing Therapy for advanced illnesses to potentate and energize nerve cells

  • See Therapy Techniques in Peter Kulish's book Conquering Pain The Art of Healing With Biomagnetisim



A Few of Our Favorite Magnet Products

Ok, now you know!  The benefits provided by nature's own tool are many. This is why so many companies are starting to offer magnet related products for the home, the body, and more.  Below we've presented a few products that we use in our daily lives.  We believe every home can benefit from magnetic field therapies.


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  • LEARN and use special techniques for energizing the body so that it will heal itself more rapidly.

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