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Royal Rife Original Equipment For Sale!

Royal Rife and his astounding microscope
Mr. Ron Rockwell of Rockwell Scientific Research, LLC has decided to offer remaining ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT and NOTES once owned by Royal Rife and John Crane. 
This is for serious buyers only.  Contact us with any questions.
Ron Rockwell was the Master Machinist for Royal R. Rife until Royal passed away in 1971. 


He became Chief Engineer for John Crane and, in 1991, he received complete ownership of all of Crane's related equipment, tools, written literature and secret work that was performed.

(The other 'half' of this material was owned by John Marsh, Rife and Crane's research partner.  This material eventually was acquired by the maker of the device we currently offer.)


Ron has issued a "Million Dollar Challenge" daring anyone selling these frequency machines to prove that they are using actual rife technology, and to provide any and all related paperwork that gives them legal right to claim themselves as true rife machines.


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A page from Royal Rife's paper "A Discussion on Laboratory Research." 

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 An authentic page of hand-written notes by Royal Rife.

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John Crane (September 11, 1915 - June 5, 1995) was Royal Rife's partner and chief engineer.  He aided in the development of many of Rife's inventions.  John was a lawyer, engineer and inventor. 

When Rife became ill, John Crane was the recipient of Royal Rife's technology, equipment, records, and property. 

This document shows that Rife and Crane were partners, along with many other highly qualified individuals.  This document was signed 4 years before Ron Rockwell joined their team.


Arthur Isaac Melville, Milbank Johnson, and  Royal Rife.



Later, when Crane felt he needed someone to carry on the Rife research, he willed everything that Rife had given him to Ron Rockwell.



Copy of Lawsuit filed by Crane, Rockwell, others...


Miscellaneous pieces from Mr. Rockwell's private collection of records...



More Information

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Original Rife Equipment For Sale - Offered by Rockwell Scientific Research, LLC

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Authentic Rife Microscope