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Whole Food Farmacy


Over the past century, we've seen enormous advances in medical technology. We have more doctors, more pharmaceutical medicines, and more hospitals than ever before. We also have the sickest generation of Americans in history. The number one culprit is THE AMERICAN DIET and FOOD INDUSTRY.

The processed food and fast food industries are serving it up and Americans are eating it up. Obesity and chronic disease is the result and the masses are driven into the waiting hands of the highly profitable health care industry. We're offered pills that treat our symptoms while the simple underlying causes are ignored.  What incentive does the health care industry have to focus on prevention?  If no one gets sick, the profits dry up! 

The ingredients to health, happiness, vitality, and longevity are no secret.  Every major non-profit health organization in the world has been offering the same advice for many years. 

  1. Eat more whole fruits and veggies

  2. Drink more clean water

  3. Exercise on a daily basis

  4. Lose weight if you need to 

  5. Avoid smoke

  6. Avoid toxins

  7. Develop positive relationships


If you simply eliminate the CAUSE you eliminate the PROBLEM. To that end, we have discovered an unbeatable source for healthy foods that are delicious, convenient, and affordable. We were very excited when we discovered THE WHOLEFOOD FARMACY! They've made it possible to order "ready made" batches of affordable whole food mixtures that would cost you hundreds to put together yourself.

Your body was designed with the innate ability to recognize the pure nutrition that nature provides!  Whole foods are purest form of nutrition available  - they are alive. They carry bio-electric energy and other complex nutritional messages that vibrate with frequencies that energize the body.  Our cells recognize the bio-electric messages found only in foods that absorb sun light and grow naturally from the earth.


Our favorite WholeFood Farmacy product...


Phi Plus is the healthiest food in the world.  It is a synergistic combination of 76 "orgonic" ingredients including herbs, oils, flowers, spices, nuts, seeds, grains, fruits, & vegetables. It is specifically designed to support and enhance all seven body systems. Western medicine calls these 7 centers of the body NervePlexi and their attendant Neuro-endocrine glands. This pure raw food is a delicious snack and a superb meal replacement. Eat your way to "inner balance" and optimal health.


Phi Plus is a synergistic, immune boosting, power food.  It is hand-crafted from 76 orgonic ingredients including 7 nuts, 6 seeds, 23 grains, 5 flowers, 14 fruits, 4 spices, 7 plant oils, & other “orgonic” ingredients.


Orgon means “life force”. All life has electric properties. The ion channels in cell membranes cause a voltage difference across the membrane of nearly 1/10th of a volt. If you line up 20 neuron cells properly, you get about a 1.5 volt charge – enough to run a small flashlight. We react to electrical sun spots 93 million miles away, just like receivers of energy measurements do.


The most basic building blocks in our bodies are the cells. Cells group together to make tissues, which in turn make our organs. Our organs work together to form body systems – seven in all – and all related. The body has 7 meridians (colorful Chakras). In nature we find the 7 primary colors – every picture, every painting, and every living creation are arrayed in the various tones that begin with the 7 colors of the rainbow. In music we have the seven notes. Every piece of music, every song, and every melody are created from these 7 notes. But just like a piano needs to be in tuned to produce beautiful music - the 7 systems in our bodies need to be “in tune with nature”.  Your body's "frequency will rise"!


The 7 Systems


The Skeletal System is really our bones, cartilage, and ligaments.  It supports our soft tissues, protects our vital organs, and serves as a “scaffold” for muscle attachment.


The muscular system works from electrical impulses and through our muscles, tendons and sheaths around muscles, including the lubricating sacs called bursae.


Our nervous system collects information through our five senses. It is made up of the brain, spinal cord, the peripheral & central nervous system, even the autonomic nervous system which controls the automatic functions of our bodies such as the beating of the heart, breathing, even the blinking or our eyes.


The endocrine system uses circulating “chemical messengers” called hormones to help control other internal functions. The circulatory system consists of the heart and all the blood vessels (arteries, veins and capillaries) and is responsible for moving nutrients, waste and some special proteins (chemical messengers) and cells around the body.


The lymphatic system moves excess tissue fluid back to the veins and transports fat from the gut to the bloodstream. Its other important role is the defense of the body, and for this reason some elements of the lymphatic system are referred to as the immune system.


The respiratory system is concerned with gas exchange and the intake of oxygen which is needed by all the body's tissues and cells.


The digestive system is concerned with the ingestion, processing and absorption of nutrients, as well as the elimination of some types of waste. The urinary system controls fluid and salt balance in the body and excretes nitrogen waste.


The reproductive system is concerned with production of the next generation and is linked during fetal development with the developing urinary system.


When all 7 systems of your body are balanced and “in tune” you’ll feel wonderful. Apart from responding to changes in the external environment, the body must also act to produce a relatively constant internal environment. This process is known as homeostasis or the maintenance of equilibrium like maintaining constant body temperature, balancing blood pH, relatively constant blood sugar levels, blood pressure and blood calcium levels. This natural equilibrium that your body desires is achieved by the coordination and balance of your body’s 7 systems. Doesn’t your body deserve a tune up?


Are the food ingredients certified organic?

- A word from


Now that the FDA has stepped in, demanding to be the regulatory body of organic foods, we no longer have an interest in the organic movement as such. We watched and saw what happened when the FDA took over inspection of meat products from the Department of Agriculture.

Do you realize that inspectors pass cancerous tumors to be eaten by humans? Are you aware that influenza, listeria, and ecoli, are now passed by the FDA for human consumption because they believe that it is safe when cooked?

This is a topic that is dear to the hearts of everyone at The Wholefood Farmacy. The company founders helped to raise over 10,000 signatures to help develop the legal definition of organic in the 1991 Organic Act of the State of California and over 5,000 names in helping with the Organic Tilth Law in the State of Oregon.

At the Wholefood Farmacy we're blazing our own trail and we have coined the term "ORGONIC" to identify our foods.  Orgonic means there are no pesticides, fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides, or fungicides used in the growing of our product ingredients - they are residue and GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) free. We have chosen the word "Orgonic" to identify our foods because Orgonic means what organic used to mean.

Life is electric. Orgonic is the quality of adding life force. We like to say that our whole foods and whole food products and our Ascential oils are all orgonic because they add to your life force. It may sound shocking, but we want to electrify you!



Phi Plus  - 76 "orgonic" ingredients


- Dates
- Oats
- Raisins
- Sesame Seeds
- Sunflower Seeds
- Almonds
- Cashews
- Filberts
- Brazils
- Walnuts
- Pecans
- Prunes
- Figs
- Raspberries
- Walnut Oil
- Grape seed Oil
- Stardust Ra Sea Salt
- Beet Powder
- Pumpkin Seeds
- Quinoa
- Nutritional Yeast
- Chick Pea
- Arborio Rice
- Basmati Brown Rice
- Basmati White Rice
- Bhutanese Red Rice
- Carnaroli Rice
- Fluffy Rice
- Forbidden Black Rice
- Kalijira Rice
- Jasmine Rice
- Long Grain Rice
- Nishiki Rice
- Short Grain Rice
- Wild Rice
- Bulgur Wheat
- Wheat Germ
- Poppy Seed
- Cinnamon
- Ginger
- Clove
- Nutmeg
- Black Sesame Seeds
- Red Bean
- Pink Bean
- Green Pea
- Carrot
- Olive Oil
- Aloe Powder
- Sweet Leaf
- Cherry
- Strawberry
- Guava
- Banana
- Blueberries
- Peach
- Cranberries
- Raw Coconut
- Lemon Oil
- Orange Oil
- Raw Coconut Oil
- Soy
- Millet
- Rye
- Corn
- Red Wheat
- White Wheat
- Barley
- Flax
- Buckwheat
- Larkspur
- Lavender
- Chrysanthemum
- Jasmine
- Marigold
- Rose



A few more products we highly recommend trying...

 Phi Plus Veggielicious SPICE Fruitalicious PLUS

Phi Plus is the healthiest food in the world. It is a synergistic combination of whole foods including nuts, seeds, grains, fruits, vegetables, berries, herbs, oils, & spices. It is specifically designed to support and enhance all seven body systems. Western medicine calls these 7 centers of the body NervePlexi and their attendant Neuro-endocrine glands. This pure raw food is a delicious snack and a superb meal replacement. Eat your way to "inner balance" & health.

Veggielicious Spice is a spicy, crunchy alternative to traditional snack foods. It's a combination of 12 low pressure dried ingredients: Maize Corn, Sweet Corn, Potatoes, Peas, Tomatoes, Carrots, Green Beans, Zucchini, Broccoli, Red Peppers, Green Onions, Green Peppers, & our own Cajun Spice blend. This complete meal is packaged as a convenient snack and contains everything you need to stay energized throughout the day, the healthy way.

Fruitalicious Plus is a sweet, fruity, crunchy alternative to traditional snack foods. It is a combination of low-pressure and sun-dried ingredients: Honey Granola, Apples, Raisins, Banana, Strawberry, Mango, Raspberry, Dates, Coconut, Currants, Figs, Cranberry, & Red Flame Raisins. This raw fruit snack packs a powerful fruity punch. Fruitalicious Plus is a tasty immune boosting treat that is also a great source of dietary fiber & slow sugars.

TropiPhi DetoxiPhi


TropiPhi is the "Rolls Royce" of raw food. It is a great source of fiber, protein, and unsaturated fats (good fats). It contains all natural fibers and no cholesterol.  All sugars are raw and "complex" for slow digestion. TropiPhi is a delicious tropical treat handcrafted from macadamia nuts, walnuts, brazil nuts, pineapple, papaya, mango, bananas, coconut flakes, brown rice, & orange oil. All ingredients are raw. Nourish your body the TropiPhi way!

Your body is a system of different sizes and lengths of tubes. Tubes are meant to move gases, liquids, and solids. What goes in a tube is meant to flow out of a tube. It is now estimated that close to 80% of all disease has its root in slow moving clogged tubes struggling with toxic waste. Plaque. Debris. Infectious pestilence. Decay. DetoxiPhi with its gentle whole food cleansing clears the way. DetoxiPhi supports and strengthens your digestive and eliminatory system. DetoxiPhi is handcrafted from amazing ingredients:  Psyllium Seed Husk, Oats, Almonds, Cashews, Pumpkin Seeds, Prunes, Apples, Flax Seeds, Phi Plus, Ceylon Cinnamon, Stevia, Evaporated cane Juice, Senna Leaf, Cascara Sagrata, & our own custom Rice & Grain Blend. Movement is life. Feel vibrant. Light. DetoxiPhi has been set apart and dedicated to your total well being.


A convenient and affordable way to sample 3 of the Wholefood Farmacy's most popular foods.  Includes 1/3 bag each of Phi Plus, Fruitalicious, and Veggielicious Spice.  Perfect for a day on the go, a handy treat for the kids, and a wonderful way to share the message of whole food nutrition. (6 oz. Phi Plus, 2 oz. Fruitalicious, & 2.5 oz. Veggielicious Spice)


  Stardust 2 Hydr8 Veggie Delicious Stardust Ra Sea Salt Gold

For 1,000s  of years, people avoided or cleared internal bacterial infections by drinking an oral infusion made from water, salt, and leavening made from salt, & Stevia. Fresh citrus juice can be added for flavor. This pH-inducing oral infusion led to today' s medical intravenous saline drip or I.V. for people who were unconscious or too weak to drink an oral infusion.  Stardust 2 Hydr8 is handcrafted from Baking Soda, Stardust Pure Salt, & Sweet Leaf.

Veggie Delicious is a healthy, crispy alternative to traditional snack foods and an easy way to get your veggies. With a winning combination of 10 low pressure dried vegetables: Zucchini, Broccoli, Green Beans, Sweet Corn, Peas, Tomatoes, Green Peppers, Red Peppers, Green Onions, and Carrots, Veggie Delicious contains everything you need to stay energized throughout the day, the healthy way! Plus, approximately 1/2 cup equals one serving of vegetables.

Stardust Ra Sea Salt is the most unique salt in the world. It is the only salt that is specially prepared to remove all the impurities, including the microscopic sand (silicas, hapitites, zeolites) contained in most other salts, including regular sea salt. Once the salt is purified we combine it with trace amounts of medicinal grade 24 carat gold. Two of nature's finest rolled into one.





Tri-Decathlon DELUXE 13-Day Weight Loss & Full Body/Bowel Cleanse
$210, plus shipping

Lose weight, feel better, more energy, productive bowel movements, clearer skin, less allergies, less bloating, less discomfort, and more!

  • 1 Bag of TropiPhi

  • 1 Bag of DetoxiPhi

  • 6 Bags of Phi Plus

  • 3 Bags of Veggielicious SPICE

  • 3 Bags of Fruitalicious PLUS

  • 1 Startdust 2 Hydr8 - makes     10 Gallons


Or just call us and we'll take care of everything for you.

Click the button if you wish to shop ALL the amazing whole food treats.