Dr. Hulda Clark Frequencies


Dr. Clark Frequencies


The following table has been copied from the research of cellular physicist, Dr. Hulda Clark, in her three books: "The Cure for All Cancer", "The Cure for HIV" and "The Cure for All Diseases".

We post them only to demonstrate the validity of the science, and for those who wish to experiment with the various frequencies listed.

These are listed in KHz.

Hertz (Hz) = cycles per second, or frequency.  (Example: 100 Hz = 100 cycles per second)

1 KHz = 1000 hertz.  (Example:  393 KHz = 393,000 Hz)

1 MHz = 1,000,000 hertz (Hz)  (Example: 3.1 MHz = 3,100,000 Hz)

NOTE:  In addition to the "Universal Sideband Frequency Listing" that is coded for our frequency  generator, we have found that Dr. Clark's frequency list are INVALUABLE for finding helpful frequencies for 1000's of pathogens.   You can see her Frequency Charts on page 562 in her book,The Cure for All Advanced Cancers  (FREE .PDF file here)


Pathogens are mostly bacteria and viruses, but also may include molds and yeasts.

Below is just a sample chart of Dr. Clark frequencies.

Acetobacter aceti            
Adenovirus Causes common cold   393.00 393.00 393.0 Probably introduced by a large parasite like Ascaris or Dipylidium canium picked up from dirt and dust
Adenovirus (2nd range)     371.45 386.90 372.0, 387.0  
Agrobacterium tumefaciens            
Alcaligenes faecalis            
Alpha streptococcus Respiratory infection, tooth bacteria * 369.75 385.40 370.0, 385.5 Can also cause joint pain
Anaplasma Tooth bacteria? *        
Azobacter chroococcum            
Bacillus anthracis Causes anthrax in cattle - (tooth)   393.50 398.05 395.0, 364.0, 368.0  
Bacillus anthracis (2nd range)     363.20 365.30 364.0  
Bacillus anthracis (3rd range)     359.40 370.50 359.4, 370.5  
Bacillus anthracis spores     391.45 386.95 388.0 389.0  
Bacillus cereus     373.65 375.85 374.5  
Bacillus megaterium Soil          
Bacillus sterothermophilus            
Bacillus subtilis spores            
Bacillus subtilis var. niger     371.85 387.10 385.0, 380.0, 375.0  
Bacteria capsules (capsular strain)     416.05 418.75 417.5  
Bacterial capsules     357.60 362.40 360.0  
Bacteriodes fragilis Always found with Ascaris (dog and cat roundworm parasite)   324.30 325.00 325.0  
Bacteriodes fragilis (2nd range) See above   325.70 326.00 326.0  
Bacterium acnes Causes acne          
Besnoitia Tooth bacteria? *        
Beta streptococcus (tooth) Also causes respiratory infection   380.60 387.40 385.0  
Blepharisma     405.65 407.45 406.5  
Bordetella pertussis (tooth) "Whooping cough"   329.85 332.25 331.0  
Borellia burgdorferi Lyme disease virus   378.95 382.00 380.0  
Branhamella (Neisseria) catarrhalis (Has hole at 398)   394.90 396.70 396.0  
Brucella abortus            
Cabbage black rot            
Campylobacter fetus smear Stomach and vein disease causing vericosities   365.30 370.60 368.0  
Campylobacter pyloridis Stomach and vein disease causing vericosities   352.00 357.20 355.0  
Caulobacter vibrioides            
Central spores (bacillus smear)     372.45 378.65 376.0  
Chicken pox virus See Varicella virus          
Chlamydia trachomatis eye disease   379.70 383.95 381.0  
Clostridium acetobutylicum From soil. Clostridium causes great stiffness   382.80 391.95 389.0, 384.0 Causes great stiffness
Clostridium botulinum (tooth) Causes food poisoning   361.00 364.55 362.0 Recommend cavitation cleaning by dentist
Clostridium perfringens Causes tooth infections *        
Clostridium perfringens spores     394.20 398.10 396.0  
Clostridium septicum (human blood)     362.05 365.60 364.0 One symptom is pain behind both ears
Clostridium sporogenes            
Clostridium tetani (tooth) Causes tetanus and tooth infections *       Can also cause muscle stiffness, heart complaints
Corynebacterium diptheriae (tooth) Causes diphtheria   340.00 344.00 342.0  
Corynebacterium pseudodipthericum            
Corynebacterium xerosis Causes stiffness   315.65 316.80 316.0  
Coxsackie virus B-1 Always found with Bacteriodes fragilis (with Ascaris parasite)   360.50 366.10 364.0 Cat and dog parasite
Coxsackie virus B-4 Always found with Bacteriodes fragilis (with Ascaris parasite)   361.45 363.7 362.5 Cat and dog parasite
Coxsackie virus B-4 (2nd range) See above   363.90 364.90 364.5  
Crithidia fasciculata            
Cytomegalovirus (CMV) antigen Herpes type virus. May be present in heart tissue   408.35 410.75 409.0  
Cytophaga rubra     428.10 432.20 430.0  
Diplococcus diphtheriae     357.95 364.00 361.0 Check gums for possible abscesses
Diplococcus pneuemoniae (tooth) Typically found in tooth infections * 351.65 368.45 365.0, 360.0 Check gums for possible abscesses
E coli Normal "friendly" human intestinal flora         Constipation or a fissure in the intestinal wall or even hemorrhoids can let these colon bacteria into the bloodstream.
Eikanella corrodens Herpes virus.   379.50 384.30 382.0  
Enterobacter aerogens Intestinal bacterium   374.00 374.00 374.0  
Epstein Barre virus (EBV) Herpes type virus.   372.50 382.85 380.0, 375.0 Causes EBV disease in presence of the Eurytrema parasite and wood alcohol in the pancreas.
Erwinia amylovora Intestinal bacterium   347.20 352.10 350.0  
Erwinia carotovora Intestinal bacterium   368.10 377.00 373.0  
Escherichia coli (E. coli) Intestinal bacterium , fatigue syndrome   356.00 356.00 356.0, 393.0 Second number is Adenovirus
Escherichia coli (E. Coli) (2nd range) See above   392.00 393.00 356.0, 393.0  
Gaffkya tetragena (tooth) Respiratory bacterium. Causes respiratory and tooth infection * 344.85 352.50 350.0  
Garnerella vaginalis Ovarian and genital tract infection, common urinary tract pathogen   338.00 342.55 340.0 Transmitted by sexual union
Haemophilus influenzae Bacterial meningitis, infects joints   336.41 336.41 336.5  
Hepatitis B antigen     414.55 420.80 418.0  
Herpes simplex 1 (2nd range) See above   345.35 345.75 345.5 See above
Herpes simplex 1 (HSV) Herpes virus. Causes "cold sores". Trigger foods are peanuts and chocolate. Avoid cold wind and direct sunlight. Don't eat abrasive or acid food like popcorn, nuts, toast, crackers, candy, citrus, pineapple.   291.25 293.05 292.0, 345.0 When it happens often - immunity is low! Probably introduced by a large parasite like Ascaris or Dipylidium canium picked up from dirt and dust. Immediately tale cayenne capsules and 8 lysine (500 mg) tablets.
Herpes simplex 2 (fresh smear) Herpes virus. Causes genital herpes   353.90 362.90 360.0, 355.0 Probably introduced by a large parasite like Ascaris or Dipylidium canium picked up from dirt and dust. Stop tight synthetic underpants. Change underwear daily.
Herpes Zoster Causes "shingles"   416.60 420.20 418.0  
Histoplasma capsulatum Root canal infectious bacteria * 293.30 304.85 302  
HIV Aids virus, frequent symptom is chest pain in thymus region   365.00 365.00 365.0 If there is no benzene nor stages of Fasciolopsis buskii then there is no risk of HIV present in the body.
Influenza A and B (flu shot)     313.35 323.90 320.0, 315.0  
Iron Bacterium Sphaerotilus            
Klebsiella pneumoniae Causes pneumonia   398.45 404.65 401.0, 419.0  
Klebsiella pneumoniae (2nd range) See above   416.90 421.90 419.5  
Lactobacillus acidophilus (tooth)     346.05 351.65 349.0 Intestinal flora
Leptospira interrogans spirochete Causes arthritis   397.05 401.10 399.0  
Lumpy Jaw            
Measles antigen     369.50 373.00 371.0  
Micrococcus luteus            
Micrococcus roseus            
Mumps antigen     377.60 384.65 382.0  
Mycobacterium leprae           Acid-fast miobacterium - causes leprosy
Mycobacterium para TB            
Mycobacterium phlei     409.65 410.65 410.0  
Mycobacterium smegmatis            
Mycobacterium tuberculosis

(infected nodule)

Causes tuberculosis   430.55 434.20 432.0 Acid-fast miobacterium - grows slowly
Mycoplasma Chronic cough, general aching and pain, tooth bacteria * 322.85 323.90 323.5, 346.0  
Mycoplasma (2nd range) See above   342.75 349.30 343.0, 349.0  
Neisseria gonorrhea Causes gonorrhea   333.85 336.50 334.0  
Neisseria sicca Soil          
Nocardia asteriodes Parkinson’s, MS and heart disease, can originate in teeth * 354.95 355.35 355.0, 368.0 Can also invade the brain, nerves and spinal cord
Nocardia asteriodes (2nd range) See above   363.70 370.00 364.0, 370.0  
Propionobacterium acnes     383.75 389.00 387.0 Causes acne
Proteus mirabilis Urinary tract pathogen   320.55 326.00 324.0, 349.0 Transmitted by sexual union, always present in oxalate kidney stones
Proteus mirabilis (2nd range) See above   345.95 352.10 346.0, 352.0 Transmitted by sexual union, always present in oxalate kidney stones
Proteus vulgaris Urinary pathogen   408.75 416.45 413.0, 336.0, 328.0 Transmitted by sexual union, always present in oxalate kidney stones
Proteus vulgaris (2nd range) See above   333.75 339.15 334.0, 339.0 Transmitted by sexual union, always present in oxalate kidney stones
Proteus vulgaris (3rd range) See above   327.20 329.50 328.0 Transmitted by sexual union, always present in oxalate kidney stones
Pseudonomas aeruginosa (tooth) Found in open wounds and typically in tooth infections   331.25 334.60 333.0  
Pseudonomas fluorescens            
Respiratory syncytial virus     378.95 383.15 380.0  
Rhizobium leguminosarum            
Salmonella enteriditis Intestinal infection, pollutes dairy, fevers of unknown origin or intermittent fevers, milk must be boiled before consumption, could cause autism   329.0 329.0 329.0 Six drops of Lugol's solution. See page 90 of AIDS book by H. Clarke
Salmonella paratyphi See above   365.05 370.10 368.0, 385.0 Six drops of Lugol's solution. See page 90 of AIDS book by H. Clarke
Salmonella typhimurium Causes food poisoning, pollutes dairy, nervousness, apathy, possibly autism   382.30 386.55 355.0, 386.0, 390.0 Six drops of Lugol's solution. See page 90 of AIDS book by H. Clarke
Serratia marcescens     349.45, 352.10 351  
Shigella dysenteriae Brain-seeking bacterium. Comes from dairy products. It is a manure bacterium. Produces chemicals that are toxic to the brain and spinal cord. Causes intestinal problems, mood swings, irritability, depression, gas and bloating, speech problems, loss of balance, tremors.   390.089 390.089 390.089 Produces powerful nerve toxins, all MS cases had massive Shigella. Makes people feel angry, irritable and short-tempered. All MS cases have Shigella. Six drops of Lugol's solution. See page 90 and 223 of AIDS book by H. Clarke. Inhabits bowel.
Shigella flexneri Depression, pollutes dairy from manure, causes gas and bloating.   394.00 494.00 394.0 Same as above
Shigella sonnei Invades tumors - see above   318.00 318.00 318.0 Same as above
Sphaerotilus natans     388.40 393.45 391.0  
Spirillum itersonil            
Spirillum serpens     378.35 382.80 380.0  
Spirillum sinuosum            
Spirillum volutans            
Spores in bacteria spore stain            
Staphylococcus aureus (culture) Skin bacterium which is common cause of infections, tooth abscesses, heart disease * 376.27 380.85 376.0, 381.0 May be present in heart tissue
Staphylococcus aureus (slide) Source is tooth infection, causes abscesses, heart disease and complaints, invades tumors, raises pulse * 381.00 381.00 381.0 Can also be in lung. Can cause tinnitus (ringing in ears). May be present in heart tissue
Staphylococcus epidermidis Infects skin and mucous membranes, human "friendly" bacteria?         May be present in heart tissue
Streptococcus lactis Occurs in milk, human "friendly" bacteria   382.00 382.00 382.0  
Streptococcus mitis Lung infection, tooth infection and cavities, abscesses, stiff knees * 313.80 321.10 318.0  
Streptococcus pneumoniae Causes pneumonia and inner ear disease (tinnitus)   366.85 370.20 368.0 Also causes Menière's syndrome, loss of balance, congestion and chronic sinus problems.
Streptococcus pyogenes (tooth) One of the most common causes of infections typically in tooth * 360.50 376.30 373.0  
Streptococcus sp. group G (tooth) Causes sore throats   368.15 368.85 368.0  
Sub terminal spores bec. smear     385.15 385.95 385.5  
Terminal spores bacillus smear            
Tobacco mosaic virus Occurs in tobacco   427.15 429.55 428.0  
Treponema pallidum Causes pain over ovaries, syphilis   346.85 347.40 347.0  
Trichomonas vaginalis Genital tract infection          
Troglodytella abrassari     377.75 385.20 383.0, 419.0  
Troglodytella abrassari (2nd range)     416.90 422.20 417.0, 422.0  
Varicella zoster Herpes type virus - hides in nerve cells. Causes Shingles or Chicken Pox in the presence of the Ascaris parasite. Unfortunately, killing ascaris does not remove the disease.          
Veillonella dispar     401.75 405.20 403.0  
Vibrio (photobacterium) fisheri            

Treatment frequencies in bold have been added or changed by J.Buche, N.D.
2) Last column (remarks) are those by J. Buche, N.D.





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