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 Frequency Generator


Royal Rife/John Crane ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT For Sale

Royal Rife and his astounding microscope
Mr. Rockwell of Rockwell Scientific Research is offering all of the existing Royal Rife ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT and NOTES for sale.  
Contact us with questions.
Ron Rockwell was the Master Machinist for Royal R. Rife until Royal passed away in 1971. 


He became Chief Engineer for John Crane and, in 1991, he received complete ownership of all related equipment, tools, written literature and secret work that was performed.


Ron has issued a "Million Dollar Challenge" daring anyone selling these frequency machines to prove that they are using actual rife technology, and to provide any and all related paperwork that gives them legal right to claim themselves as true rife machines.


(See below.)


A page from Royal Rife's paper "A Discussion on Laboratory Research." 

(click on the image to enlarge)



 An authentic page of hand-written notes by Royal Rife.

 (click on the image to enlarge))

John Crane (September 11, 1915 - June 5, 1995) was Royal Rife's partner and chief engineer.  He aided in the development of many of Rife's inventions.  John was a lawyer, engineer and inventor. 

When Rife became ill, John Crane was the recipient of Royal Rife's technology, equipment, records, and property. 

This document shows that Rife and Crane were partners, along with many other highly qualified individuals.  This document was signed 4 years before Ron Rockwell joined their team.


Arthur Isaac Melville, Milbank Johnson, and  Royal Rife.



Later, when Crane felt he needed someone to carry on the Rife research, he willed everything that Rife had given him to Ron Rockwell.  (SIDE NOTE: Crane partner John Marsh held a similar collection of equipment and notes, which was eventually acquired by the Jeff Garff (Sr.)... who by the way makes the frequency generator we offer to our clients.)



Copy of Lawsuit filed by Crane, Rockwell, others...


Miscellaneous pieces from Mr. Rockwell's private collection of records...






Chances are, you've heard about this device.  It's very popular. Sorry we don't display this device right here.  Certain FDA restrictions prevent that.  We can however email you the information immediately with the link below.  After that, we urge you to call or email us with any questions!

Or, call to speak with someone.

Mon-Fri  8-5 PST
(11-8 EST)

This is not a ProWave 101, Wellness Pro, Global Wellness, Energy Wellness, Detox Box, Wright Laboratories, RPG 900, BCX 211, Bio Solutions PERL, Plasma Plus, or EMEM Ray Tube type frequency generator.

Key things to remember:

Preprogrammed with 872 channels. (very comprehensive / easy to use)
Optional RF carrier wave for deep penetration. (important)
Higher frequency range than others.  (FULL range of known frequencies)
Has 9 times higher output than others. (more penetration)
Runs up to 8 frequencies simultaneously. (BIG time saver!)
Creates both Audio and Radio frequencies.
Runs Sine AND Square waves.
Four points of contact, instead of just two. (more saturation)
Has other features that competitors do not.
Comes with EASY instructions and DVD Guide.
Customer Support and Training.
30 Day Money Back Guarantee.



 Who is Royal Rife?    ♦    Frequently Asked Questions         Order a Frequency Generator

Rife's Universal Prismatic Microscope - How it works, An excerpt from Crane
Electron Therapy Research - A paper by John Crane "...primarily concerned with the detection and cure of cancer and related diseases." 
Letter by Royal Rife  - "History of the Development of a Successful Treatment for Cancer, and Other Virus, Bacteria and Fungi" 
The Cancer Cure That Worked - A great summary of the story of the Dr. Rife and his machines.
Clinical Notes - A few notes from from Rife's research notes.     
Consolidated Frequency List  - Compiled from Rife researchers around the world.
Dr. Hulda Clark Frequencies - Compilation of frequencies discovered by Dr. Clark  "The Rise and Fall of a Scientific Genius: The Forgotten Story of Royal Raymond Rife" (video for sale) - A great resource for everything Rife
Original Rife Equipment For Sale                                                          Other sources: 
Mon-Fri  8-5 PST
(11-8 EST)

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